Poppin’ Cereal

Howdy howdy howdy! I was super productive today so I get a gold star

Mid-morning I had an orange and ‘just a handful’ of cashews.

Lunch was the usual with a new addition – very lemon-y tea and a pineapple Chobani. I’m trying to add yogurt or something to my salad lunch to help prevent afternoon binges. So far so good.IMG_9819 (533x800)

I also had the world’s smallest bowl of granola because I forgot I owed Lauren a picture of it for my review of the Mexican Hot Chocolate Granola!IMG_9823 (800x533)

I eat my smoothies in a bowl with a Yogurtland spoon. They taste better that way.IMG_9831 (800x533)

This afternoon I turned on the TV for some background noise as I cleaned. Dr. Oz was on talking about how to break your sugar addiction. I ended up standing in the front of the TV the entire episode watching it ironically eating a Snickers bar.

You can check out Dr. Oz’s tips to break your sugar addiction here.

His tips include taking Chromium polynicotinate (supposedly it helps take the edge off) and eating fruit with your meals for that sugar fix. The other tip is to eat PB & chocolate together. Um, duh.

On the topic of weight loss he had a few tips for snacking. I’ve thought of this before, but always thought it was too crazy for even me. Well, not anymore!IMG_9837 (800x533)

You guys know I am a cereal killer and can kill a box of cereal in 1 day. I love it and now just try to keep it out of the house unless I’m giving myself full permission to eat a whole box in 24 hours.IMG_9841 (800x533)

Dr. Oz suggested eating popcorn like cereal for a sweet / salty combo and I died. Then, I came back to life and rushed to Target for unsweetened almond milk (any milk would work).IMG_9834 (800x533)

Tip: Make the popcorn. Pour the milk into your cereal bowl. THEN, put the popcorn on top of the milk and scoop. Pouring the milk on top of the popcorn makes it sad.

I made a 100 calorie bag of kettle corn and added a little stevia (because of my previously mentioned sugar addiction). Try poppin’ cereal and let me know what you think!IMG_9846 (800x533)

Dinah!IMG_9847 (800x533)

See ya later!


  1. says

    Oh my gosh I LOVE the idea of eating popcorn like a cereal. Why have I never done that? Sugar addiction or not, this is happening in my near future.

    Also, if PB& chocolate is a cure (or at least a option) to kill a sugar addiction, sign me up 😉

  2. says

    I eat a bowl of cereal almost every night.
    Popcorn and milk though?
    I’m scared.
    I don’t know if I could.
    I will let ya know if I ever do though.
    Mexican chocolate granola? I would totally jump on that train.

  3. Katie M. says

    I just wanted to shoot you out a comment regarding your thyroid issues. We have Hashimoto’s in our family and we have had problems with doctors not only diagnosing us but properly treating it. If you aren’t seeing an Endocrinologist I’d suggest you find one. And don’t just go to any endocrinologist research ones that have a special interest in Thyroid disorders. The endocrine system is huge and covers anyone who’s got diabetes, which is a ridiculously large quantity of people. Therefore most endocrinologists know a lot about diabetes and treatments for that but not for thyroid disorders. I know there are a number of foods you can eat and avoid to help out too. Another blogger treats hers naturally and I am finding it fascinating to hear what she’s doing. (Amber Shea @ Almost Vegan Chef). GL hope you get things figured out. It’s kinda poopy in the meantime :(

  4. Kris says

    Did you like the popcorn and almond milk combo?!? I LOVE popcorn almost as much as cereal. Also, what were you having for dinner? Was that a taco type seasoned meat? And…how do you make your smoothies so thick? YUM!

  5. says

    Too funny, I’m a total sweets and cereal fiend, too! I’m totally going to try the popcorn thing next time I get home from work (which is usually 11PM or later) and am in no mood to reheat old food or do a microwave meal. I kind of want to go try it right now, actually…. :)

  6. G says

    I tried this with rice cakes but was not a fan. I also could eat a box of cold cereal. I always wonder who can eat 1 serving which is a cup. I can’t recall do you try adding fruit?
    I also wanted to let you know I can relate to your anxiety. I have anxiety disorder on a good day but I am also facing a move,chronic health conditions,etc. I thought I would suggest journaling to you, meditation, guided imagery,talking to your husband on how you feel. Also I know you said how you were going back to yoga and some find that a mental help. Everyone is different but even a bath can help. Now it does not take away the issues and for me I am still usually anxious but it does help a little and to feel proactive. It also may help to not use food to cope or to at least calm you down in the moment. Hope you feel better

  7. says

    Please say no to the popcorn and cereal — blarf!

    How did it taste?

    Also, I’ve been meaning to post to you and tell you that I’m now turning a lot of my meals into salads. I never even thought of using lettuce to replace a carb.

    Thanks for the Dr. Oz tip. I have a sugar addiction, and I’ve been fighting it for years.

  8. says

    Popcorn ‘cereal’ is an excellent idea – not only for cereal (because I’ll hoover up 1/2 box at a time as well) but as a green smoothie topping. I always load on things like nuts and granola, and by the time I’m done I might as well just have eaten a jar of Skippy. Thanks!

    I am a sugar junkie too and have been going through similar stress eating patterns for well over a year, but it’s become particularly bad recently. And I have nowhere near as much to deal with as you do – just saying that I relate, empathise, and still look up to and admire you despite how down you seem to be about yourself.


  9. says

    Cereal is WAY too addicting. It’s SO hard not to just keeeeeeep eating it. I don’t keep any in the house anymore either. Sad, but for the best.

    Popcorn as cereal with milk and everything? Weird. Just… weird. BUT, sometimes weird things work out amazingly… but, this sounds a TAD too out there for me. Hope you liked it!

  10. says

    Cereal scrapes the roof of my mouth. It’s an uncomfortable food for me. I have to let it get really soggy. I don’t think I could do the popcorn thing. But, glad you found a new happy snack!

  11. says

    My MIL used to eat popcorn like cereal. It totally weirded me out as it does get unhappy when you pour milk over it, but I’d be willing to give it a try with pouring the popcorn on top of the milk. Will try this soon.

  12. says

    What on earth did you have for dinah?? It looks delicious, YUM! Haha it’s making me hungry! Haha I’m also thinking about snickers bars.. thanks for that 😛

    I’m excited to read Dr. Oz’s tips, I’m SO addicted to sugar! I tried eating clean for a while, but I’ve fallen off the band wagon and I’m worse than I was before.. Eek.

    The popcorn cereal thing looks… interesting. I guess it makes sense, a lot of cereals are made with puffed wheat and stuff, and I don’t think sugar crisp sounds weird at all (mmmm, sugar crisp!) even though it’s not that different when you think of it! I might have to try it, thanks for sharing the tiP! I hope you’re having a great day :)

  13. says

    hmm popcorn and milk..? interesting..might have to try it. i def need to check out his sugar addiction info…i am for sure an addict! haha

  14. Katie P says

    I turned on Dr. Oz yesterday just in time to see him giving this tip. I am absolutely going to try this. I REALLY need to get my sugar addiction in check, and it would be nice to lose the weight I have put on over the past 5 months. I keep toying with the idea of going Paleo, but I worry it will lead me to binge.

  15. says

    I can’t imagine eating soggy popcorn! But then even eating cereal I don’t add the milk all at once. I have it on the side so I can add a bit at a time so nothing gets soggy. But I can’t eat popcorn anyway, so it’s a pretty moot point. I watched that Dr. Oz too! Although if I bought every supplement he talks about I’d be broke in about two seconds flat.

  16. cathy says

    In first grade our teacher gave us popcorn in milk and told us it was what the pilgrams ate. I was not a fan at the time but I may revisit it. :)

  17. Brianne says

    If you have a real problem with bingeing you may want to seek help from a nutritionist. Restricting and bingeing is a horrible cycle to be stuck in (I was there once) and I’m am worlds happier now that I am not constantly focused on food.

  18. Crystal says

    How does eating chocolate and peanut butter together help? That’s a sure fire way to send me into eating an entire package of Reeses, plus whatever even remotely sweet food I can find in the house.

  19. says

    How funny! I just today wrote about how I always like to eat my Greek yogurt with one of my favorite U-Swirl (frozen yogurt spot) spoons! Who knows why? I think it makes me feel ike I’m eating a treat.

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