May 2012 Highlights

It’s so cliché, but this year really is flying by! I can’t believe it’s June (well, in a few hours).

Let’s check out RER’s May 2012 Highlights:

Favorite Run:

It’s a three way tie between…

My Reach the Beach Relay Leg #1RTBMA12-8713 (2)RTBMA12-8723 (2)

The dramatic Night Leg #2 (even though I had a nervous breakdown here I kind of want a do-over so I can NOT cry in front of everyone)rtb monica leg 2

and Reach the Beach Relay Leg #3RTBMA12-1938 (2)(source: /

Favorite Eat:

Strawberry Trifle on Mother’s DayIMG_0946 (800x533)

Favorite Post I’d like to Repeat:

The Great Debate – Garmin versus MOTOACTVIMG_1609 (600x800)

Reach the Beach Relay’s Episode #2 is up now!

It’s titled “Youthful Enthusiasm” because I run the first leg like a bat outta hell and then have a nervous breakdown when the lights go out.

Spoiler Alert: I am the one having the panic attack in the previews for the next episode.


  1. Rachel C says

    Wow, these videos are so great. I want a full length movie! 😉

    Running in darkness IS scary. You must be so proud of yourself….I am not sure that I would have been able to do that. Good job.

  2. says

    I can’t believe it’s almost June either! I love your monthly recaps.
    I’m looking forward to watching the video when I get home from work. It might be creepy to watch it in my cubicle!

  3. Karoline says

    Bahahahah! I just watched this on the bus on my way home – sans headphones so people were super annoyed around me :) I’m watching it again at home and boppin to call me maybe. I can’t get over the banana costume!!! You are hilarious..

  4. says

    Bahahahah Banana dance is AWESOME!

    I HATE running alone at night like that, I’ve just about bailed so many times hearing little things and like trying to look behind me and stuff. You did so good though, this looks like SO much fun, wish I could do something like this.

  5. says

    Great video! Nice to finally see the nanner in its dancing glory. I’d totally be freaking out running in the dark alone too. That looked just super scary.

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