Travel Tuesday–No Florida

I took Chandra for one last OC must do – the Tustin Whole Foods! I always appreciate the blue skies and palm trees, but it made it that much better to share it with a friend Smile

IMG_1870 (800x600)

I skipped the hot foods bar in favor of some cherries and seltzer.IMG_1871 (800x600)

Then, I spent the car ride telling Chandra about how great SoCal is: Disneyland, blue skies, The Kardashians, Yogurtland on every corner….

But she’s running a relay race this weekend and had to get back home to Iowa (or Idaho, either way).IMG_1873 (800x600)

Yes, for those of you who asked about it when I picked her up – the Orange County airport is called John Wayne airport. IMG_1877 (800x600)

Travel Tip if you’re flying through the OC airport – there’s a Pinkberry, Pei Wei and a Subway inside. You can be a healthy, happy traveler!pinkberry in the airport

Speaking of traveling… This Thursday I am headed to Seattle for the Blogher Food Conference. I’ve been to Blogher but not Blogher Food OR Seattle so I’m super excited!

Unfortunately, because of my new job, I’m not going to be able to go on our annual trip to Marco Island Florida. It’s Ben’s families annual trip that they’ve been doing since he was a little kid. I am super sad about it because it is a blast and we only get to see his family twice a year (they live in Florida).

Here’s some fun posts from last year’s trip:

Don’t Be Crabby You’re at the Beach

Heaven-dy Two (where I ran with a  turtle)

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You can read more of my Travel Adventures on my Travel Page

Ben and I are starting to talk about our annual vacation – any suggestions?!


  1. says

    I love John Wayne airport, my grandmother lived in Carlsbad the last 30 years of her life and I spent quite a few weeks a year with her down there. Loved the small feeling of John Wayne and so easy to navigate! I even did it with the girls probably 4 times and it was so smooth to go through security with newborns and then toddlers. Have fun in Seattle, I’ll wave up at you from Portland as you fly by!

  2. Ida says

    too bad about FL, but I guess it’s a good problem to have. Peru and Machu Picchu is a great vacation suggestion, or maybe somewhere in europe like Greece or Spain.

  3. Bethany says

    I just got back from Seattle. We are relocating from Boston and spent 5 days house hunting and sightseeing. I loved the Freemont section of the city if you get a chance to go there great restaurants and shops. Have fun.

  4. Kelly says

    YEA!!!! Your coming to my hometown!!!! Monica, you have to check out our Troll under the bridge! And don’t forget your raingear….. Welcome to Seattle!

  5. Gayla says

    Idaho! Idaho should be your vacation! There is so much active stuff to do here. We have tons of hiking and running trails, beautiful mountains, you wouldn’t be disappointed! Have you ever heard of Race to Robie Creek?

  6. says

    Sorry you will not be able to do the Florida trip this year; as for vacation, the Northwest has a lot of beautiful areas to visit. I hope we have at least some sunshine to welcome you while you’re in Seattle. It’s so cold right now some us are calling it Junuary instead of June! Maybe you can bring some SoCal sunshine and warmth with you–or else be sure to pack some cold weather/rain gear. Hope you get a chance to see some of the city and surrounding area so it entices you and Ben back for a vacation!

  7. says

    There’s a Pinkberry in the San Francisco airport also, and I came SO close to making fro-yo my dinner before my flight back to NY after visiting family in Cali a few weeks ago. I should have done it!

  8. says

    I’m a midwest transplant and ironically bumped into another one this weekend (okay not so ironic, SoCal is loaded with them). After a nice chat about his dog getting his paws trimmed *uhh…I’m not a dog person* I only had one takeaway from the ENTIRE conversation: No looking back after moving to the left coast.

  9. says

    I live about an hour north of Marco Island. It’s beautiful there! This is the first time I’ve been on your blog and I love how you added pics to your daily journal. Great idea! Seeing is believing, right? I will visit again. I’ve got you bookmarked now :)

  10. says

    If you want to do the east coast, Charleston, SC or the North Carolina mountains! My cousins live in California and they love their annual trip to the Carolinas. You can do beach and mountains in one visit!

  11. i heart salt says

    I’m with Sarah…..Charleston, SC! My hubby just surprised me for our 2nd anniversary with a trip there! The food is amazing! And it’s gorgeous!!

  12. says

    I live in Tampa now, but lived in Costa Mesa for almost a year. I loved the area and I’m reliving all my favorite places I used to go through your blog!
    For annual vacay – take a cruise! Food AND adventure heaven. I just got back from a 7 day western carribbean one

  13. Sarah says

    I totally have to plug Canada as a vacation destination for you! Victoria, BC is beautiful and there are many other things to do on Vancouver Island if you rent a car. Biking, hiking, R&R on the beach – and it is a runner friendly community for sure ;-).

    Happy Planning!

  14. says

    Canada has NO fun named Airports .. Vancouver International, Edmonton International, Calgary International .. there all just named after the city there in, man we are such a snore up here.

    I live in a hole in the wall called Fort McMurray … yep, our airport is Fort McMurray Regional Airport .. So boring. Should be called like .. Oilsands Captial Airport or something.

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