Smore Fun Friday

Yesterday Ben and I took a walk after work. I don’t know why but we got on the subject of Smores and I wondered why they didn’t make marshmallows with the chocolate inside. This way the chocolate could get melty. RIGHT?!

Well, Ben thought this was genius and took off to the store when we got back for Smores Supplies.

He is also a genius because he bought dark chocolate chips. They are amazing.IMG_5607 (800x533)

He made a little hole in the marshmallow and stuck a few chocolate chips in there. IMG_5602 (800x533)

Then, he “roasted” it…IMG_5620 (800x533)

Wa-La! Smores! IMG_5601 (800x533)

I’m not the biggest marshmallow fan so I had a bite, but stuck to straight up chips SmileIMG_5605 (800x533)

Last night we watched Jeff, Who Lives At Home. I really like Jason Segel so I was a fan.jeff movie(source)

Speaking of that guy – remember when I saw the 10 year engagement and thought I looked like him?

Well yeah, I still think that.


This morning I did an easy 3.5 miles without a watch. I think it’s a bad sign that I’d rather go without a watch then use one of the ones I have Sad smile

I couldn’t decided between Pancakes or Eggs for breakfast so I made eggs and had a piece of toast with cinnamon sugar for a little something sweet. IMG_5629 (800x533)


Ben sent me this 32 and Pregnant video and I thought I’d share.

Reader Question:

A reader sent me this question this week and I don’t have a lot of knowledge about varicose veins (I am a cellulite expert though – at least on how to get it). Anyways – can anyone help?

Hi Monica,

My name is*** and I have been reading your blog for quite some time and love it. I relate to a lot of what you deal with in the food area. My question or problem is that I have all these spider veins/ varicose veins on my legs and I just keep getting them. I am pale with reddish hair but only 27 years old. I work out 3 to 5 days a week and walk a lot. I am *** pounds at 5`* so I am trying to lose weight (which might help me from getting more?). I was anorexic for a lot of years so my weight has fluctuated a lot from 78 to 130 and I am trying to overcome bulimia. I just don`t understand why I have them or how to get rid of them. Do you have this problem or know how to prevent them? Anything would be helpful. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope to hear from you.

Time to start my day! I’ll see you later…


  1. says

    Varicose veins happen whether you are skinny or not. I would make an appointment with a vein doctor/vein clinic and get their opinion on removal. You have to say the veins cause you physical pain, otherwise insurance will not cover it.

  2. Sarah says

    Ok so this is 99% about my own neurosis, not about you… and I know you have a sense of humor so I’m going to just come out with it.

    Huge pet peeve of mine is this “wa-la” business I’ve seen countless times on blogs. It’s not a random noise people make. It’s a word. A french word. “Voila.” It’s in the dictionary and everything!

    Phew. I feel better now.

  3. says

    I don’t comment often but I think this is worth sharing. The other day I was shopping in my favorite store, Target, and I saw marshmallows in different flavors! Mint, cinnamon, and a chocolate. My boyfriend and I got the cinnamon. Let me say that a snore with dark chocolate and cinnamon is just heavenly! :)

  4. Cate says

    I am a red head with fair skin and I have had varicose and spider veins since high school. I think they mat be hereditary – My aunt had them as a teen as well. I’ve noticed more as I’ve aged and I don’t know how to stop them. I’ve considered laser surgery, but I hear there is a lot of recovery time. I have grown to accept my veiny legs and a lite self tanner never hurts to hide them a bit! :)

    • says

      A guy at my work just left to have surgery on his varicose veins because they were sooooo swollen and painful. He’s a red head too!

  5. says

    Dude, I also watched ‘Jeff, Who Lives at Home’ last night. Not at all what I expected – there were all these great comedians (and comediennes) in it, but funny wasn’t the goal.

  6. Jennie says

    The veins are hereditary, and have nothing to do with your weight. Just lucky genes! Doctors can do things about varicose veins, especially if they get too bad, but spider veins are just there. I have them too and have always been a pretty consistent weight, as does my teeny tiny mom and my heavier aunt. No bearing!

    I read your blog every day and just never comment :) But I think you’re funny and awesome, and am also trying to resist giving in to my husband in the baby department. And apparently I just really want the whole world to know all about my beautiful veins

    • beth says

      Jennie is spot on! Weight has no bearing on the vein situation. They are a gift from your beloved ancestors. Vericose veins can be painful and compression socks will help with that.

  7. says

    I heat up my chocolate on the cracker before I add the marshmallow. My favorite chocolate to use is a Ghiradelli Square filled with caramel.

  8. Sarah says

    My husband and I are starting the baby talk, and laughed so hard at 32 and pregnant. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mary says

      Putting marshmallows in the microwave is so cool! That is how we make rainy day s’mores. Just put a graham cracker on a plate, top with a little chocolate bar, and a marshmallow. Microwave for only about 15 seconds, and they puff up to about triple the size. Top with another graham cracker, and voila! (or wa-la…heehee) The kids get a big kick out of it.

  9. Janeen says

    My daughter (15 yrs old) and I both have visible veins and capillaries, so our derm recommended we take vitamin C and Rutin, which is a B vitamin. It seems to be helping. P.S. we can only find the Rutin at a speciality store.

  10. Nicole says

    I wish I knew the answer, Ive noticed them on my legs since I was 10 (I’m 19 now) and have recently gotten back into power walking as exercise – they are more visible than ever, but I found that elevating both legs for about 15 minutes each night seems to help with any discomfort..

  11. dynamics says

    ROFLMAO… This has to be the best group of comments and commenters to date! Monica, you have the best group of fans AND the best blog eva!!!

  12. Sarah Williams says

    Hey! Vericose veins happy in the skinny AND the fat. People who are on their feet a lot, or have bad circulation, or family history get them. For example: Nurses. If you have a job that is on your feet all the time, compression socks will often be covered in your drug plan as they promote better circulation and reduce vericose veins. If they are PAINFUL, you can see a vascular surgeon who can laser them, however this does not get rid of the apperance of them. Unfortunately they are just a fact of life for MANY many women! Including myself(22, nurse, have my first two after working for 1.5 years…)

  13. Katie P says

    I just watched this movie the other day. It wasn’t what I expected, but I really enjoyed it. That fact that I adore Jason Segel doesn’t hurt either 😉

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