Few Fails and a Win

Last week I opened my email to a sign from the Groupon gods. My favorite yoga studio had a Groupon for 10 sessions for $29. That is AMAZING! I quickly swooped it up and told myself this is exactly what I needed to get back to the studio.IMG_6304 (800x600)

Today I went to a Level 1 class with my favorite instructor and had a really good time.

But, when I walked out (they do checkout / payment at the end) the girl at the front said the groupon was only good for 1st time visitors. BAH! I didn’t realize that or I wouldn’t have bought it, hello (darn fine print!). They would not accept the offer and instead put the money toward one $18 session and give me $11 towards the next class. My money didn’t even pay for 2 classes Sad smile

FAIL FAIL FAIL. I left super disappointed and wasn’t sure what I should / could have done.

I really love that studio, but it sucks that classes cost that much. I might consider buying a package, but I have to sleep on it. I didn’t want to buy anything from them at that moment.

On the way to yoga I had some cherries. At least that was a win.image

And after class I grabbed a refreshing beverage from Cha for Tea. I specified unsweetened, but I think they gave me the wrong thing all together because it tasted like there was syrup in it? Second fail of the day, but the Bobas are always a #win in my book.IMG_6306 (600x800)

My third #Fail of the day is that I waited until the last minute to get my bike tuned up and now I can’t get it done in time. The gears stick and the course is hilly, so this is going to be unpleasant. I was just doing this to push myself out of my comfort zone, but riding a clickity-clankity bike also pushes me into the embarrassing zone. Seriously, it’s loud and when I rode on the path Wed. night people stared. IMG_6184 (800x600)

At least I have a win with this surprisingly delicious protein cookie I got in the mail last week. IMG_6108IMG_6110

To sum up all my fails: I know they’re not “real problems” to people who have real problems. (But I am worried about my bike actually breaking during the race. Hey, at least I’d have a funny story to tell?)

I’m lucky to be able to go to yoga and live in Orange County and have someone who loves me (Ben, not Vegas) and have a good Mexican family who is healthy and… you get the picture.

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  1. TiffanyS says

    I bet your bike will make it just fine. But, funny race stories are ok too! I did a mini tri with paddling a canoe instead of swimming. My partner said she was a good canoer. So, we just grabbed the canoe, threw it in the water, and we were off in the first wave. Our canoe was backwards. We didn’t get this sorted out until the last third of the paddle portion. FAIL! We were working so hard and getting nowhere. Super duper embarrassing. But, everyone loves this story. I will never forget it that is for sure! Good luck this weekend. I can’t wait to see your recap of the adventure.

  2. says

    That sucks! They should have just let you take the darn yoga classes this time around since you already bought it! Sorry about your bike not being able to get a tune up in time :( I guess it was just one of those days!

  3. says

    If you’re willing to try a little bike maintenance (don’t if it will only add to your race butterflies) …
    Hit up the bike store and buy some chain lube. Grab a rag and wipe off your chain. Then, drip a little lube on the links along the top. (Put a newspaper or something underneath while you do this). Then rotate your pedals so that the chain shifts, and continue to drip (drip, don’t pour) small amount of lube along the chain. Run your pedals so the lube is evenly distributed. Then lightly wipe off excess. This is a good starting point.

    Check the Park Tool youtube for more: http://www.youtube.com/user/parktoolcompany.

    Good luck tomorrow!

  4. says

    That sucks about yoga! I’ve looked into buying passes for yoga studios before – but it’s way to expensive for my starving-student budget.

    And I’ll just look at that last image whenever I want to complain about anything ever again. Definitely effective.

  5. Dianette says

    This post me laugh out loud, I don’t even know exactly why lol when u mentioned clickety clackety and then that people stared and that if your bike broke during the race! Just basically: I love your blog. The end

  6. Tabatha Rhodes says

    That’s a huge bummer!! I’ve only ever bought one thing on Groupon that didn’t end up being a bummer. Also, I LOVE BOBAS!!!!!! The only place around here that I can get them is at the froyo place.

  7. Gretchen says

    First I love your blog! It has entertained me for hours reading from te beginning the past couple of weeks when bored out of my nut at a job as summer school librarian (I am a SS teacher – uhhh sure u can check out that book and for the love of pete stop swearing!) second I have that picture at the end of the post about appreciating what you have in my classroom – it is true and I try to read it when I am feeling face punchy. Stay awesome!!!

  8. says

    It’s okay to b*tch sometimes, at least you know what is important. That’s too bad about your groupon. That’s one of the reasons why I am always so nervous about buying them. I would be pretty annoyed if something put sweetness in a drink if it was supposed to be unsweetened.

  9. Laura says

    Do you have any chain lube you can use? It’s pretty cheap to buy and a must for keeping things moving correctly! You just put it on the chain and cogs, really easy.

  10. says

    Oh man. I know they’re first world problems but still suck. If you feel like driving to Laguna my husband is a bike nerd and could probably give you a tune up. But then again I’d probably be scared to do that. So if you feel like livin’ on the edge…;)

  11. Floey says

    I sometimes ask for my things from Cha unsweetened, but it DOES always taste sooo sweet still haha. I thought it was just me. Those tricksters!

  12. says

    It is completely acceptable to get discouraged with those #fails! You work hard for what you have & when things don’t go right it’s frustrating! Good luck on the tri!

  13. says

    Check meetup or Facebook. I found a class that meets weekly in a local park for an hour of yoga. Classes are $5/each as the instructor doesn’t have to tack on additional charges to pay for a studio or a gym fee.

  14. says

    Sorry about your Groupon not working out! I agree that yoga classes are really overpriced. I have a hard time paying $20 for an hour. And when you have to go to a studio that doesn’t offer anything else, but you still want to work out at a gym other times, it gets pricy to pay for both.

  15. says

    Argh, that stinks that you couldn’t use your Groupon! Dang fine print…always gets us. I’ve been way into Groupon-like deals this summer. My best friend & I just did a pole dancing class (I sucked at it) with a Living Social deal, I booked a massage with a Groupon deal, & am currently using up 10 fitness classes at a local gym with an AmazonLocal deal. Love deals!

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