Fitbloggin Friday and FroYo

Hello and Happy Friday! I have a super busy day, so let’s do this Smile

Last night I made quesadillas for dinner. I love these and don’t know why I neglect to make them everyday. I used LC cheese and it wasn’t gooey, but this very tasty!IMG_6295 (800x533)

Then, I headed to a Yogurtland meet up with the OC blogger girls. They rock. No pics of the group because I’m pretty sure Sarah from OUAL hates that. Which is so odd, I don’t know why anyone would get annoyed with a blogger taking pictures of everything / everyone / every food in a 5 mile radius. Boo.IMG_6301 (800x600)

I was running late so I jumped into the conversation as soon as I got there. But, I can’t go to YLand without getting the Y so I took some to go. I also got some for Ben. I think that won me some brownie yogurt points.IMG_6303 (600x800)

Friday -  I started the morning with a nice 3 mile walk. I’m headed to yoga during lunch. It’s been so long I’m pretty sure I forgot how to get down with my dog.

Breakfast – I really wanted pancakes or French Toast, but didn’t have time so it was the same ol’ same ol’. I’ve been using 2 egg whites and 1 whole egg lately and it’s changed my life. Adding a whole egg is so much more satisfying taste wise and the added yolk is where it’s at. image

fitbloggin 12

I am speaking at Fitbloggin again this year! Fitbloggin is a blogger conference in Baltimore, MD September 20-23. I will be attending with the Refuel Chocolate Milk Team and attending their session on recovery. And I’m co-leading a session Blogging: How Much Is Too Much?

It’s about oversharing. Hmmmm. Wonder if I’ve ever done that before…

Fitbloggin is actually my favorite blog conference! I love it because the vibe is very happy and supportive. Other blog conferences have been overwhelming and scary to me. This one just feels right. Plus it’s in MD so I can eat a ton of crab cakes Winking smilemonica and sana

Here are my posts from the last two:

Fitbloggin’ 2011 and arrival post 

I spoke about Blogging 101

Fitbloggin’ 2010 – My first blog conference ever. I was so scared, but ended up loving it.

Since I’m speaking I have a coupon code for 25% off the conference tickets! Email me if you want the code!

Question: What are you doing this weekend?

My tri is tomorrow and my stomach is already “nervous” about it.


  1. says

    Your eats seem to do a nice job at getting a decent amount of protein in without using a ton of protein powders, something I am really working on. Let’s be honest if I could live off carbs and be healthy I would! If you don’t mind me asking do you have any idea of the range of grams of protein you take in on an average day? I get around 40 grams a day but am trying to move closer to 50ish grams.

  2. says

    Ooooo!! I am in MD too! I am sure you will be plenty busy but maybe you could spare sometime for a quick meet up? :)

    You will do great on the tri. Just take your time remember you aren’t so much competing as getting a feel for doing a tri. Take it one event at a time and you will do great :)

  3. says

    Wedding this weekend for my husband’s cousin – love my in laws and his cousins, a fun fun group! yay for weddings!

    You will be happy to know that there are a lot of self serve fro-yo places in the Baltimore area now, most are in the ‘burbs but there are a couple in the downtown area if you want to check them out while in town! Definetley run along the promenade too, my favorite running route!!

  4. says

    What am I doing this weekend? I’m reading this post! Wait… I already read it. Now I gonna change up all my plans. THANKS FOR NOTHING!

    See ya at Fitbloggin!

  5. says

    Cool that you’re address oversharing on blogs. That’s something I keep thinking about now as someone who is still in the early stages of her blog. Any chance you’re addressing Twitter? My personal twitter is private, but I know that it would help my blog to make it public so I can interact with other bloggers on Twitter…yet I’m paranoid about making twitter public! I’ve had it drilled into me to not share too much publicly on the internet.

  6. says

    was it the “no photos please” tshirt and giant sunglasses I was wearing inside (or all the zits and greasy hair) that gave away my unphotogenicness?

  7. says

    I’m having a party for our 20-25 nearest and dearest friends tomorrow!

    Your topic sounds interesting. It always amazed me how some bloggers get away with over sharing more than others- tone and word choice are so important.

  8. Marjie says

    Good luck on your (crazy) reverse tri. You’ll do great. I shall be feelin’ your pain cuz I’m planning a Sat morning workout of all 3 sports as close together as i can make them. But my tri is not til Aug 11. Can’t wait to hear how yours goes!

  9. says

    Quesadillas are something I always seem to forget about, but that are so easy to make for a quick dinner – thanks for the reminder!

    I’m sure you’ll do great on the tri. Also, are you still doing the weight loss plan? Just wondering since you haven’t updated about it recently.

  10. says

    Hi Monika,
    So glad to finally meet you in person. Hope we get to hang out again soon. Glad you decided to get some yogurt. I was starting to think there was something wrong with you. 😉 ~Madison

  11. says

    Good luck tomorrow! Are you doing a meetup while you are in Baltimore? I work at a running store in the city, and there’s a great self serve fro-yo place next door :)

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