Running Reminder– Change Up Your Route

I spent yesterday afternoon hanging out by the pool with my fam. It was so nice to just stop and relax, even if I didn’t get in the water (I didn’t bring a bathing suit). image

Roxy didn’t have her swim suit either, but she’s okay with skinny dipping.IMG_6453IMG_6457

After dinner we were about to hit up YLand for dessert when I reminded everyone about my recent craving for a dipped cone. We made a quick detour to Fosters – the only place I know of with dipped cones around here! I’m sure there is a DQ somewhere within 50 miles, but I’m not sure where.IMG_6465

This treat was a lot messier than I remembered! My mom and I both got one and ended up with ice cream all over our hands.IMG_6470

I stayed up way too late last night and was not ready when the alarm went off this morning. But, I’m not a big snoozer button girl so I rolled out of bed and did an easy 4 miles. I switched my recovery run to today since I ran 8 yesterday.IMG_6474 (800x600)

Running Reminder – Change you Route!

Do you run the same route everyday (or every Mon, Wed, Fri)?

Do run at the same time?

Do you run alone?

Don’t keep the exact same routine every day – it’s predictable and can be unsafe. Change up your route / time of run / other periodically.

I can’t change the time or days I run since I need to get to work by a certain time and cannot run in the evening. But today I tried a different loop around my neighborhood. It was shorter than I thought, so I should have mapped it first but it’s good that I remembered I need to change it up!

Post Run Waffles and Egg = AmazingIMG_6478 (800x533)IMG_6480 (800x533)

Someone sent me this Running Infographic and I thought it was super interesting! My favorite facts:

  • 39% of women say the half marathon is their fave road race distance! Me too!
  • The ACSM recommends you exercise 3-5 times a week for 20-60 minutes – You Don’t have to run or do crazy cardio 7 days a week for an hour to be fit!
  • The average age for females who race is 38.5 and 43.6 for men.


(Original source: 

Question: When was the last time you changed your run or walking route?

What’s your favorite infographic fact from above?


  1. says

    I try to switch up my route and time of day for the safety reason. I kind of hate that I even have to put that into consideration! And I wouldn’t have guessed that 38.5 was the average age of racing women, but I think it is awesome!

  2. says

    I totally agree with you on not keeping a predictable running schedule, sadly its the way it is for a lot of female runners. But safety should always be priority :) Good reminder! I usually keep things similar but nothing predictable, and I try new routes when I get a chance, its so easy to just stick to what you know!

  3. Jaime says

    Here’s a couple of question for you:
    what is a decent average speed for a 5k for a male? Trying to average about 8.5-9 mph. Don’t know if that is too slow.
    On sprints, what is a good top speed. I was impressed because I hit 15.5 mph at the park but don’t know whether I should be working on drastic improvements.

  4. says

    I try to change up my running route almost every time! I’m in a residential right by a commercial area, and I have a garmin, so it’s easier for me to just pick a direction and go, without having to worry about trying to figure out my distance.

    I always thought running improves mood – glad to see it’s true!

  5. says

    Fosters! I didn’t even know they were still around. I have this vague memory from being 3 and slamming my arm in the window and getting a cone one the way back from the hospital. And now I know where I got the need to soothe myself with food 😉

    I think the whole walking vs. running thing is interesting; yeah, it takes longer and it’s not as taxing, but you can still burn a significant amount of calories without the some wear and tear on your joints.

  6. Robin says

    I change up my route frequently, but I usually run on a fairly busy street (even in the morning, there are literally 3 Starbucks along a 1.5 mile stretch), so I don’t think it’s too much of an issue.
    What shoes are you wearing? Those are rad!!!

  7. Shannon B. says

    I don’t have many options of changing up my route as I run/walk in our hood and it’s pretty small. That being said…no matter what time I’m out there are neighbors out everywhere and I usually have my dog, whom is not big or mean, but if you happen to have cheetos…she’d be all over you!! :)

  8. Tabatha Rhodes says

    I am never able to run at the same time of day, and I try to switch up my route too, although I’m too paranoid to stray far from my neighborhood. I’ve thought about taking my boxer with me and I guess I might start doing that for extra safety.

  9. says

    I have never thought to put a fried egg on my waffles! I love a runny yolk! I switch it up between going to the gym and running outside. I don’t change it up that often, but I do have 2 different routes that I take depending on the time of day and the weather!

  10. says

    I change my route daily. I live in a circular neighborhood that is connected to another one. Plus I can run it out past a nearby school and pond with a small running path around it. With all of these I change it up whenever I run. I run in the evenings and I like to be home before sundown so my time I run changes slightly but not a whole lot.

    I think I liked the ages part. Just because I didn’t start running until I was 24 so its nice to know that I am getting into it below the average age still. And that even as I get into my 30 and 40s there will still be lots of runners around.

  11. says

    Girl, I’m so impressed with the fact that you don’t hit the snooze button and run in the morning. I searched long and hard to find the right route to run after work, because my snooze button and I have a relationship, and have always been (abnormally) paranoid with people stalking my routes (and me) and kidnapping me at 27 years old. Now I run only on main streets after work with lots of people and lights at night!

    BTW I just bought new Brooks and they look JUST like that. Also it feels like I’m running on a cloud made of feathers and marshmallows. So there’s that…

  12. says

    your breakfast looks amazing! love the runny yolk. I think the average age for runners is surprising and awesome. I’d heard before that women peak in their 30s…that’s good news for me!

  13. says

    I am terrible!!! I don’t change up my route! I run with my dog and its hard to take her with me on the road, so we just run the same ol’ same ol’ everyday. Your waffles and egg combo looks so good! I want some…like now…

  14. says

    I recently started running and hadn’t really thought about switching up my routine for safety reasons. That’s a really great reminder. Thanks for the running tips and facts!

  15. says

    I can’t switch up time of day for running, also because of work. I compensate for this by bringing my scary dog with me. She’s actually not scary at all, but the bad guys don’t know this. (She looks scary).

  16. says

    I love my run route! I run out on the Longleaf Trace here in Mississippi to train for my first marathon. I run the same route consistently, but try and push a little farther down the trail a little farther each week (so I guess I do change it up a little every long run day).

    Unfortunately work has been really busy and I haven’t been able to run in the morning – so I end up running on my treadmill (which is OK for short runs, but hard to run long…):(

  17. says

    For some reason I think I’ve told you this before.. my our dogs name is Roxy too, and they even sorta look like twins :) I’ve never tried tofu, and have been meaning too. Do you recommend a certain brand/flavor? I love that running info graph. How cool. I have to run the treadmill everyday since it’s way too hot outside (130 degrees) and the drivers here aren’t the safest. I do change up the run reading a new magazine though, haha.

  18. says

    Can’t really change the day/time but route…yeah! But that’s more coz I get bored easily or don’t want to do a particular distance (it’s usually a loop from the house or a friend’s place).

  19. says

    I enjoyed those facts, but the picture totally shows a heel striker! As someone who just spent months redoing my running form to clear up an injury that stuck out to me…

  20. says

    I change routes and times often. I believe that one’s body get used to your routine, so you need to change it up.
    I love this chart this one person have sent you regarding running. That’s so interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  21. says

    Dang, that is one well-made ice cream cone. Reminds me of how on my first cruise, the ship had a soft-serve ice cream machine that you could use yourself, and my friend & I would “compete” to see who could make the most perfect looking ice cream cone.

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