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Hello and Happy Tuesday!

My walk-a-day in August is going well. I walked 3 miles yesterday afternoon while chatting with my mom.

I wore my spibelt to carry some money because I intended to hit up the store. Sadly, I realized that wearing your spibelt while walking makes it look like you’re wearing a tiny fanny pack…image

This morning I set out for 6 miles easy. However, it wasn’t easy at all – my legs felt like lead even on the downhill. My marathon training plan said they were supposed to be 10 minute miles which I thought was way too slow, I kept a 9 min pace but it felt like 12.

I wore the Lululemon capris I found on the sale rack a while back. I hadn’t worn them yet because I was self-conscious about the pocket placement.

They put one pocket on each hip AND ruching. Add in a girl with wide hips and it’s not a very flattering sight.  Um, who designed this?! IMG_6627 (800x600)

The pockets are placed exactly at the widest part of my hips and are pretty big/deep. What the heck am I supposed to put in these pockets on each side, anyways? I put my key in one pocket, but there’s plenty of room for a few granola bars, sunblock, my cat…IMG_6631 (800x600)

Breakfast was a repeat from yesterday – protein shake and bagel with PB&J. I’m reading Tina’s blog in the background Smile IMG_6635 (800x600)

Question: Do you think it’s better for a guy to have a fanny pack or a man purse messenger bag?

Ben used to take his backpack everywhere until I pointed out it was almost always empty.


  1. Bethany says

    I’m imagining you running down the street with your cat in your pocket. Made me laugh out loud!!

    I really wish fanny packs weren’t so dorky, they are so convenient!! Hands free storage!! I still miss the one I had in the early 90s!!

  2. says

    I would say backpack for a guy…can’t picture Jess in a fanny pack LOL! I like that little belt you have though, where did you get it? I won’t do my solo runs without my phone and only one pair of my running capris has a pocket my phone will fit in and not fall out so on their dirty days I have to wear my arm band and I hate it…seriously makes me crazy. Would love that little belt pocket!

  3. elizabeth reisner says

    If I HAD to choose, it would be messenger. I see a lot of guys with backpacks in the chi-town area though.

  4. Tabatha Rhodes says

    Your pants look good, silly!! I always wonder why they don’t make a pocket in the front of sports bras for extra stuff. Maybe they do and I just haven’t seen one….

      • Tess says

        I love that! It was on that site where anyone can “loan” money for a startup? (I have no brain today. Migraine is killing me) I thought it was genius. Do you know what I put in my sports bra? $2 for an emergency bottle of water. Car key in an emergency. ID sometimes. It’s my go to place. Loved it.

  5. LE says

    Yeah, right, because a spibelt doesn’t look like a tiny fanny pack when your running and a giant horizontal band across your lower abdomen doesn’t accentuate your girth whatsoever.

  6. says

    I think it is never ok to have a fanny pack, regardless of gender!
    My dude uses an “adult backpack” for his commute to work. I used to try and get him to use a messenger bag, but now I think its kinda cute :-)

  7. says

    Way to push through your run!
    Ha- I actually bought a nice fanny pack this year! It’s a funky Dakine one that I bought for skiing. Sometimes you can’t take a purse but pockets just don’t cut it! I actually wear it longboarding and biking now, too!
    I say be brash and go all the way with a full fanny!

  8. says

    i wear my spi belt when we bike ride—usually bc we ride to go out to lunch or ice cream or something :) –and when my bro and sis came along they mocked me mercilessly. whatever! you look cute so i’m hoping i do too 😉

  9. says

    My mom bought me a pink fanny pack for my birthday because I told her that I was trying to bring back fanny packs, then I realized how ridiculous I look.

    I’d say a back pack for a guy if they need one. Even though sporting a fanny pack might help bring the pack back :)

  10. says

    My husband, Austin, also carries a back pack around with him if he can’t fit his stuff into his pockets. But he usually doesn’t carry much at all.

    I would have to vote a messenger bag – but not the small kind that look like a “murse” but a regular one that looks like the guy might be carrying some paperwork/books/laptop/smart stuff in it! :)

  11. says

    I need to get a spi belt and try it out. I’m thinking I want to carry my phone with me during the NYC Marathon to take pictures and be able to find my family afterward, so I need to get one and test it out.

    I wish my husband carried any type of bag, instead of me being his bag! (That doesn’t sound too good…)

  12. Christopher says

    I love your blog! It’s so nice that you joke about how you look even though you are so pretty. Most women wish to look like you. I’m sure Ben agrees. I wish my lady was like you, and she is skinny, one of those that have never worked out ( I hate it too ) Because I work my ass off to see little change on the scale. I don’t weigh myself often, but when I do I would like to see some change.

    Keep up the great work

  13. Jaclyn says

    I love fanny packs!! Bring ’em back!! Come on, think of the possibilities–you never forget your wallet and/or purse at the grocery store because it’s always attached to your waist, and you have the “hands free” benefit.

    Yes please–I wear the Nathan Gelpak and I am not ashamed :).

  14. says

    Because my fanny pack says “Runner’s World” on it, it is cool. I keep telling myself this, even though it has to be bigger than a Spibelt so it can fit my iphone. I will not wear the iphone on my upper arm, because I think that looks just as silly as the freakin’ fanny pack!

  15. sally kate says

    What!?! I’ve heard great things about those capris- I have a friend who was trying to sell them to me because she liked how she could fit her phone in one leg and her chews/gels in the other leg! Glad to hear another opinion because I think I may be built a little more like you! But I do have to admit it’s HARD for me to pass up on Lululemon clearance racks.

  16. says

    I was just ragging on fanny packs this morning! I vote messenger bag! (backpack is a little too… two years out of high school… for me. At least if the guy has a messenger bag, I can give him my stuff and then *I* don’t have to carry a purse!

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