Where Am I Going to Live

Well well well, looks like weight loss and/or my eating disorder is the hot topic of the day!

I spent the morning wallowing in my own self pity over it…

and working.

I have a job now so I don’t have as much time to read comments about how awesome I am or how I’m a gluttonous c-word.

It made me so emotional I dove head first into this bag of PopCorners – Cheesy Jalapeno flavor Winking smileIMG_6731 (600x800)

These are good, but the Carmel flavor is superior. Also, I wish they were spicier.IMG_6732 (600x800)Added bonus: I got both PopCorners bags from Marshall’s for $1.99 each. They also had a ton of Love Crunch Granola super cheap too. I probably bought a few bags and ate them in one sitting with cream instead of milk.

Or I had another boring salad. One of those.IMG_6733 (800x600)

I can take constructive criticism, but it’s really hard for me to be serious and not joke about things – especially about myself. RER is a place for me to document my life – good, bad, ugly. It’s narcissistic and annoying at times, but so am I. My first instinct is to just joke about all of this, I’m not avoiding the issue it’s just who I am. image

My second instinct naturally is to self censor. Now I don’t want to show you when I buy a cookie (even after a 14 mile run) because it will be thrown in my face. The next time I go to Yogurtland I don’t want it to be brought up when I report a weigh in. I am completely open about my flaws and strengths and it can and will be used against me in a court of law blog.

I don’t think I owe anyone anything (except my mom, I owe her a lot), but I owe it to myself to keep being open and honest despite what may be said.

I know RER is not amazing or special, when it comes down to it this is still just a navel gazing blog by a privileged Mexican girl.

I just wanted to reassure everyone I will continue to over dramatize running and everything I eat. IMG_9853 (800x600)

When she heard about my eating disorder and weight gain, Skinny Runner invited me for a noon walk that really turned into an intervention. In the end I refused to go to rehab and she refused to take off her compression socks. Ever. sr wears socks

Mid-afternoon I had a lengthy debate with myself over which is better… Pineapple Cottage Cheese or Pineapple Chobani?

The winner for today: IMG_6736 (800x600)

In other news… I stumbled upon an article about the 10 Best Cities to Raise a Family.

I was very surprised that Corona, CA is #9!

Corona is city inland of Orange County. It’s A LOT cheaper to live there, but most people work in LA or OC so the traffic is HORRIBLE. Plus it’s significantly hotter there even though it’s only about 30 miles away.image

But, I was recently telling someone I’m not sure I want to raise kids in Orange County – it’s too fancy and I don’t think I fit in. And since Ben and I have  been talking about home buying I’ve seen that you can get a massive house in Corona or a shack in Orange County. Now, I’m not too good for a shack, but a house in Corona sounds tempting.

Question: Where do you want to raise your kids or puppies or kittens? (Please don’t tell me you want to raise ducks. I’m still not over what happened yesterday.)


  1. Michele says

    You are seriously so awesome. You are such an inspiration! Thank you for modeling how to balance exercise, healthy eating, mixed with some sweet treats. You’re the best, please don’t change!!

  2. Sonja says

    Monica, you are absolutely RAD. I am quite thankful you choose to share your whole self with the world wide interwebs.

  3. Leslie says

    Great post! I’m glad your friend skinny runner “intervened”. I support you in being yourself. I come here because you are awesome. Please don’t change your goofy wacky ways unless you see fit. Love your blog. Your one tough cookie. (a perfect chocalate chip one)Have a good night!

  4. says

    Oh my gosh, screw people! Anyone that knows you knows that you are the most genuine and wonderful person. Haters gonna hate! Love you always!

  5. Emily says

    Geeze louise. I just took a quick peek at the previous post’s comments. All I know is that I once ate enough watermelon to give me the worst diarrhea of my life. So what? I did it once, regretted it and will never do it again. I don’t need to be judged because of it for years to come. Keep being yourself Monica. If you want frozen yogurt, have some freakin’ frozen yogurt. Bloggers are not supposed to be perfect. I really do not want to read about someone who does everything perfectly. How is that interesting? (or tolerable?)

  6. says

    I am sad to hear that you are being criticized for posting what you said you were going to post about. I think it takes a lot of courage to post the negatives when you are trying to be healthy. It’s summer. You are supposed to be having fun and eating differently comes with that.

    I live in the Vancouver area and prices here make me want to cry. Everything is ridiculously expensive… even way out in the suburbs. Ideally I would like to move to a small beach town a few hours away, but I would have to get a job there first.

  7. says

    So nice of SR to come and give you some support. I think you look just great the way you are and you are awesome runner so you are doing things right.

  8. says

    We will be raising our kids in a nice suburb outside of Pittsburgh. We are close enough to the city (10 minutes) but in a totally safe, family focused neighborhood…..everyone has a minivan and plays soccer. It’s much cheaper here, too!

  9. Katie says

    Whoa Judgement! After reading this post I had to go back and check the comments. I can’t believe how nasty people can be. ANd harsh! So for counter balance … I love your blog. I’m a wife and working mom of two young boys. I struggled severely in my 20’s with bulimia but have lived over 10 years free from the eating disorder. ANd by free I mean asymptomatic, but not always without struggles. I find such comfort in your honesty about food and exercise. Never have you judged others for what they eat or how much they exercise. I sometimes need to step away from blogs where that judgement “should” attitude can underly the healthy living theme. So, please, keep up the great work. Thanks. Ignore the haters.

  10. says

    I think your frustration just shows what most people go through. I think this makes you human..one month you are up..in 4 months you are WAY down..

    don’t be so hard on yourself, you are amazing, you work out so hard, you look amazing, I think you should worry about how you feel vs what the scale says.

  11. Jen says

    Gah I love this blog and reaaallly hope that you don’t let any taters change your style or your love for it. Taters are just gonna tate.

  12. says

    I’ve had eating issues for 13 years that stemmed from an ED in high school. Man, have I come a long ways, but it’s taken sooo long! I am in no way perfect. I love your blog because you’re NOT perfect, but are always trying to improve yourself while maintaining humor and class. You look GREAT and healthy the way you are.
    Also, although I may weigh less than you, you could smoke me out there on a run! Your “slow” is my fast. Keep it up :)

  13. says

    I think Austin, Texas is the best place to raise your children. I grew up here and was exposed to so much diversity and cool atmospheres. Being the live music capital of the world, I was able to experience concerts at an early age and really enjoy the city. I love it here. My puppy does too. :)

  14. Lindsay says

    I read your blog (and laugh out loud) everyday but am not usually someone who feels the need to comment because you are so much funnier than anything I could add. I just wanted to say that today made me sad. Sad for you because people were mean and also sad for all of us reading because those judgmental voices were the hurtful ones we hear in our own heads when we punish ourselves for not living up to our own version of perfection. They were just said in print, for the world to read. Please don’t listen, you don’t deserve that.

  15. Samantha F. says

    Those who make the mean comments are 95% of the time, the haters are just projecting their own insecurities onto you. I know that it doesn’t make the comments hurt any less though. I’d tell those people to get a therapist and work out their own crap instead of taking it out on you.

  16. Lauren says

    I love your blog because you are so honest and real…I’m so impressed by your ability to laugh the rude/ridiculous comments off…p.s. Im pregnant and watermelon is now the first thing I think about when I wake up in the morning!!

  17. kaycee says

    i had a busy day and did not see the last post until after the crush of comments. i was glad to see your update, as i was wondering about the challenge. i think you addressed the key issues that interfered with your goal. some of the comments were well stated. others had good information, but the delivery was just too spiteful. you have said for a long time that you use ie. i think it takes some self reflection to say when something is not working for you. too many of the commenters failed to note that you did own up to failings and stated a plan to try to correct the situation. good luck.

  18. Kelly says

    I think RER is amazing and special! I read everyday and you always make me laugh! Let the haters hate-they’re ass monkeys!

  19. says

    Girl…if you’re going to move to Corona, you might as well move to San Bernadino!

    It’s funny to me that you’re not sure about wanting to raise kids in OC, because I forced my film-industry husband to move to the Pacific Northwest because I didn’t want to raise kids in LA. He doesn’t get as much work up here, but at least our children won’t be raised thinking that life is about what you look like!

    Buying a house in Southern California is hard! We’ve talked about moving back down there once my contract is finished up here, but I can’t imagine when we’ll be able to afford a house down there…maybe in 6 years???

  20. says

    Your last post was one of the first times I’ve read a posts comments and actually gotten upset… I hope the comments about how amazing you are make up for the negativity, I love your blog so please keep up with what you’re doing and don’t let pathetic people ruin it.

  21. says

    I like you and I like that you’re real. Haters got to hate.

    Andy and I live in Ventura County and I’m hoping it’ll be good to raise a family here when that day finally comes. I am a nut and want to lose 30 before I get pregnant (talk about disordered! 😉 )

    Keep on being true to you.

  22. Sam says

    Some people are straight up jerk-offs that’s for sure but if I am being straight with you sometimes you seem like you are in denial about your behaviors, especially where eating is concerned. And the hard part Monica is when people try to be fair and empathetic with you in your comment section you come across as kind of bitchy. That or your readers get super defensive and jump all over someone’s opinion. I know this from experience.

    I think a lot of people are rooting for you and want you to be happy but in amongst all the snark there might actually be some advice or criticism worth listening too.

    I like that you are humorous poke fun at yourself but when you tell me you eat a whole watermelon in a day I don’t know if that’s a joke or not. And if its not then its a problem. Like it or not a whole watermelon on top of other meals is a binge, the total opposite of intuitive as you have claimed to try to be.

    • Sandi says

      I agree with Sam. Monica I think you’re awesome and I love your blog. But I can’t stand it when other commenters jump on anyone who’s even the slightest bit critical and start calling them haters, etc. It totally destroys any possibility for constructive discussion. You have some immature haters but you also have some really immature supporters. Not that I blame you for that of course!

  23. Laura says

    They must all be perfect, huh? I’m sure their blogs are super interesting too (major sarcasm here). It’s unbelievable what people “say” when they can do it almost anonymously. Don’t internalize any of that rubbish. You are honest, funny, human and amazing! Love your blog!

  24. Robin says

    Surprised to see my city at #9 on that list! While I really like it here (I’m not fancy enough for OC either), you’re right that it is much hotter despite not being very far away. I’d be happy to answer any Qs you might have. But I might be biased because I could sure use a running partner!

  25. Christine says

    Hi Monica, I am new to the blogging world but I really love RER! Please don’t change the way you post based on nasty people. Your humor helps me through my day (running, food struggles, weight loss, etc)! Plus I have, and will again eat an entire bag of Stacy’s Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips in one sitting. Not because I am a binge eater, or a bad person, but because I want to :)

  26. says

    Don’t go to corona, it’s crazy hot out there! And boring, too far from the beach! I’d pick san Diego, or Hawaii to raise some kids, whenever the heck that might happen!

  27. Laura says

    Ew….first of all don’t move to San Bernardino. Corona is super nice though….I would like to live there. I live in Rancho Cucamonga currently and love it here but it’s too much for me. I want to live in a smaller place, not so populated and somewhere that doesn’t have awful traffic.

    So….weird question. I am a salty sweater also and was wondering if there was a specific cause for this? Am I supposed to consume a lot more sodium to “balance” it out? Any info would be appreciated!

  28. Kellie says

    As a fellow OC’er I understand. We just love the area so we are renting our shack right now just so we can stay in the newport beach school district.
    Relating to the previous post, I don’t think you eat a lot at all. If anything maybe you eat too little? The amount of food my nutritionist has me eating is crazy! Either way you are healthy and look great.

  29. says

    Do not listen to negative comments! I think it’s awesome how you put everything on the blog, not just positives. Plus, who really eats healthy all the time? You need balance!
    I want to raise my goats (ok, I don’t have goats, but I wish I did!) in arizona. But since my husband and I are both Canadian, we’ll most likely raise our pup and potential kids right here in good old Alberta!

  30. says

    I had to go back and read some of the comments, too! They are ridiculous, especially the ones about the watermelon. I ate a whole watermelon in two days earlier this week and I don’t feel bad about it. Maybe there’s some kind of gene linked to red hair that makes watermelon irresistible to us? 😀

  31. says

    Monica, if everything you’re doing is totally healthy and ‘normal,’ then why are you trying to lose weight? Why are you keeping this up if you think your diet is unremarkable and you’re largely content with it?

  32. says

    First of all – you’re a rock star. Kudos for keepin’ it real here. Secondly, that must’ve been one heck of a convo 😉 I still stand by my opinion that raising kidlets is less about where you actually are and who you surround yourself with. Sure the OC is a little ridic. It doesn’t jive with my values whatsoeva, however, I’ve learned to surround myself with people who have similar values, to keep my kids grounded in reality (no, you don’t need to have $20 spending money at daycamp or really NEED a new pair of jeans, you want it. Period.) I can’t get past the weather & the beach being so nearby that I’m willing to move.

  33. says

    That guacarexia is the best thing I’ve read all week. Well, besides your duck story.

    As for the negativity, just remember, hurt people hurt people. You can choose grace (and humor, obviously).

  34. says

    I’m a Frenchmania! If I could choose or if a job opens up in a temperate country, would love to relocate – the temps and humidity over here gets to me. The reason I’m staying put in this tiny corner of the world is the cost of living – I could afford so many things: weekend getaways 2-3 times a month, holidays, personal training, yoga classes, massages, food etc

  35. says

    Monica, you are awesome and so is the way you blog! I totally appreciate your authenticity. Keep being the best YOU!

    My wife and I are raising our kids in North OC… I know it’s only a few minutes from your part of the county but it does have a different feel, in my opinion anyway. My wife has seen realty ads for homes in Corona an we’ve played with the idea of buying out there but I really don’t want to get on the “Corona Crawl” twice a day. So we live in a 2 bedroom townhouse but at least I only have a 2 mile commute.

  36. Connie says

    I know Orange County must be $$$$ but I have location envy of how close you live to Coto de Caza! (I’m in Michigan, so it’s a big deal :)

  37. Elizabeth says

    I was appalled at the comments left yesterday! You are awesome and so freaking hilarious. Screw them!!! Keep doing what you are doing, we love it.

  38. katie says

    Monica, I’ve never commented before but I wanted to say that I love your blog and struggle with similar eating issues (I wish my vice was something as healthy as watermelon – swedish fish, not so much). Thank you for being so honest and relatable.

  39. Robin Waters says

    Keep the honestly coming!! I think women relate to your issues, at least I know I do!! You crack me up all the time, and really enjoying reading your blog every day. Stay honest and stay real!

    North Carolina

  40. Lindsay says

    Half the reason I love your blog most is because you DO show your flaws! You make me feel more normal for my cravings for watermelon and mexican food. Who wants to read a blog that talks about eating all health food. BORINGG. Don’t change a thang!

  41. Rachel F says

    Well I think you look fantastic and screw what everyone else thinks–it takes a bored and angry person to attack someone they don’t even know! I think you are brave and honest to talk about your insecurities–bravo :) I wish when I have a craving I eat an entire watermelon and not a half gallon of ice cream 😉

  42. Shannon B. says

    I second your favorite pineapple yogurt…eat one everyday!!! Yum-O

    WooHoo, happy to see Omaha, Nebraska is #1, even through we live down the road in Lincoln (which my opinion is even better!!)

    Keep on keeping on!!! :)

  43. Diane says

    Your blog is aweseom Monica, don’t let anyone tell you any different. I also have be stuck at the same point as you and love food and exercise. I am glad that you are honest on your blog (yogurt and watermelon included) and it is honestly just fun to read. Keep being yourself and good luck with weight loss journey!

  44. Meg says

    I’m sorry that people said things that hurt your feelings! I know it can be difficult to shake. BUT I also have been reading lots of blogs for a long time, and I reallyyyyy hate when bloggers write posts that are so passive-aggressive after something like what happened yesterday happens.
    Maybe I am just naive (I have been called that before!) but I like to think that whatever people said to you was said out of concern and not out of nastiness. I’ve worked as a dietitian for so many years and I can say that after following your blog for so long, I recognize many unhealthy habits you have that contribute to a self-sabotage with your weight. This is just my opinion based obviously on never having met you, but just on my own experience working with a lot of women who struggle to lose weight.
    I enjoy your blog and I will keep reading-I just hate to see the drama go on when you let people get to you and lash out.

    • says

      Meg, I wasn’t trying to be passive aggressive in any way – that’s so not my style. It’s also not my style to let someone talk mean to me and not stick up for myself, that’s all I was trying to do.

  45. Elena says

    Screw the haters, your blog is my favorite! And I’ve eaten a whole watermelon in one day before…no big deal! How does that equal eating disorder! I’m a size 2 and a runner like you! Ignore the stupid jerk offs

  46. Tabatha Rhodes says

    I had to go back and read yesterday’s comments…..they made me sad. I felt so inspired after reading yesterday’s post (and every other day’s!!). You are way healthy and you look amazing! Your blog is my favorite and I love every bit of it, even when you talk about “gorging” (gah! that’s such an ugly word!!) on a watermelon (Oh the horror!!!). I have to guess that for every doodyhead out there there are 20 more people who think you are amazing!! <3

  47. Colleen says

    Ugh I’ve never read your comments before, but after reading yesterday’s, I’m so sorry that you have to deal with people who only want to spread their negativity around. I just recently started reading your blog and I love it. I can relate to so many of your posts and I appreciate you putting so much out there. It’s good inspiration and motivation for someone like me who also runs (and eats) a lot. Keep at it! Your site is great!

  48. says

    Keep it you girl…I always remember when reading other blogs…IT’S THEIR BLOG and they/you can post what you want…l guess that’s why we keep coming back…love it!

    You can move to MN and raise kids, puppies, kittens and hamsters if you like here…I know that is what we are raising and not always having the best results so I better go do some research on that myself…ha! Any thoughts for a mini dachshund who has separation anxiety? 😉

  49. says

    People are terrible. I don’t know when we all decided we’re an authority on how someone else should live.

    I love your posts. You’re hilarious. And I’m a lot like you in some ways, except I can’t run as far (yet?) and I eat some terrible foods (that taste good). When I started posting about my own WLJ, I saw others who were sharing their food diaries, but I decided not to do that. I didn’t want people telling me what I should or shouldn’t be eating. Or worse, telling me the reason I gained a pound this week was because of those five Oreos. I share just enough to be a little vulnerable without oversharing. I’m too much of a wimp to share.

    This is a long way of saying I’m sorry people are being terrible to you. Please don’t let it change how you post, or more importantly, how you live.

  50. says

    Oh boy. I had to go back because I missed the last post. Crazy. I’d raise my kids in Denver or back in Minnesota. Why can’t it be somewhere warmer!??!! I am starting to have anger problems when people mention fall or the end of summer. That means winter is closer lol.

  51. says

    Wow. I had no idea you were so screwed up until I read all those comments on your last post. It must suck to be you.


    Jk. I think you’re awesome. One of my favorite blogs!

  52. Ella says

    You. Are. Hilarious. I love your attitude!

    Also, you look fabulous. You look perfectly strong and fit! (Seriously, do you know your body fat %? I bet it’s quite low.) But no matter how many random internet weirdos like me tell you that you don’t need to lose a pound, only YOU will be able to decide that you are content exactly as you are. And I hope you do, regardless of that # on the scale.

  53. Suzie says


    I really enjoy your blog always have. I find you much more relatable then most HLBs because you are real. I find that some people lack the tact to say things in a respectful manner. however, that doesnt mean that they are all selfish, jelly haters who are out to get you and criticize you. I think alot of people (myself included) have had or do have eating issues and they know what it can be like to struggle with wanting to lose weight. consequently, they see your struggles and think about what you are doing and how you are doing it and feel that they can relate and/or criticize. i think that if you stopped to really address people’s comments youd see alot of them arent really “mean” but actually giving you ADVICE. i think the biggest problem is that people see a box of cereal, a sleeve of cookies or a whole watermelon as a “binge” whereas it seems like you see it as “overeating.” I think the difference lies in that crazy out of control i could eat 4,000 calories right now. that is a binge. overeating cereal is NOT. with that said, if you are overeating you should not be surprised that you arent losing weight. I think you are a prime example of why diets DO NOT WORK. eating REAL food works. eating lot of diet foods that leave you hungry is just goign to make you overeat.

    thats all. this was not meant to be bitchy. its some advice. I think maybe if you took your mind off food went a couple days where you only ate ever 3-4 hours and not in between you might get used to it and stop letting food control your thoughts. until then no matter how much you weigh or what you look like (i think you look great btw), you will always be consumed by food and wanting to lose weight. it wont end when you reach your goal weight bc then youll be worried about gaining weight

    also dont listen tot hese people who are all like “oh you run so much eat whatever.” thats horrible advice and will lead to weight gain. Ive been struggling with this since upping my miles. I havent even been eating that much more running alot more and have gained 5 pounds. running is not license for gorging after. even long runs. refueling does not equal eating tons of calories.

    • says

      Agreed, Suzie! Since we don’t really know you (Monica), we don’t know what your true habits are, but we can see that you are dissatisfied and are constantly trying to do something about it. While the tone of some of the commentors might not have been right, I’m pretty sure nothing they had to say here was unknown to you, after all the time you’ve spent researching healthy living and such.

      Of COURSE a bunch of anonymous people online are going to tell you to keep doing what you’re doing — THEY don’t really care if you lose weight or not (or if you even need to at all). THEY are not going to tell you that although eating mass quantities of trigger foods is common in this country, it is also common in this country to be overweight/diabetic/disordered/etc. We all convince each other that it’s somehow okay and to go ahead and enjoy, when we all know it’s not.

      You can choose who you want to listen to or not, blame your thyroid or not, but in the end, you are accountable for your own health and happiness.

  54. Andrea says

    Monica, I have been reading your blog for the last couple of years without commenting, but now I must. I read so many healthy living/eating blogs but yours is by far one of the most honest and relatable. The daily battle with eating/exercise/body image is real and its easy for people, myself included, to think that they are alone. Thanks for sharing your journey with the world. I doubt you will, but please don’t change a thing here! I will continue to read your posts and laugh hysterically in my cubicle at work :)

    • Kelly says

      I love your blog, too! And like, Andrea I find myself laughing hysterically at work. You bring a laugh and smile to so many of us!

  55. Danielle says

    Yeesh. I hardly ever read the comments on here, but I went back to the last post and read some. Yeesh x2.

    I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your blog. I subscribe to a few other healthy living blogs, and yours is one of the most fun to read. Seriously, I appreciate your candor and sense of humor about life, exercise, and food. It is really inspiring for me to see you eating healthy stuff along with treats because it makes me think I can learn to like that stuff, too. I have a hard time with some healthy recipes because they taste like cardboard (I tried making “healthy pancakes” the other day and threw them away after the first bite. BLECH!), but seeing what you eat inspires me to try new things. If Monica likes it, maybe I can, too.

    Your blog also lead me to intuitive eating, which has been changing my life recently. I ate a pack of peanut M&Ms the other day, and they tasted gross. GROSS! All the junk food at work isn’t even really a temptation for me anymore, and I’m learning to enjoy better foods.

    Also, as a novice runner, the fact that you can run more than 3 miles (which is the most I’ve ever run consecutively) is incredible to me. Obviously you’re doing okay in the eating department or there’d be no way you could even do that on a regular basis. When I first got into running about a year ago, I was restricting my diet to 1700 calories a day, which seemed like plenty since it was about 200 calories more than the websites told me I should be eating to lose weight. I felt so tired all the time, and only after I gave up restricting and started eating what my body said it needed did I feel better. So forget all the people trying to tell you what you are/what to do. You know what’s best for you, and I appreciate your mistakes and honesty because it helps me learn, too.

    Best of luck!

  56. Anna says

    I’ve never commented on your blog before, but the hateful posts have compelled me to say that yours in my favorite of all the blogs I read. I love your honesty and outlook! Keep it up!

  57. Jessica L says

    Hi Monica!

    I’m one of those long time readers that never posts comments. (aka stalker…haha)

    Anyways, I wanted to share this post with you:

    It’s written by Molly Barker, the founder of a program called Girls on the Run, which I am a volunteer coach for. It’s an amazing program and I learn more from those young girls than what I teach them.

    Molly is wonderful and she has helped to me and so many other women and girls realize that we amazing just the way we are! And you are too! She tells us that usually those with mean and hateful comments are struggling with the “girl box” that society puts us in, telling us we aren’t good enough because of such and such reason.

    Love your blog! You are beautiful, amazing, and you. :)

  58. Robin says

    I was surprised when I read your entry this morning so looked at the comments from yesterday and all I can say is WOW. Thyroid issues are legitimate, even a small change in your T3 levels can equal a marked change in your weight. Also, (again, from personal experience), have you ever checked to see if you have PCOS? I went undiagnosed until I was in my late 20s because for the most part I didn’t fit the “traditional profile”, but it can really mess up your efforts at weight loss.

    Anyway, I am no doctor but thought I’d throw that out there, and I just wanted to comment that I think you are R.A.D.

      • Brittany says

        I feel like your thyroid stalker, but I second the PCOS possibility. I have PCOS on top of my Grave’s, and it actually caused me to gain wait even with a hyperactive thyroid. Just food for thought.

        Also, I agree with you 100% in regards to not raising kids in Orange County. I was born and raised here, currently own a home here, and am trying to figure out how to get the hell out before I have kids of my own. While I recognize the immense privilege I carry for being raised somewhere like this, I also suffered greatly as a result of the peer group I was surrounded with. Some people can survive here, but I guess I’m too weak =)

  59. says

    Weird I was having the same conversation about raising kids in Orange County (or LA for that matter) last week! Corona is definitely pretty, but it is SO hot. So so hot. I’m afraid my electric bill would be the difference between the cost of a house in OC and Corona. Fill me in when you find the perfect family-raising location!

    By the way, I LOVE RER. It’s one of the reasons I started my own blog actually. Keep it up! (And I don’t care what anyone says I’m standing by my defense of the Whole Foods Brownie.)

  60. says

    I’m just reading through the comments on your last post now and – wow.

    The internet is full of people who have no idea what the eff they’re talking about. Clearly. Coming from an eating disordered past, someone calling how you eat a “binge” is kind of insulting. If it was a binge, you’d know it. I trust you to know the difference between overeating and binging, considering your own history with the topic.

    Way to keep your head up Monica! Your blog is hilarious and one of my favourites to read every day.

  61. says

    Monica I love your blog! As a 45 year old blogger, I love that your blog is so real. I love that you eat more then just oats and carrots. Makes more of us relate to you. I guess all the criticism comes with the fact that you have sooooo many readers!! Seems like you are handling it all well. I can only hope to have so many people interested in my blog! You rock!!!

  62. Heather says

    Dude, I had to reread yesterday’s comments because I signed off early. All I have to say is some people have too much time on their hands. You’ve worked your butt off to get where you are and you continue to. And sometimes, you just want to live. Geez, sorry that you wanted to share it with us (and subject yourself to public lashing in the process). Alas, unless I were truly concerned for you or offended by something you wrote, or felt the need to correct misinformation, I would keep my mouth zipped. Ugh people. Do better!

  63. Jenny says

    I didn’t think yesterday’s comments were hateful, but rather constructively critical. Perhaps there were some truly nasty ones that your readers didn’t see because you didn’t approve them (understandably), but for the most part, they were respectful and based on information that you chose to put on your blog. These commenters are allowed to express their opinion, and you and other readers are allowed to disagree. Isn’t one of the points of having a blog, especially one that is public, publicized, and has a comments section, supposed to create conversation and share different perspectives?

    Anyway, I enjoy reading your blog and appreciate its typical transparency. Hopefully you won’t shy away from so-called “controversial” posts just because you might not like or agree with the feedback you get from them.

    On an aside… “haters gonna hate” and all “hater” or “hatin'”-related quips have got to be the most annoying phrases on the planet. Please, people, can’t we find a better phrase??

  64. Genny says

    I have a good friend that always says “You can only be you.” I think it’s a fitting thing to remember when the haters are hating! Obviously, with today’s outpouring of love, I hope you see that many of us appreciate your honesty, humor and day to day ramblings about your life! Keep your chin up girl and don’t stress over internet “experts” opinions on how you live your life!

  65. says

    Hi- Sorry I missed all the drama in the comments yesterday! I read your post, though it was refreshing and moved on! Just wanted to comment and say that I enjoy reading your blog because it really seems like real life! You’re open about the ups and downs of working out, eating, weight, life, family, etc. I find it to be one of the more ‘real’ and ‘refreshing’ perspectives out there in blogworld and hope that you’ll keep it up!

  66. says

    Awwww…what in the world? I LOVE your blog and comment from time to time. I fell in love with your blog for the very reason you got slammed. Take it from an old lady (with 3 grandboys)…eat, exercise, love your man and have a good time!!!!! Everything else is just BS.

  67. says

    As someone who just recently discovered your blog and also just recently became a runner, I would implore you not to change a thing. I love your honesty and humor. If eating right and exercising properly were easy, and without hurdles, everyone would be skinny, right? It’s nice to know that I’m not alone sometimes!

    Also, as someone who lived in Corona for a few years, before moving up to Riverside, it’s a lovely place to be. The only reason we moved was to be closer to family. If you move to Corona (and after I learn to run farther), I’d totally come run with you!

  68. Sarah says

    Hi Monica!

    You know why I keep reading your blog? Because you are real. You are a real person, with real success, and real struggle, and that’s what life is about. Life is a journey, and I love to hear about yours. Thank you for your honesty, your humor, and your REALNESS.

    Today I encourage you to breathe in tolerance and acceptance, and breath out judgement, and self-judgment. This is YOUR space. Please don’t let people get to you too much today. Onward and upward sister!

  69. says

    I was disappointed to see that a comment I left, which was meant to contribute to the conversation and didn’t really even offer any criticism, was deleted. Is it because the original comment in the thread, to which my comment was a reply, was deleted? Or is this going to turn into one of THOSE blogs? :(

  70. says

    interesting list of cities..i cant believe there are no cities in colorado on there! maybe that will convince my husband its time to move back to cali :)

  71. superfrodos says

    I’m not a hater but you have disordered eating habits. I have them too so honestly I wish you would get help for your issues. I’m not a hater but as someone who used to love reading your blog, I want you to get better.

  72. says

    Wow! Corona was number 9?! No way. I grew up in Riverside and it’s going downhill. Corona’s okay, but I’m surprised it made it on the list. LOL. You should look into the Yucaipa/Redlands area. It’s family oriented and even cheaper. There’s also another hidden gem. Helendale, Ca (Silver lakes) …if you don’t mind the desert and being isolated. LOL. You can buy a home on the lake with a dock between $150,000 to $200,00. We used to live out there, but had to move because it was so far from everything. We’re considering buying a vacation home out there in a few years.

  73. Jessica J. says

    Monica, I think you’re awesome. I didn’t see the comments from the last post (and am not going to read them). You’re inspired me to start running again and I’m up to 2-3 miles 3x a week and I’m hoping to run a half marathon this winter. Keep it up! And good luck with the cheap big house in a great location – thats a hard wish to fulfill anywhere.

  74. Christine says

    I love reading your blog. As someone who struggles with healthy eating and regular exercise, I really appreciate that you share with us your frozen yogurt trips and chocolate chip cookies. I don’t want to read a blog about a perfect person who never eats anything unhealthy and never skips a chance to exercise. I love your blog because you’re real and I relate to you.

  75. says

    Again, I have to say I think your blog is great and I think you do great things by telling it how it is. I always stick up for myself too and can’t help but think that meaners are probably ignored in real life so have to be mean in interweb land. Just sayin.

  76. says

    I would love to move to FL and have seriously considered it. Its a lot to leave your life and all you’ve ever known and start fresh. But it may be what I need. You inspire me because you’ve moved from Cali to Maryland back to Cali (right? or close to it!) Your also pretty damn cool and if you think you are thats all that matters. The End!

  77. says

    I absolutely love how open and honest you are with your life. I am trying to craft a blog post for tomorrow that explains my frustration about a situation without giving too many details. I want to explain, but the Internet never forgets! And apparently anonymous people want to cut down anything they think they are better than.

    Screw ’em.

  78. says

    I spent half an hour reading the posts and the comments and wow. It’s kinda amazing how much some of these people think they know about you based on your blog. I mean, you share a lot, but geez. Anyway, I love you and your blog and I’ll still be reading. :)

  79. says

    It’s just crazy how some people feel they have the right (obligation?) to tell you what you’re doing wrong and how messed up you are. I love how real you are in your blog; that’s what we need to read. None of us have it all together or have this healthy living/weight loss stuff all figured out; it’s a process, and we’re learning as we go. Thanks for sharing your story with us and also for standing up for yourself. You rock! Oh, and Corona is SERIOUSLY too hot for my taste, but it probably is a pretty good place to raise a family if you can get past that!

  80. Cathy says

    I just started following blogs and grabbed yours of a giant list of healthy blogs. I love your candor! Be who you are it’s what keeps me reading and supporting you from up in NorCal!

  81. erin says

    i love you..and have since the first day i started reading your blog. keep it up girl. I was so sad to realize that my son has a soccer tourney the weekend of fitbloggin and i won’t be able to talk with you…this year was the year i was going to actually talk to you instead of being star struck..lol.

    i have a bunch of babies…3 of my own 1 from anotha motha…it doesn’t matter wear you raise them really as long as you instill great values and morals. With your wit, sense of humor and your ability to know where to get the best fro yo…you’ll be able to raise little ones anywhere:)

  82. says

    Monica, I also suffer from an eating disorder and pride myself on my honesty about it on my own blog. Keep doing what you are doing!!! You’ve inspired and motivated me to keep doing what I’m doing.

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