Pumpkin Cookie Recipe

After my sad attempt at a healthy pumpkin pudding recipe, I heard you ask for a delicious pumpkin creation. Luckily, this recipe is still fairly healthy (if you just eat the cookies straight up). And it is the easiest cookie recipe ever! pumpkin cookies recipe

All you need are 2 ingredients – 3 if you want to make pumpkin whoopie pies.

pumpkin cookies recipe

pumpkin cookies ingredients


  • one box of cake mix – if you’re making pumpkin cookies use carrot cake OR spice cake
  • one 15oz. can of pumpkin
  • optional: big dash of pumpkin pie seasoning

Directions: Heat oven to 350 degrees. Mix ingredients. Drop into greased cookie sheet. Make sure to grease cookie sheet since these cookies do not contain oil. Bake for 10 – 15 minutes depending on how big you made them.

pumpkin cookies

You can eat them as is (preferably warm!)…

healthy pumpkin cookies recipe with canned pumpkin

Or spread some icing on the bottom of one cookie and top with another…

Luckily, I had icing in the fridge from Ben’s birthday cake at the beginning of the month. I don’t think frosting is supposed to keep that long, but it was still delicious.

pumpkin cookies with frosting

pumpkin whoopie pies recipeenjoy pumpkin cookies recipe with canned pumpkin and cake mix


  1. Danielle says

    I’ve made these cookies like this before. They turn out really good!

    BTW, what’s all the fuss about naming the number of ingredients in the recipe? I’ve heard that fewer ingredients tends to be healthier/less processed, but in ones like this (or ones where Cream of ____ Soup is a key ingredient), do they really count as only 2- or 3-ingredient recipes? A cake mix is made of a lot of different ingredients. . .

    If it’s a measure of simplicity, then awesome. But is it really a good indicator of a recipe’s “healthiness?”

    • says

      No it’s totally not an indicator of health – to me it’s about making it easy. When I see a recipe with 22 ingredients and 19 of them are not in my kitchen right now I will never make it.

      • Estephany says

        Yes…I love the simplicity! I def agree with you that when I see these long recipes on blogs, I don’t even consider making them….these I’ll make!

        So one quick clarifying questions….do you literally just mix the dry cake mix with the canned pumpkin, or prepare the cake mix and as indicated on the box and mix in the pumpkin? Thanks!! rock on RER, I love your blog!!

  2. says

    You know, I personally loved the pumpkin pudding recipe! I make almost the exact same thing for my breakfast in the mornings, the only difference is that I mix in oats and sometimes use yogurt instead of protein powder. It’s delicious! These cookies look amazing too, of course :-)

  3. sally kate says

    I just made pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese frosting… which if you don’t frost them they are basically breakfast muffins…

  4. says

    Hmm….I’m going to try to make pumpkin banana bread this weekend. I have a fresh pumpkin to cook/puree and some bananas getting good and black…..

    If I have enough to make two then one is getting my favorite homemade cream cheese frosting!

  5. Amy says

    I make these in muffin tins but…… switch out two cups of the cake mix for two cups of vanilla protein powder, add more pumpkin pie spice and they are now called pumpkin PROTEIN muffins/cookies!! My husband AND children gobble them up! Spice cake can also be used instead of carrot with not much difference.

  6. Daphne says

    Made them – they are so good! Added Bonus – I’m on WW and they only come out as 1 point per cookie. Score!

  7. says

    I have yet to make these, but just stocked up on some serious pumpkin at Costco so may have to give them a try. Woot! :) I might try them with spice cake mix.

  8. Nicole says

    When you say “mix ingredients” do you mean put the cake mix and the pumpkin into a bowl and mix? That’s it, right? Or do you have to add all the stuff that it says on the cake mix box when you’re mixing the two (egg, water, etc.)? Thank you!

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