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Hello!!! How was your little weekend?! I just realized I took over 100 pictures between last night and right this second. Let’s do a quick recap-a-roo…

Last night I had my Marathon Retirement Party at Red Robin. I went in thinking I was going to get a big ol’ burger but the Whiskey something salad called out to me. Turns out it wasn’t the best choice, but yeah….red robin salad

At least I balanced it all out with their bottom less fries. red robin fries

Retirement Party Dessert = YOGURTLAND!!! I told my main man at YLand that I ran a marathon and he said he can’t run half a mile. Now I kinda want to ask him to run a half mile with me to prove he can do it Smileyogurtland

And today I had Ben put my new Marathon PR time on this very cool magnet that came in my ING NYC Marathon packet. I saw Tina’s magnet on her fridge when I visited her in May and thought it was the coolest thing (she did NYCM last year). Even though the time isn’t from NYC, I didn’t want to just trash the magnet – it’s awesome! marathon sign

First this I did this morning = walked to the store for syrup. I prefer syrup and we are all out. How could I have a proper Pancake Sunday without syrup?!

In addition to syrup, pancakes should be topped with an egg yolk.IMG_9132 (800x600)

I also grabbed some bacon for Ben. I am banking these wife brownie points for a big prize at the end of the year Winking smileIMG_9127 (600x800)

Sunday was all about Ketchup catch up! I cleaned unpacked, washed clothes, broke a very nice glass tupperware, swept, mopped and ran errands.

I hit up Target and TJ’s for supplies. Darn sample guy got me with some cheese and I had to have it.IMG_9134 (800x600)

Lunch!IMG_9140 (600x800)

< insert: Random Snack Time after a few hours of admin stuff!>IMG_9181 (800x533)

Going to the store this morning got me super excited about Thanksgiving. It’s my favorite holiday!! So, I channeled that inspiration into a dinner recipe and made Crockpot Chicken and Green Bean Casserole.IMG_9146 (533x800)

Step 1: Place 2 cans of Healthy Select Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom, 4 boneless skinless chicken breasts, 1/2c onions into the crockpot on High for 3 hours.IMG_9151 (800x533)

Step 2: Shred chicken breasts in crockpot, stir. Add package of fresh green beans and 21 seasoning salute. Leave in crockpot on High for 1 more hour.IMG_9188 (800x533)

Serve with those amazing fried onions that I can eat straight from the can.chicken and green bean casserole

Dee-lish!chicken and green bean casserole

I had to experiment on a Thanksgiving recipe too! More on that tomorrow. thanksgiving ingredients

Random purchase of the day = Cinnamon Broom from Trader Joe’s. They are meant to be a decoration and air freshener of sorts. The cinnamon smell is very strong!IMG_9191 (800x533)

Basically, it feels like your lungs are chewing a stick of Big Red. And that’s exactly how my house should smell, right?! #RedHairDontCareIMG_9198 (800x533)

Search Me Sunday:

1. “addicted to sugar after paleo” – I’m addicted to sugar before paleo.

2. “where is the equator” – South of here.

3. “what stops insect bites in florida” – I don’t know, I got eaten alive the last time I went out there!

4. “inappropriate secret santa” – Ha! I want this person to pick me!

5. “buy only food needed” – I need all of it.

6. “mexican girls making tortillas cartoon” – Not cool. Make your own!

7. “why does my sweat smell like corn chips” – This also happened to me in Florida!

8. “smell this” – Um, is this about your frito sweat? No thanks.

Question: How was your weekend?! What did I miss?

PS – Amanda from Run To The Finish is hosting a fab Holiday Bootie Buster Challenge in December! So when you’re done with POTM you can jump in on that!


  1. Janice says

    Unfortunatley I didn’t save the POTM in my favorites and when I try and access it through your blog I come up with nothing, including the icon on the left sidebar. Is there an easier way to get to the chart? Thank!

  2. says

    Er er er I live in the equator! Serious. Anyway, it’s been one bad luck, setback after another since I popped my hip flexor 3 weeks ago to the point of me knocking the front of the car…TWICE on the way home from work on Thursday because I was stressed and distracted (work + hip flexor). Decided I needed time out and left the city to spend the weekend with a friend.

  3. Brooke says

    Just logged yesterday’s half marathon and very happy to see that I am over halfway to goal! Unfortunately don’t have any more big mile races to help push me to the finish.

    That chicken dish looks amazing, I am going to have to try it!!!!

    • says

      I needed to test drive that T-day recipe and just stuck to a couple swipes of the batter and the smallest sliver of the pie. I’m not a big cheesecake fan (more making it for my fam) so I knew I could avoid the rest this week :)

  4. Tammy says

    What happened to the clean eating challenge for November? That frozen yogurt is not very clean. Are you picking it back up again, or forgoing it for now? Better luck next time :)

    • says

      What happened to the clean eating challenge is I ran a marathon on Saturday and rewarded myself with fro-yo. It’s no secret I love eating more than I love running :) I’m back on track today, but I ate that frozen yogurt and french fries un-apologetically!

  5. says

    I almost picked up one of those brooms because they were sitting outside of TJ’s this weekend…I went with a small bag of cinnamon pine cones instead because I wasn’t sure how strong the broom would be in my house.
    This search me sunday made me laugh…7. “why does my sweat smell like corn chips”…in the summer I always tell my friend her dog smells like corn chips when he is outside a lot…it is gross.

  6. Samantha F. says

    Hey Monica,
    Why didn’t you get a hamburger when you were craving one? You probably weren’t satisfied with the salad because it wasn’t what you really wanted! I think you were thinking that you were trying to balance out the fries and fro yo with the salad but, honestly, there were probably just as many calories in the salad as some of their burgers!!
    I know you’re a “volume” eater and therefore, tend to eat a lot of diet foods, but in the end, they don’t leave you feeling sastisifed or full and you end up eating just as much, if not more.
    I know you’re trying to make Thanksgiving dishes healthy, but isn’t part of being healthy eating in moderation and being able to enjoy your food?
    Sorry to rant, but it’s just some thoughts.

    • says

      Hey Samantha,
      I thought I wanted a burger at 2pm earlier that day, but at the restaurant I got what I really wanted – it just wasn’t a very good salad (and the avocado was not ripe at all). I agree that when one doesn’t eat what they really want they tend to just keep eating to get satisfied, I don’t think that was the case in this situation though.

      Regarding Thanksgiving – I don’t try to make Thanksgiving dishes healthy. I may swap out some gratuitous butter but for the most part I stick with my old favorite recipes :) It is my favorite holiday and I ‘go all out’!

  7. says

    How fun is a cinnamon broom?! I might have to get one of those!
    Congrats again on the marathon. I love your magnet. That’s such a cool idea.
    I spent my weekend eating way too much food – at least it was delicious. :)

  8. says

    It’s crazy that you posted a pic of that cheese because I kid you not, I went looking for cranberry goat cheese yesterday and the store was ALL OUT! Seriously, I had no idea this little cheese was so popular. Glad you had a great weekend lady! Rest up now. :)

  9. Jenny says

    Are you still talking with Jill the nutrition coach? Are you following any of her suggestions? I am still working with her and love her! I have gone gluten free and feel better than ever! It is amazing like flipping a switch and I was a huge complex carb eater ezikiel bread etc. she is great and was curious where you were with things since I have not seen an update lately. Thanks

    • says

      Hey Jenny, We were waiting for some test results so I haven’t talked to her in a while! I’d love to chat with you via email though! I feel the difference from not eating soy for sure. Can you email me at runeatrepeat at gmail dot com and let me know how it’s going?

  10. Sarah says

    Just thought i would tell you how cute (and skinny!) you look in the first picture holding that cinnamon broom! My theory-if you think something nice about someone in your head, you should always say it aloud! Have a great day!

  11. Cortney says

    I saw that cheese at Traders too! Great job on your marathon, you’re such an animal! I hope to run a marathon in 2013, over run several half marathons but I have a 2 year old and a 5 year old, so I don’t have much time in my day to do 20-mile long runs. But someday I will…did you retire from marathons, racing or running? And for good or just for the year?

    Btw your little weekend looks pretty awesome to me :) have a good week!

  12. Susan says

    I love the cinnamon broom. Closer to Christmas I buy cinnamon pine cones and place them in baskets around the house. It’s so fragrant! And I can usually bag them up and use them again the following year – cost saver :)

  13. says

    OMG I totally forgot about those cinnamon brooms but my babysitter definitely had them in her house when I was younger and I loved them! I absolutely love crockpot recipes this time of year because they are the easiest way to make such a delicious meal. Not a huge fan of green beans, but I love those little crunchy onion things probably more than you :)

  14. says

    I have never gotten anything other than a burger at Red Robin, but then again I haven’t been there in years. Bummer that the salad wasn’t that great!

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