Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Recipe

I sported my new very fancy Target Christmas shirt for today’s festivities. I believe in Santa!

 santa believe shirt

In addition to packing tons of running clothes I packed up Vegas to stay with my mom and dad. He hates car rides, but I don’t feel bad. I think it’s weird when people feel bad for their pet crying about something like this – you gotta do it kids.

let me out

I don’t know.

no, i really don't know

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…

IMG_0035 (600x800)

and I hoped that tamales would be everywhere.


I walked the perros with my mom. This is always my favorite.

IMG_0038 (800x600)

Then, I made Monkey Bread. I knew the recipe in my brain since I asked SR, but it was also on the package.

monkey  bread recipe

Cinnamon Pull Apart Bread Recipe 

Ingredients: 1/2c brown sugar, 1/2c regular sugar, 1 Tb. cinnamon

3 containers of buttermilk biscuits

1/2c butter melted

Directions: Shake up 1/2c brown sugar, 1/2c regular sugar and 1 TB cinnamon in a gallon sized plastic bag.

Cut up 1 tube of biscuits – each into quarters. Place in bag with cinnamon sugar and shake it up. Place biscuit pieces in sprayed Bundt pan. Pour 1/3 of butter over layer. Repeat 2 more times.

Bake at 350 degrees for 40-45 minutes. Flip onto plate.

Eat while warm. Optional: Share.

pull apart bread recipe

Dinner time!christmas dinner

Mi Familia.mi familia

CelebrationIMG_0065 (600x800)

Dessert! IMG_0064 (800x600)

Red Velvet Pie from Marie Callendar’s

Red Velvet Pie from Marie Callendar’s

IMG_0069 (800x600)

IMG_0072 (600x800)

The reason for the season

the reason for the season

I’m bummed I don’t get to spend the actual holiday with my fam, but this was a great night!

food blog

Now I’m headed to LAX… When I wake up it’s going to be Christmas Eve and I’ll be in Florida!

Question: Do you have a Holiday dinner tradition?

We always have tamales and drinks Winking smile In the last few years we’re tried to start a pre-Christmas dinner since I head out of town.


  1. says

    Ours varies really depending on what Christmas Eve church service we decide to go to. We pick it and then decide when dinner will be. This year we will have dinner right after church so it will be a couple kinds of soup, rolls and dessert. Christmas Day lunch will be a more traditional ham (I’ll pass, thank you very much) dinner with the usual sides.

  2. cath@1970kikiproject says

    merry christmas, monica!
    i love your santa tee…i got a tank top that says “i believe in santa” -> i am wearing it for the holidays then will bring it out again for summer races, just for laughs!
    our tradition is KFC and homemade cookies/squares. glad you had a great time with your family!

  3. says

    We have so many holiday traditions but our biggest one is always having a HUGE Christmas breakfast on Christmas morning. We’ve changed locations throughout the year, but we never have failed feasting on french toast, baked oatmeal, eggs, pancakes, and so much more. I can’t imagine Christmas without a morning feast.

  4. Meg says

    My parents unfortunately got divorced recently so there will be no family time for me this year (whomp, whomp)-but I figure since I’m adult it’s time for me to start making my own traditions. Just me and the dog this year! I think we’re just going to eat a lot :)

  5. says

    Please explain to me why you are so forever cute! Ok, ok, it’s not a girl crush, it’s hair jealousy. I’ve said it before, but I love your hair! I wish I was a red head!

    Also, mmmm tamales! They sell some a Trader Joe’s. My white girl-self will definitely buying those in 2013!

  6. Jesse says

    You look so slim in your cute shirt! I love the Monkey Bread-I have to make that now! Merry Christmas Monica and thanks for all the humor and running and fun you provide us with your blog!

    P.S. I read today that Bethenny Frankel and her husband are separating and I thought of you since you have mentioned on your blog you are a a big fan of hers…sad for her and her family :(

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