LA 13.1 Half Marathon is the Best Day

Today was my idea of an amazing day! Race, Eat, Nails, Repeat. I love it!

This morning I drove north to Venice for the L.A. 13.1 Half Marathon. I am always excited for half marys, but I was going solo on this one –I didn’t know anyone else running the race. Sooo, I wasn’t sure if this would be as fun as to venice beach

Back in the day when I was just a little gigolo I always had Ben with me at races, but he’s decided he no longer wants to work as the official RER photographer so this going to races by myself thing is a new to me. (Speaking of, anyone looking for an unpaid internship following around an unnamed blogger taking pics? No? Thought I’d ask.)

Luckily, RER reader Jillian spotted me at the start and said hello! She found me at the end too and PR’d today! Congrats!image

Sandy spotted me at the finish too and said hi! She blogs at Boston Bound Brunette. Plus, I met a friend Marty on the walk to the start, so I feel like this whole going to races by yourself thing is A-okay. Runners are fun!rer and boston bound

First 13.1 of 2013 – 1:47:35la half marathon

A good amount of the course was on the beach path. I know I’m partial, but California is a beautiful place.venice beach

After the race I got to eat and hang out with my favorite people in the world…instagram

and I got my nails done with my lil’ mom. instagram nails


I’ll do a formal race review / cap later. For now I’m enjoying the good day Smile 

Question: How was your weekend? What did you do?

Disclosure:  Reps from the All State Insurance 13.1 Race series provided me a free bib for this race. All opinions on RER are my own. And if you want my opinion on real issues ask me in person.


  1. says

    Sounds awesome! I’ve done a few races solo, but I always ended up chatting with the other excited runners at the start and finish! 😀 Congrats on a great time!

  2. says

    Wow, beautiful course. I’ve always wanted to live in California. Canada doesn’t compare right now. Congrats on the finishing time! That is amazing! And getting my nails done with my Mom equals a pretty amazing day too.

  3. Janice says

    I totally California is the best place earth. But I’m a little partial to the north end; Bay Area to be exact!!

  4. says

    Congrats on your race! We had a low key weekend, the toddler and I baked muffins and played princess castle…very exciting…it’s ok to be jealous! 😉

  5. Ella says

    You were in my hood! I live a couple blocks from the Venice pier. I am biased too but California is the best :) congrats on your awesome time!

  6. says

    That’s a PR right? Anyway, glad to hear that the day went superbly and can i volunteer to be your mule/camel/race personal assistant?

  7. says

    Sounds like a perfect day – a fun run/race on the beach, friends, family and nails!!! I spent the day with my family – sadly not on a beach!!

  8. lysette says

    I humbled myself this weekend trying out a yoga series, discovering I may be strong but my flexibility and balance need attention! Running on a warm beach looks divine, up north we’re navigating icy streets.

  9. says

    Hi Monica! My mom and absolutely love reading your blog! After running many half-marathons, my mom, younger sister, and I just completed our first FULL marathon at Walt Disney World this past weekend.

  10. says

    We had a heatwave in upstate NY this weekend & I got to get outside and run without dodging snowbanks or ice patches. I wish that I lived somewhere that 60 in January was the normal!

  11. says

    It was so wonderful on Saturday. It was in the 60s and I was able to run outside on one of my favorite running paths – our downtown canal. Then it started raining cats & dogs again in the evening, the temperature began to drop and then it started sleeting. Today it is 19 degrees. That’s good ol’ Indiana for you.

  12. Shannon in Tustin says

    I can’t wait to read your race re-cap, I’m always looking for another fun race!
    In prep for my first full-mary, I ran 23 on Saturday (Newport & Huntington) and it was PLENTY chilly! Next stop is Surf City…I’m feeling strangely OK and not really nervous. Well, talk to me after I pick up my race bib…that will be another story.

    I can’t WAIT to get myself a pedicure–maybe after the big race. I have been tempted once or twice, but am honestly afraid of getting rid of any calluses I may need to run 26.2 in three weeks. :)

    Happy Monday!

  13. says

    Congrats! Racing is such a great way to start the year. Our group ran out at a scenic trail in the area this weekend, and after a recent hamstring issue, I was glad to run 8 pain-free. I’m leading into 1/2 training for spring, and full training for fall, so this was a big step in the right direction!

  14. says

    It was great to meet you yesterday. It is always nice to meet bloggers in person! I think you zoomed right past me right before the finish and I thought it was you. Good luck at Surf City!

  15. HannerNanner says

    I’m getting back on the running wagon and had an excellent 7 mile run on Sunday! I am nowhere near as fast as you (a half in under 2 hours?? whoa.) and in fact, I’m slower than I’ve ever been, but for the first time in over a year, running feels good to me again! I have my speed workout today, and hills Thursday. Booyah! I’m hoping to drop about 20lb by my half in March…

  16. says

    Loving RER! I am new to the blogging world (an amateur blogger myself) and am just loving yours. Thanks for such awesome posts! If you ever venture to the good ole South (ahem… Mississippi) let’s run a race together!

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