Weight Loss Wednesday – Spring Clean Up My Diet

If you’re been reading RER for a day or two you might have realized I do nothing in moderation. Everything about my running / eating / repeating are in excess.

weight loss wednesday tips

I’m self accepting, so it’s okay.

PR personal record dance

Well, ‘okay’ until I run myself to death or die of a watermelon overdose. But, what a way to go, right?!running on the sidewalk

Anyway, as part of my weight loss efforts I wrote down my 3 worst habits and have decided to work on them. Summer is coming and I have a Target bikini with my name on it so I need to get it together!

RER’s worst habits:

1. Snacking before dinner and at night.

2. Drinking diet soda like I have the thirst of 100 camels saving up for the summer.

3. Not getting enough sleep (which leads to more snacking and not enough recovery time for runs).

So, I have decided to focus on each of these habits individually for 3 weeks and then move on to the next one.

Mission One: No Snacking.

Mission: No (random) Snacking starts today and I’ll focus on it for 3 weeks. You are welcome to join me in working on your bad habit for the next 21 days too. Chime in if you want to play and we can do updates on Wednesdays each week!

Then, I’ll move on to my beloved diet soda. That’s going to be sad. Is there a 12 step group for Diet Dr. Pepper lovers?


Um, does anyone else think I am Natalie Dee in real life?! It’s scary how much we’re the same. This is her cartoon from TODAY.

Question: What’s your worst habit that you want to work on?

Bonus: What’s your best habit you want to keep?

< I am organizing a #BostonStrongOC run for next week stay tuned >


  1. Angelica says

    haha yes! I definitely thought you were Natalie Dee when I first started reading your blog. Love her cartoons though!

    I’ve been consuming wayyyy too much sugar these past couple of days and it’s making me have restless nights and tired during the day. I’ll definitely work on that for the next 3 weeks!

  2. says

    I’m sure I should give up diet soda, considering it’s made with chemicals I can’t pronounce and probably pretty bad for me and I also drink it like a camel getting ready to trek across the Sahara but… I’m not a big alcohol drinker and after a long day, I love hearing the pop of the can, the bubbly goodness, the sweetness…

    Oh man, now I really want a soda.

    • Sarah says

      It’s not your fault! I’m a recovering diet coke addict and I can tell you that you crave it because the chemicals are specifically designed that way.

      It literally acts like a drug in your brain. Literally, literally. Scientists can see the nerve endings firing and the serotonin spiking just like a brain that’s on drugs.

      So technically there really ought to be a 12 step program. It’s scary stuff. Good luck!

  3. says

    my worst habits are definitely not drinking enough water and also i have started stress eating in the past couple of years. this has never been something i do, which is super annoying. i’ve been trying to work on it via myfitnesspal but sometimes when i’m super stressed i just ignore the tracking because i don’t wanna do it!

    • says

      They are apps to help you remember to drink up (water that is!)!
      Also maybe try finding something else you can do other than eating when you are stressed. It will be hard but maybe it will help!

  4. says

    My worst habit is eating when i’m bored! I somehow always end up in the kitchen! I need to put an end to it! I think my best habit with eating is being disciplined with grocery shopping. I try to buy healthy and keep the unhealthy out of the house!

  5. says

    I’ve been trying soooo hard to nix the snacking it’s my worst habit. Especially because my snacks are typically the least healthy snacks ever. I started writing down everything that I eat in a tiny notebook so that I can hold myself accountable but its annoying.

  6. Kelly says

    I used to drink a ton of diet soda and quite cold turkey. That was over four years ago. Now if I have a sip of my husbands, I nearly gag-it tastes so fake. I’m totally with you about being bad at sleep. I try-One day at a time…

  7. Ashley says

    Chocolate/Sweets! 150%. . . Seriously, I can manage to eat like a champ all day, fruit for breakfast, salad and/or healthy protein (chicken, fish) for lunch and/or dinner…then dominate a half of a bag of hershey’s drops in one sitting. I could probably use a little bit of “clean up” of this portion of my diet. . .

    Although I do claim that I would be horribly underweight if I didn’t eat so much chocolate (due to my otherwise stellar nutritional choices) which completely rationalizes it. . .

  8. Runnerrrgirl1 says

    I have the exact same worst habits! Only my soda is diet coke. Ugh. It’s terrible and i know it which makes me want even more of it!
    The one good habit i plan to keep is running every day no matter the weather or how i feel! I’ve learned that no excuses is the best policy.

  9. says

    My worst habit is my SWEET TOOTH! So hard for me to turn them down. I CANNOT keep sweets in our house. No sir!

    My best habits are my commitment to CARDIO and drinking a TON of water everyday. I love it! I can’t get enough! I teach Zumba classes and run during the week. I have a very happy heart :)

    • says

      We are almost one in the same. My sweet tooth is humongous. However I have developed a great willpower and can keep certain things in my house! There are things I don’t even put near my peripheral vision lol.

  10. Em says

    I’ve definitely been doing too much snacking lately. I could use a 21 day break :)
    My best habit is consistency with strength training.

  11. says

    I’m in. I decided to follow your lead and calculate my calorie consumption yesterday (a pretty typical day for me) and I hit the 2500 mark! I do exercise – a bunch – but that was still too many for me. I have become an avid snacker lately and need some inspiration to cut back. Last night before dinner, I had about 5 tablespoons of hummus with pork skins (don’t knock it til you try it) before dinner…ate a large but healthy dinner…and then had 1/2 cup of blackberries with Splenda and 1 cup of almonds. And I wasn’t even hungry. I’m cutting out evening snacking for three weeks. I’m good on the sodas and sleep.

  12. says

    hahahah I totally changed my cover picture this morning to that Natalie Dee comic! I have a major soda addiction. Sonic Cherry Coke is my boo. <3 I need to work on eating cleaner and training harder and possibly limiting soda.

  13. Susan says

    Worst: Is definitely snacking, I snack when I cook and I like baking – so it makes it very tough!

    Best: I love being outside, so a nice day I am always moving!

  14. says

    Nighttime snacking is killer! I’ve been working on it, but lapse on the WEEKENDS! Damn weekends. So I’ve been making healthy smoothie when I really want desert! Works wonders!

    Good luck lady!

  15. Nikki says

    I do not find snacking too hard, I generally have my meals at the same time everyday so evenly place my 2 snacks around the meals. Breakfast-8AM (half of it) 10AM (other half), Lunch-1:30, Snack-4PM, Snack-6PM, Dinner-7, Dessert-9. Keeps me on track and is pretty much a routine. Maybe that would help?

  16. says

    Well I don’t drink soda (aka pop ’round these parts). But, say you were making dinner and started eating anything you can get your hands on while you’re cooking, but you call it an “appetizer,” does that count as snacking? If so, I’m an addict, and I don’t want to change!

  17. says

    Bad habit lately is not meal planning which leads to eating random crap.

    I have given up diet soda several times. Now I just get it every so often and it’s not like a huge “I have to have it” thing anymore.

  18. Grace says

    I am a BIG night time snacker! I’ve been trying so hard to stop snacking at night, as even though it’s “healthy” calories – it’s still extra calories. One of my problems is that I’m in a routine – making it so hard to break it….and also, I’m a mom to two little ones & tend to workout after they’re in bed – which makes me hungry! Ugh. Will totally follow along with you, as I’d love to break this habit – which I think is the culprit to my tough time losing these last 10lbs!

  19. Sarah says

    I just read Clean by Alejandro Junger and kicked my evening snacking habit immediately.

    He writes that when our body is digesting food, the energy is focused primarily on that task. It sets aside any of the daily cleaning/detoxifying/repair work until after the digestion is complete. He figures it takes the body about 8 hours to digest dinner, depending on how much and what you’ve eaten, obviously. After that 8 hours, he says it’s best to allow your body 4 additional hours to do daily clean up.

    So if you can give your body about 12 hours between dinner and breakfast, then you’ll have a better chance of detox/repair work taking place. When I want to snack at night, I think if it’s worth ruining my body’s cleansing opportunity. I feel more refreshed in the mornings and have quit taking my daily heartburn medication too!

  20. says

    Man my sweet tooth kills me. Just want everything! Late night snacking is also what does it for me too. When I’m watching my tv shows or working on my stressful grad school hw I need to munch on something. Or feel like I need too. I’m trying to refrain though. Maybe I’ll join in on your challenge.

    My best habit is my commitment to being healthy and fit. I love running and working out and getting my sweat on and also I really do love eating healthier things!

  21. Stacie says

    Best habits: Dragging myself out of bed to work out every morning (at least 5/7 days), drinking tons of water, and I love most “healthy” foods (i’ve expanded my palate a lot recently) but the problem is I also love “unhealthy foods.”

    Worst habits: I. LOVE. ICE CREAM. I have a bowl (sometimes two) every night. I’m trying really hard to cut back, advice would be GREAT. I also love Diet Coke and Guacamole…I tend to indulge when guac and ice cream are in front of me.

  22. Ashley says

    Mmmmm…Diet Dr Pepper. I really need to kick diet soda to the curb. I stopped drinking I for Lent and then hopped right back on the bandwagon at Easter. *sigh*

    My best habit would have to be my kickboxing classes. There is nothing better than leaving a class with your hair so wet from sweat it looks like you jus showered. It’s really addicting.

  23. says

    Oh man, I was actually thinking of writing a post about exactly this. I snack like crazy at night. It sucks because I work 2nd shift and get home and midnight, so my immediate thought is, “Ohhh what’s in the fridge today? Leftovers? Good leftovers?” And I graze like a safari animal until I’ve eaten probably close to 400 calories.
    When it comes to soda I don’t drink it all that much but when I do it’s a craving. Diet Dr. Pepper is my shit.

  24. Amber says

    Whats so bad about snacking. Well I mean if its an entire family sized bag of chips or cookies I could see how it would be bad.

    I snack on fruit and cheese sticks all day at work, every 2-3 hours I’ll have something small. Keeps me from being ravenous at lunch and dinner time!

  25. says

    I snack way too much. I just thought about this yesterday that I need to stop the snacking. I was doing very good with it for the longest. I think the hardest part is right when I get home before dinner. I grab two choclate dove candies which then turns to 4+chips+beer+graham cracker. I easily turn a good day of eating into a bad one the minute I get home.

  26. says

    Diet soda was the HARDEST habit for me to break. Even after looking up the affects of Aspartame I still couldn’t help going to sonic for 99 cent large coke zero before 11 am.
    It took me a while but I’ve gotten better and only drink soda on occasion.
    Best habit, is probably taking my vitamins every since day. It’s a habit I’ll keep and a good one. Not to mention it keeps me on track with my birth control!

    • Ashley says

      I am the same way!! I eat like 500 calories during the day and then at night it turns into a free for all!! I’ve got to start eating better balanced meals during the day!

  27. Annie says

    My worst habit is definitely my carb addiction…bread, pasta, pretzels, crackers…GIMME GIMME! I’m trying, though.

    Best habit: I’m dedicated with getting up early to work out before I go to work. Definitely a keeper!

  28. Sarah G. says

    Love your idea to tackle each one at a time… all 3 at once would be torture.

    I need to stop drinking my calories. There, I said it. :)

    One thing I have cut down on is eating huge portions of everything. I slowed down my speed of eating AND started paying attention to what amount I actually should be eating and it’s made a big difference. I still go overboard once in a while but hey, it’s a work in progress. 😉

  29. says

    Those sound like great goals to work on. I gave up soda in 2008 cold turkey and haven’t touched it since!
    I have lost a little over 30 pounds in the last year and I still struggle with weekend eating and sweets. I eat wonderful during the week and then the weekend comes and it all gets thrown out the window so I would like to work on that.
    Good luck with your goals and by the way I think you look great how your are now!

  30. says

    I’m new to reading your blog (found you through your guest post on Carrots’n’Cake) but I just wanted to say that your writing style is wonderful! Actually makes me laugh out loud when you say things. And I love the idea of working on a bad habit this year – and setting the goal of 3 weeks! I’ll have to think of one to work on so I can use the idea on my own blog. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  31. says

    My snacking after I get home from work (before dinner) is OOC. I started packing a turkey sandwich to eat on my car ride home so I am not so ravenous. I feel like a pig eating a turkey sandwich as a “snack”, but then I realized that it is wayyyy less calories than I was shoveling in when I got home from work! I am with you on the 21 day no snacking challenge..let’s do it!

    And, I agree- all the talk about soda really makes me want one. What if I increase my soda consumption to overcome my snacking? womp.

  32. says

    I LOVE diet dr pepper, but we’re currently going through a break up. I have weened myself down to 1 can a week (2 at most). I have a sweet tooth and my office has an evil snack cupboard overflowing with a variety of M&Ms and other treats (lucky me). Every time I leave my desk the cupboard calls to me I happily oblige. This needs to stop! I really want to focus on cutting out the sweets and bringing healthier snacks.

  33. says

    Can I participate in the no snacking?! I have a real problem with snacking right when I get home from work (7:15pm), then I eat dinner (8:00pm) and then I snack AGAIN (8:45) until I go to bed. What is wrong with me!

  34. Natalie says

    I gave up my diet dr pepper addiction because the caffeine kept me awake at night. Kill two bad habits in one hit. No soda more sleep. Im with you on the snacking before dinner. Had cheese, chips and dip before dinner tonight.

  35. says

    Snacking is a huge bad habit of mine!! I always taste and snack and nibble at everything while cooking or preparing my meals. I love that you are going to work on each of your goals for 3 weeks… doesn’t it take that long to form a habit??

  36. says

    Best habit – I drink water all day long (probably close to a galloon a day!).
    Worst habit – snacking at night (potato chips or Gobstoppers) with my wine or cocktail. I will work on cutting out the chips for the next 3 weeks.

  37. Jennifer says

    Since Easter I have eaten way too much sugar, after it was gone I discovered that they sell all that left over candy at deep discounts so I horded a bunch of chocolate. I want to stop the mindless eating after 8 pm and keep my exercise habit of working out every morning for an hour on the elliptical. Plus add a walk/run on sunny days after work.

  38. Michelle says

    OMGGGGG! Giving up diet pop was on of the hardest things I have ever had to do! I finally decided to give it up for my new years resolution and haven’t had it since. Trying to run with all that carbonation and artificial sugar in my stomach was a disaster. My running has improved and I feel a million times better!

    My worst habit is probably drinking coffee and best is keeping up with my running and strength training!

  39. Kathleen says

    I am on hour 21 of no soda. It’s difficult. I do love it. I need to drink water though.

    Best “Habit”- could care less about junk food (chips, fast food, fried foods) or pasta like dishes.
    Worst Habit- obsession with candy/desserts

  40. says

    My worst habit is having sweets after a meal. I have tried to counteract that craving with sipping Crystal Light or a low calorie juice afterwards or doing an activity that requires me to not eat (ie. not just TV watching).

    My best habit that I started this year is writing something positive about each day in a journal. Not like a diary-journal but just reflecting on something that happened today, even as small as a delicious iced coffee or as big as a new job.

  41. says

    um, we have the same bad habits. i eat 1/2 my days calories after 5pm. luckily i have been battling the diet soda thing and happy to say i am winning! i can’t remember the last time i bought a 12 pack now. the sleep, well i blame my in night school husband.

  42. says

    Next week will mark 4 months since the day I gave up diet soda (Coke and Dr. Pepper being my worst addictions) cold turkey. It is hard at first – especially when doing the things that Diet Brown Stuff was usually a part of (for me, this is any long car trip, 10:30am on the average workday, and any social gathering where it was available) – but honestly I don’t miss it a bit anymore and I’m sure it wouldn’t even taste good to me. LaCroix flavored water is my new fizzy drink of choice, and there’s nothing scary in it.

    And my worst diet habit? Despite all that talk above I do not drink nearly enough water. Ever. That changes today!

      • says

        I will say that overall I have much less stomach upset and gas (sorry if that is TMI!). I did not put it together at first, but that was clearly a side effect (for me at least) of drinking so much diet pop. I barely feel that way anymore and when I do I can usually relate it directly to something I ate.

  43. says

    I need to join with the no (random) snacking mission. I’ve been snacking so much lately. I especially struggle when I have a night in. Chocolate, cereal and toast call my name!

    My best habit is drinking a lot of water. I don’t feel right if I don’t have a bottle of water with me at all times.

  44. says

    I do the snack thing before dinner….except then I’m not hungry for dinner. So instead of getting a nutritious meal at dinner time, I’ve had a few random snacks. I will work on that one too!

  45. Tara says

    Worst-Pizza atleast 1 time a week (and we are talking the entire 10inch pizza). I dont want to give up pizza, but maybe eat just half of it? Its just.so.stinkin’.good.

    Best-I only consume water all day (after my 2 cups of coffee)

  46. Karoline says

    I totally eat at night and OVEREAT and snack when I’m stressed, anxious, unhappy, etc… I am totally taking on this challenge with you. Starting today after my 10km run, I ate a solid breakfast, waiting till 2pm to eat a solid healthy lunch, no snacking in between. It’s really hard when I’m studying for big exams, but if I don’t get into these good habits now, I never will learn how to cope and have healthy eating habits. Keep us updated each day Monica!

  47. Becca says

    Hi my name is Becca and I’m addicted to guacamole. I’ve had 4!!! Sabra Guacamole containers this week (and I only shared 1 of them). And of course that was with chips and other Mexican yummy goodness. I need to back away from the green goodness before I start gaining weight from it.

    Good luck on breaking the diet soda habit- I did it 5 years ago (I was drinking 7-9 cans A DAY!!) and switched to water and I haven’t looked back since. I still drink soda here and there, but it’s much more rare. I’m more of an iced tea addict, which while still caffeinated, isn’t filled with crap since I like fresh brewed stuff.

    Alllllllso… I hope you’re not saying you aren’t already in bikini shape, because based on all your pictures, you 100% are. You are tiny! Please, for the love of bikinis, wear one for all of those that wish we could but can’t (ie: ME!).

  48. says

    I’m not exactly pleased with my INSANE gum chewing habit. I’m working on it though, I made it to only 4 pieces today! Holla! I do love how much water I drink. This girl ain’t ever dehydrated!

  49. says

    I think the Dr. Pepper Anonymous Group requires 22 steps.

    (I hope that’s the right old advertising #, otherwise I totally blew the joke)

  50. Meghan says

    SNACKING! YES! I’m in need of the same spring cleaning. It’s happening before dinner usually when I’m not prepared (nothing’s cooked, prepped or in the pantry) and overly tired. Would love a Wednesday check-in!

  51. Christine says

    I need to give up snacking mindlessly too. My worst time is after work and before dinner. I will start working on this!

  52. says

    My worst habit is procrastinating work I have to do, and then stressing about it. Stressing kills my motivation to do it, and I end up procrastinating more. It’s a vicious cycle.

    My best habit is eating TONS of veggies and fruits. I can’t imagine living without them, since they comprise most of my diet.

  53. says

    AH! I drink Diet Cherry Dr. Pepper almost every day! My work day is incomplete without it. I applaud you for trying to ditch this habit. You are braver than me!

    Honestly, a habit that I want to drop is gum chewing. If I’m not eating, I have a piece of gum in my mouth, even when running which is terrible! I will chew and chew and chew until the gum literally liquifies (disgusting!). I am chewing gum now!

  54. Runningwithscissors says

    I swear……all three bad habits are an absolute replica of mine!!!! Well, toss wine in along with diet soda and I’m so there!!!!! I need to put my mind to it and “play” along with you. :)

  55. Bethany says

    Haha! Love Natalie Dee and yes at times I wonder if she is in my brain!

    Your three worst habits are TWO of mine! The snacking before dinner and at night- ugh! I know what I’m doing when I’m doing it but sometimes it is so hard to resist! ha!

    The Diet Dr Pepper Addicts 12 Step Program- um yea sign me up for that! I try to limit my intake to just a few a week… but it is really hard for me. I love the carbonation in diet soda. Nothing makes me happier than getting a 32 oz fountain Diet Dr Pepper!!! yikes!

    LOVE your BLOG! :)

  56. says

    I’m a diet coke fiend! That and my chocolate based sweet tooth are by far my two biggest diet issues! But I’m pretty good at not going out to eat and getting creative in the kitchen. :)

  57. Jessie says

    I am horrible at snacking before dinner and while I cook dinner. I mean I eat mini marshmallows, cheese, walnuts… I try to snack on healthier choices but its bad. Plus I’m snacking a ton then I eat a full dinner. Yikes. I would love to join you in your efforts to not snack so much. I also need to get more sleep.

  58. says

    I really like this article, RER! My worst habits will be not getting enough sleep everyday and being a voracious midnight snacker. On the other hand, my good habit will be my dedication to do workouts daily.

  59. amy says

    Fellow redheaded diet Dr. Pepper lover here.. it’s so hard to give it up. I love the caffeine boost at lunch but I know it’s sooo bad for me

  60. Mia says

    Ugh. Too much snacking (often on sweets) is a big one for me that needs to change. I say this as i’m eating chocolate covered almonds in bed ;( Part of it for me i think has to do with not being to eat my meals at a consistent time every day. My work schedule is not the same every day, and i often don’t get to eat my meals at “normal” times. I wonder if you have any thought on this since i would imagine your schedule and eating schedule is also inconstant? Of course part of it is also that i like sweets. And eating… Sleep is also a big struggle. I used to drink a TON of diet soda, but stopped drinking it regularly a few years ago, and then stopped drinking it (and eating anything with fake sugar in it actually) occasionally this year. I don’t know what took me so long to do that. I i would way rather have an occasional bit of sugar then an occasional bit of really harmful chemicals.

  61. Amy says

    I was a totall DDP addict! I gave it up 3years ago after my dentist shamed me into it! It was soooo hard for the first month, but it really does get easier! I crave it every now and then, but I worry that if I start, I may never stop-good luck!

  62. says

    I used to be a huge regular Coke drinker in high school/college. Switched to diet eventually to lose weight, and never thought I could live without my daily Diet Coke fix! But a year ago I decided to give it up — went cold turkey for a while, then went back to having it occasionally — and I don’t miss it at ALL! I rarely have it now, and it doesn’t taste as good to me any more when I do have it. I tell myself that it does no good for me and it’s just putting poison into my body. Just substitute with more iced coffee :)

  63. says

    When it comes to weight loss… eating when I am bored, typically this happens around 2pm at my office or around 8pm if I am not doing anything. So I suppose this is like your random snacking. I can be totally on board with trying to kick that for the next 3 weeks. Would random snacking include the cookie I ate this morning as “dessert” for breakfast just bc it was there…

  64. says

    My problem is eating when I’m bored. I am a teacher so it’s not too bad during the school year but I have to really watch myself in the summer. Although, now that I just read your post about not snacking, I really want a snack…go figure!

  65. julie says

    My worst habit is I am a plate cleaner. That’s why it is so hard to eat out because I feel the need to eat everything in front of me. That’s fine at home bc i fix my plate with the right portion, but in restaurants I have a hard time just eating part of the HUGE meal.

    My best habit is other than an occassional Starbucks, I don’t drink any calories. I drink water 90% of the time, and sometimes tea sweetened with splenda. I eat enough calories, so I don’t need to drink any =)

  66. says

    I am all for some bad habit breaking. I think I’ll try REPLACING a habit and kill two birds with one stone: instead of mindless snacking, I’m going to drink H2O instead…. Less snacking… More water… I’m sure to be skinny in 21 days 😉

  67. betty says

    i JUST gave up diet soda a month ago. i’ve been drinking it since middle school and i’m now 25.. plus i drink like you.. rt44 at sonic go quicker than they ever should.. and its way to easy for me to drink of 2L of soda in a day. i still crave it, so hopefullly that will go away some day.

    my other bad habit is not listening to my hunger/full signals. whether i let myself get too hungry and binge or get too full and feel sick. i want to work on those two things.

  68. Alissa M. says

    I am down with the random snacking challenge for sure! I work from home, and am typically pretty busy until about 2-2:30 and then…let boredom snacking commence! I have been trying to go for a short walk at least most afternoons to kind of get myself out…

    My best healthy habit is definitely my commitment to exercise. I do something every day, even if it is only a half an hour.

  69. says

    Best habit is I drink a TON of water, probably in the neighborhood of 5 liters a day.

    Worst habit – is there a 12 step program for CARBS? Good god. Bread, pasta, rice… bring it on.

    I once did a “diet” of sorts where I targeted my four worst eating vices and cut each out for a week at a time… this post has inspired me to try it again!

  70. says

    I just talked about something like this last week – The Start, Stop, Keep method – I want to stop chewing so much Extra Dessert Gum, start drinking even more water and keep up with my running….The gum habit is so hard to break,just like your diet soda!

  71. says

    This is a great idea! I’m also adddicted to diet soda and I snack to much too. I’m going to try to work on these habits with you. I always usually get enough sleep so I would say that is my best habit.

  72. Laurel says

    I’ve got three habits: I don’t drink enough water, I go to the vending machine in search of a snack when I don’t pack enough food for the day and I live for sweets….So I’m going to join you by trying to increase my water intake for the next three weeks and avoid the vending machine!

  73. Cody says

    My worst habits are snacking after dinner and overdosing on sugar and desserts. I’ve been working on both of these habits and tracking them on a calendar like you had on the blog. I’ve been able to cut down on post-dinner snacks, but sugar is still a hard one for me!

  74. says

    I love this. I’ve got a Target bikini with my name on it as well…and it’s sitting pretty in my closet ready to be worn. Daily. My worst habit I need to snap out of is probably snacking. On sugary goodness. It helps that I haven’t baked any sweets lately. But now I’m very aware of this. Gah!

  75. maria says

    i´m IN to quit snacking. i´m like a 7 year old who ruins her dinner with cookies. it ain´t gonna be easy but i´m up for the challenge.

  76. says

    “Well, ‘okay’ until I run myself to death or die of a watermelon overdose. But, what a way to go, right?!”

    You have got the right attitude – if you’re not enjoying it – what’s the point. Many people play life too safe – you’ve got to the get out their and push the boundaries.

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