CPR Saturday and OC Marathon Tomorrow

I am running the OC Marathon tomorrow so today was all about Rest and Eating. #RestEatRepeat is the new #RunEatRepeat

I started my day with an easy walk and pancakes. New pancake product giveaway coming soon!

protien pancakes

Then, I headed to my CPR/AED and First Aid Class. I passed the RRCA test last week and this is the final step to be an official RRCA certified coach!

running coach

I got a little fresh with this guy…

12-351170E4-231625-960-100 (540x540)

Hollywood blood aka ketchup.

hollywood blood ketchup

Done and done. Now I just need to submit my forms and I can feel all fancy like Winking smile *More info on ‘what now’ coming soon.

IMAG2789 (450x800)

OC Marathon as a Training Run


I am running the OC Marathon tomorrow. It is my last long run for the Born to Run 50k. Since this is a training run NOT goal race I am going to try and maintain even splits and conserve energy in the first half.

Running a marathon as a training run is ridiculous. Yes. I totally agree. But running a 30 mile race is also ridiculous, which I am.

 IMAG2745 (450x800) (450x800)

Running a race during training can be a good idea if you’re not an a-hole about it. Read: Stick to a pace plan and don’t be dumb.

My plan:

  1. Don’t go out fast – keep the pace slower in the first half.
  2. Hydrate and fuel at 5, 10, 15, 20
  3. Walk through aid stations since it’s going to be hot (water/sports drinks)
  4. Finish strong
  5. Pay attention to when my body starts to break down and why.

BTR 50K is only 2 weeks away so I cannot kill myself out there on Sunday.

Yesterday Skinny Runner and I hit up the OC Marathon expo and had a little fun playing in the sand.


We also scored free Biscoff and I ate all of it already. Okay, not all of it but a lot.

IMG_20130503_170031 (800x800) (800x800)

There was a line to get in, but we got through it pretty quickly and picked up our stuff. But I just realized my old laptop’s auto fill had my information remembered wrong and my name is spelled wrong! #FAIL

you are not smart blogger

Since I realized this I double checked this lapper’s auto-fill,  but it’s wrong on a ton of forms and things I’ve already done! This is so tragic. I mean, I know I didn’t go to Princeton but I should know how to spell my own name!!

It’s Monican Olivas.

We didn’t spend too much time at the expo just enough to say “Hi” to ProCompression and grab all the Biscoff I could fit in my purse.

OC Marathon expo

Now I had to figure out what I’m wearing and eating tomorrow! See ya later!

Question: What are you doing this weekend? Have a Watermelon Margarita yet??


  1. Sam P. says

    hello super biceps! looking awesome! I think all the 50k training runs are paying off like woah!!!!!!

  2. Erika says

    Tomorrow I’m going hiking at Santa Anita Canyon. I need to find another half marathon to sign up for…something really fun :)

    Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Lucy says

    Good luck tomorrow! (not that you need it) I ran the marathon last year and it was great. Enjoy it and finish strong! You’ll do awesome.
    Biscoff cookies and the spread are awesome. I think I could eat an entire jar in one sitting…

  4. says

    Kudos to you on the CPR training and good luck with the marathon! I’ve never built up the courage to try one, but I hope to some day.

  5. says

    I’m doing pretty much exactly the same tomorrow! 26.2 mile race as a training run ready for my first Ultra…although my Ultra isn’t for another 4 weeks yet. Soooo excited! :) I feel the need to check the spelling of my name on my marathon entry tomorrow now too!
    Good luck for your marathon. Hope all goes as planned.

  6. says

    It’s election day here…so all runs, events have been postponed. My FB wall is filled with stories etc on that. Pretty exciting times since there’s prediction of a possible change in government.

  7. says

    Happy Cinco de Mayo! Be sure to celebrate with some post-race watermelon margaritas and tacos 😉

    Good luck on the race!

    BTW I also had pancakes yesterday, and again today! I love making (and eating) pancakes 😛

  8. says

    I’m working all day! Boo. but after there is going to be some major Cinco De Mayo Celebrations at my house with the kids. I’m taking loud Shakira music and shrimp fajitas with all the fixin’s. Good Luck!

  9. says

    Hahaha! The incorrect auto spelling info provided me with a good laugh….oops at your expense. 😉 I’ve been the primary group ex teacher at several gyms all wkend—basically I’ve worked all wkend.

  10. april says

    good luck this morning! hope you celebrate and re-hydrate post-race with lots of watermelon margaritas! 😉

  11. says

    Hope you’re enjoying the race right now!
    And at a race yesterday, I got three of those Biscoff things. I never knew what it was, but I tried it this morning and now I want to eat the whole thing!

  12. says

    I hope it went well this morning! Doing a marathon as a training run is crazy, but in a that’s awesome kind of way! I hope you finished strong and are feeling confident for the 50k coming up.

  13. says

    I ran the Safari Park 1/2 today, so fun!
    Haven’t tried the margarita yet, but I have a feeling we are going to become well acquainted this summer!

  14. Teresa says

    Mmmm pancakes! I wish I could eat a big plate of chocolate chips ones right now! Congrats on your pr! You fancy lady!

    This weekend my roomies and I ran around the National Mall so past the different Smithsonians and the US Capitol building. I felt pretty snazzy and today I drank tea and ate a salted oatmeal walnut chocolate chip cookie with one of my best friends. And built a puppet.
    My own small little adventures!

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