Summer Running Gear Must Haves

I don’t know where you are in the world, but Summer has reared it’s gorgeous head in Southern California!

summer in california

Which means it’s time to put away the long sleeves and running pants and bust out some summer workout gear!

Lately the #1 question I get after every race is

“Why do you keep doing that cheezy runner pose?! I’m going to stop reading your blog and tell my mom you’re a ho-bag if you don’t stop.”

“What shorts are you wearing?”


“What running skirt is that?”

I’ve gotten a lot of emails from readers wanting to know about my longish running shorts to prevent chub rub.

I have 2 pairs each of my favorite running shorts and skirt because they are long enough to prevent thigh rub.

No thigh gap here kids, I am as thick as a McD’s milk shake (the fact that I know their milkshakes are thick is probably related to this issue). Anyway, here are my

Summer Running Gear Must Haves

Best Running shorts – Brooks Infiniti Shorts

brooks running shorts to prevent thigh rub

Anyway, I am a fan since they have a liner around the leg to prevent creep up.

However, they don’t prevent me from acting like a creep…

IMG_20130505_144228 (800x800)

Cheaper option – Champion Women’s Bike Shorts. I wore something similar from Target here:

PR personal record dance

Best Running Skirt – Moving Comfort Skort

IMG_20130419_124134 (800x800)

I have it in pink and black.

 Tip – I actually think it starts to ride up during marathons and prefer it for half marathons or less distance.

IMAG1800 (450x800)

Tees – I love anything short sleeves and sweat wicking. I usually don’t  dress cute for runs but kinda dig Brooks Run Happy tees because they are fun and functional.


Also, I’ve been wearing my Run Eat Repeat Spreadshirt tee for races to represent.

what I wore to the marathon

Tip: I don’t think the RER tank is great at sweat wicking, but it’s cuter. Bah. The shop says it’s ‘performance’ but this is probably best for workouts that aren’t going to get you too sweaty.

IMAG4206 (450x800)

Visors – Any and All. I love them. I heard a rumor that ProCompression is going to be selling my fave visor soon! I’ll keep ya posted.

Sunblock – Get some.

Question: What are your summer gear must haves?

*I’m going to add a link to this post to my Running Gear page so if you want to check this stuff out in the future it’s easy breezy.


  1. says

    I love my Target Champion shorts. I live in them in the summer. I like that they’re a big longer and tighter so they don’t ride up.
    I also just got a mesh Under Armour shirt which is great for running in the hot weather because it’s so breathable.
    I’m still not brave enough to wear a running skirt…I also have that thick milkshake problem :)

  2. Sally says

    Well I am the queen of chub rub issues. Even in capris during longer runs I get chafed. Cray cray! Anyhoo, I ran the Brooklyn half marathon two weeks ago and my goal was not to pr but to not chafe. Lol. And I achieved my goal. Thanks to body glide! I wore Nike compression bike shorts that were sorta short and a running skirt over top (two separate pieces as opposed to a skirt with built in shorts). I put a bazillion layers of body glide on and it worked!!! Yay!!! I can’t wear regular running shorts because they always bunch up and creep in between my thighs. And I don’t feel comfortable with just compression shorts. So the skirt helps with a little extra coverage. Yay!! Visor girl here too. And a terry cloth wristband. To wipe my brow 10 million times a minute. I sweat like a beast.

  3. Emily says

    I am a huge fan of the lululemon running skirts as the shorts have the grippy silicone to keep them in place and prevent chafing. They aren’t cheap, but are the best thing I’ve found for remaining chafe free. Plus they are super cute!

  4. says

    Hahaha, ho bag.

    I wore a tennis skirt w/built-in shorts once, it rode up on the ride to the race. Crap.

    I run in addidas soccer shorts and my “I Am Second” Under Armour tank. …I have yet to come in second though, got 3rd once! Medal announcer told me I needed a new shirt. Hardy har har.

  5. Kasey says

    Brooks makes a skirt (that last year was in floral)- I think it is the mesh d’lite or something- and it has shorts with the gripper. It feels like running naked, but without that whole show the world your junk crap. It’s amazing. Look cute, feel cool, and hide my cellulite? Yes, please! Makes me want to buy some of their mesh tanks.

  6. says

    Love the long shorts recommendations. One of the worst things ever is inner thigh chaffage. One of the things that I have to have is a good ol’ Lululemon tank. They’re the only ones I’ve found that prevent boob bounce, another one of the worst things ever when it comes to running!

    • says

      The shorts under the running skirt are a little shorter than the straight up shorts. So, I like the look of the skirt more but the shorts are better for longer distance runs.

  7. april says

    summer has definitely arrived in southern california (i’m in pasadena), but i love it :)

    my favorite summer workout must haves are the several pairs of nike tempo running shorts that i’m hoarding :)

  8. Gillian says

    Visor 100%! I emailed Pro cuz I want one and they are back ordered but hopefully will be ready soon. You have one with a runner person on it i think is cute. Where it is from? Also I like Lululemon running skirt because it has a grippy band to keep the shorts in place. Even with that they ride up a little so Body Glide is a must during the fully Mary.

  9. says

    I agree with all that you said, though I find it hard to believe you have chub rub…. I never understand when I see people running without hat/visor. How is that possible? I just got a new hat from one of my favorite trail races (whoo’s in el moro 50K) so I am stoked to wear that soon. Now I just need to start running again.

    • Tara says

      Huh, I cannot run with anything on my head (but a headband).
      I have Thick curly hair, and its like a layer of insulation. If I wear a hat, I get soo over heated-even a light mesh hat. It must come off within the first 2 miles.
      I have tried to run with Visors, but, they just dont feel comfortable enough (I have a really small head) and they seem to always slide down my forehead. I would love to find a light, mesh visor…

  10. says

    I LOVE Adidas soccer shorts as well…when I started running I could not/would not wear those little bitty running shorts with my hiney falling out of the back and climbing the entire time I ran. I stole some old soccer shorts of my daughter’s and now look for them every time we shop. I like the Champion stuff at Target as well. Thanks for sharing all these ideas.

  11. Becca says

    A word to the wise for bigger girls- the Infinity shorts dig in if your thighs are really ample and soft. It’s not so attractive.

    Saucony Ingnite Short II is awesome- perfect length to prevent rubbing and even though it doesn’t have grips, it doesn’t really ride.

    Brooks PR Mesh Skort II is also awesome, but also short so body glide is necessary to prevent rubbing.

  12. says

    i wonder if a tennis skirt is good for running… it would drive me crazy to be tugging it down all the time! i used to have a soffee obsession and still have them, so i either do a little running in those or yoga pants :)

  13. says

    I like short shorts and I can not lie! I use body glide and it works wonders. But yes long shorts would probably work too. I think you should include Otter Pops for post run cool downs!

  14. says

    Love these suggestions, and I literally laughed out loud about the ho bag. I think your pictures are adorable! I am wondering about socks. Do you wear double layered ones? Also, I struggle with the sunblock issue and it stinging my eyes. Do you use it on your face, or is the visor for that? Thanks:)

  15. melisa says

    I wear classic nylon Nike running shorts year round. Feels like I’m wearing nothing ;0

    And what ever dri-fit, short sleeve top is clean.

    visor, sunscreen=always.

  16. Holly S says

    I visited Southern California for the first time this past weekend (Marina Del Rey area) and went for a run down on the beach. What beautiful weather you have there! 66 degrees and 0% humidity, though I am told it was cooler than normal. It is already pushing into the upper 90s here in Austin, TX, so outdoor running is pretty much over until September unless it is at 7am in morning. :(

  17. Sarah G. says

    I was on the fence and almost got those Infiniti shorts! nice to hear a good review on them.

    I found the holy grail of shorts – Brooks Glycerin 2-in-1 3.5″ short! It has a spandex boyshort underneath super lightweight outer shorts, has the little gel stuff inside so no creep up, a pocket on the back as well as one on the thigh of the boyshort, and comes in like 8 billion colors. I found a pair on Amazon for $30 and I’m in love!

    I’m also a huge visor fan – I have a white Brooks one that I wear on EVERY run.

  18. katie says

    Can I ask what size you wear in the brooks infiniti shorts? I want to order them online because they don’t sell them anywhere around me. We seem to be the same size.

  19. Joe says

    I don’t have the chafing issue, I just think its cool to have a blogging weight-loss runner so close to me. I’m in Laguna Niguel. I dropped 50 lbs (196 in Sept 2010 to 143 today) in about 6 months. I run about 20-30 miles per week and persue local half and full marathons (Beach Cities Challenges). Next I’m focusing on tourism marathoning: Chicago, NY, Dublin, Boston, China, etc.)

    Glad to find your blog :-)

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