June Goals and Running Motivation

Hello and Happy Monday Smile

My right knee is a little upset with me about the marathon so I spent last night watching TV with peas on my knees. And lots o’ food. Lots.


*Anyone else watching Game of Thrones? It’s getting to be too violent for me.

**The first episode of RHONJ was just okay. It’s  frustrating to watch Teresa act so dumb when she’s gotta know she was in the wrong. Maybe she’s playing the part for TV because how could she not realize??


Today is a rest day and I’ll play it by ear for the rest of the week. I think I’m going to focus on strength and stretching this week.

Beyond this week I am going to plan out my training for this month.

I don’t know if you realize this but it’s JUNE! My month is going to be ridic. So, balancing travel and training is going to be a challenge.

As of right now I am going to Florida, Boulder, New York and Portland this month! I might have to bow out of something since I told myself I’d do less this month after my crazy San Fran, NY, BTR week left me a mess. TBD.

If you need me I’ll be at the airport sipping margaritas or iced coffee, depending on the time.

IMG_20130408_085737 - Copy

June Goals:

  1. Plan training and travels.
  2. Eat clean Monday – Friday. Party on the weekends.
  3. Enjoy all of it. Have fun. <- I’m in a place where I know I can’t keep this up forever so I am trying to enjoy these opportunities while they last.

Running Motivation Monday

The question isn’t Can you, but Will you

running motivation


run from the bills just run motivation

Question: What are your June Goals / Plans?


  1. Sarah G. says

    Teresa is a straight up lunatic but I can’t stop watching! Also, love that Nike ad.

    My June goals are:
    1. Try really hard to pace my friend Kara at the ODDyssey Half Marathon this Sunday and get her a sub-2 (we will be pacing for 1:55 so I can hopefully PR also but anything under 2 will be considered a success in my book)
    2. Stop drinking my calories (thanks a lot, Straw-ber-itas!)
    3. Foam roll!

  2. says

    I’m focusing on PT, easing back into running post-injury, and upper body strengthening. The month will culminate with a push-up-off between me and my father. Should be a good time!

    You’re so crazy busy, I don’t know how you do it!

  3. MartinaNYC says

    Rock my 10K on Saturday and then take it easy for a while and go to a doctor to finally find out why my hip has been bothering me for the past two months!

  4. says

    I totally planned on eating clean last month during the week and that flopped. After this week which is my birthday week I’ll give it another go.

  5. says

    June goals? Hmmmm….

    Well, maybe once I get back from my wedding anniversary trip to NYC this coming weekend I start thinking about those! LOL :)
    Seriously though, I need to stretch and strength train and/or do more than just running.

    I love the “The question isn’t ‘can’ you but ‘will’ you?” During my half on Saturday I passed a blind runner tethered to another runner and I thought to myself “this proves that rarely does anyone really have an excuse to not get off their butt!”

  6. says

    I have peas in my freezer just for my knees! My June goals:
    1. Are to cross-train more (biking and walking).
    2. Try to walk to more places and use my car less
    3. Do a trail run more than once a week! And get up the hill at my favorite trail, running that is!!

  7. Ellie says

    1. 56 miles in June @hausofgirls
    2. Strength 3x per week
    3. Drink mo wata!
    4. Do my best, and forget the rest!

    Portland, Oregon?! Or just in my wildest dreams?

  8. says

    My June goals are . . .

    1)To not “eat ALL the things”
    2)Get my half marathon time down (1:45 by October)
    3)Get my mile time down to a consistent 8:55-9

  9. Susie says

    Ooooo whatcha gonna do in Portland (..Oregon?)?

    I ran my first race in a looooooooooong while this past Saturday. It took me 41 minutes to run a 5k. Horrible. :( Kind of put me in a funk. My goal is to start running again in June.

  10. says

    Ok, I also use peas to ice. They’re the best!
    Your time was awesome, unreal that you walked some as well!
    My goal is to make a 1:50 1/2. Yes, that’s huge for me. My best was 1:53 during last yrs marathon, I want to beat that!

  11. Kelly says

    I will make my first weight loss goal this week.

    I need to get out of my own way when running. I can handle the physical work but can’t get out of my head which constantly tells me to stop. Any suggestions?

  12. says

    Goals for June:
    1) Focus on clean eating
    2) Lose some of those last 10 lbs.
    3) Run Run Run Run
    4) Start doing hill repeats (In hopes that I get in the lottery for SF Nike Women’s Half)
    5) Have fun EVERYDAY!

    By the way…where are you headed in Florida…Gulf Coast or Atlantic Coast? or Neither

  13. says

    I’m hoping to keep up my mileage – like you, I’ve travel plans almost every weekend and the KL Marathon is at the end of the month (shiver scared!). Are you travelling for work or runs?

  14. says

    My June goals are:

    1. Rehab my hamstrings from tendinitis.
    2. Go gluten free for 30 days to see if I feel better just finished day 3!)
    3. Have the makeover of my blog complete and up and running!

    I just had to pull out of NY for 2013 because of my injury, and I am still kinda sad about it. I just want to be able to run my first 26.2 during this next year injury free!

  15. Andi M says

    June goals –
    Continue doing pushups to meet my end of the year goal,
    Do more crosstraining
    Stop talking about my age (46)
    Eat less walking around, sit down and enjoy the food.

  16. says

    My goal for this month is to keep building my running base, increasing my weekly mileage to about 35 miles (with cycling for cross training). I’ll probably put together a training plan starting in July for my October marathon.

    Another goal is to ace the Dental Admissions Test and have my apps ready to send out by July!

  17. says

    My major focus this month is to EAT CLEAN…and hopefully that will lead to getting lean 😉 Getting rid of sugar, refined grains and gluten this month. Lots of fruits and vegggggggggggies. Love summer :) Oh, and I have been dealing with injury issues so my running has been limited or nonexistent since March, so my second goal is to be up to a 6 mile run by the end of the month. Keep those pees on your knees because injuries suck!

  18. says

    I love that you allow yourself to “live free” on the weekends and eat what you want. As runners I know it’s crucial to nourish our body’s, but I get so consumed in tracking food and avoiding “carbs”, kinda silly, but you have helped me want to be a little less strict with myself. Thank you!


  19. says

    I totally think Teresa is trying to portray herself differently this season cos she saw how big of an ass she’s become!! :)

    Come to VA or PA to run cos I wanna meet you or run with you!
    (And by “with” I clearly mean run in the same race where you can wait for me at the finish line!!)

  20. says

    Love that run Nike thing! You are a traveling queen, sheesh! My June goals… keep up the strength training and protein consumption and start training for my FIRST FULL MARATHON!

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