Top Blogs–Best Male Running Bloggers

June 5th is National Running day and it’s one of my favorite days of the year (after Thanksgiving of course)!

In honor of this special day I have been thinking up all kinds of running blog posts to share with you! And recently several readers and sources have asked me who are my favorite MALE Running Bloggers.

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I don’t have time to breathe let alone read a lot of blogs lately so I am behind on the blog world, but most of these guys are my favorites from way back. I also asked via twitter and got some suggestions from you to fill in the gaps.

Top 10 Male Running Blogs:

No Meat Athlete – Matt is an expert in fueling like an athlete while remaining vegetarian. He has an awesome e-book about marathon running and another book coming out soon too!

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DC RainMaker – I met Ray last year in Galveston, TX when I went out to watch the Iron Man starring Lance Armstrong. He does the BEST reviews of running / triathlon tech gear of everyone in the business.

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Marathon Train – I met Steve last year in New York for the ING shoot and realized he’s a SoCal local too! He is a running coach and has been the most helpful resource in setting me straight about fueling during long runs.

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Pavement Runner I met Brian in San Francisco, but feel like we go way back. I love that he loves running and is so passionate about spreading the word.

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Run Blogger Peter writes another super thorough running gear review blog. He probably has the most running shoe reviews of anyone.image thumb8 Top Blogs–Best Male Running Bloggers

Nathan Maxwell

image thumb9 Top Blogs–Best Male Running Bloggers

The Boring Runner

image thumb10 Top Blogs–Best Male Running Bloggers

Dad Runs Disney

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The Penguin Runner – Hello. The Penguin is one of the most famous ‘back of the pack’ runners in the world. Most of us are not Meb or Kara. He has a light hearted approach to helpful running advice.

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Running Blog Honorable Mentions:

Run Like A Clydesdale – My friend Dave, doesn’t update often right now but it’s fun when he does.

Me in the Balance – Marlon has a good mix of family and running updates.

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10. So these are my favorites, but I’m leaving room for yours!

Question: Share your favorite Male Athlete / Runner Blogs!


  1. says

    I’ve Matt (No Meat Athlete), DC Rainmaker and Adam (The Boring Runner) on my go-to-everyday list. Occasionally, pop by Pavement Runner. Gotta give the rest on your list a read.

  2. says

    Thanks for this post! As a male runner and blogger it’s nice to find more guys out there to read. I love all you runner ladies but sometimes it’s nice to get a male perspective on things.

  3. says

    For you Midwesterners, check out He does some awesome race reviews and has incredible photos. He runs and takes photos at the same time!!! Highly impressive.

  4. Kali says

    I like A Trail Runner’s Blog. His ultra race recaps always seem to capture the camaraderie of runners so well.

  5. says

    Great post here! Congrats and a big shout out to all of the bloggers named in this list! We found this post via a tweet from @PavementRunner, so a special shout out to him.

    We’re thrilled to be part of such an awesome collection of people that make up the running community. Cheers!

  6. says

    I think “best” depends on what you look for in a blog. I’m a bit surprised by all the comments suggesting that male bloggers are a rare breed. Perhaps that’s true if you are interested in the “blog as diary” genre, but in the “blog as running resource” type, this seems to be dominated by men. In fact, I wrote a post (on a “female” blog) on this very topic last year –
    So, in that vein, I’d offer up some other ones – you caught Runblogger, and someone else suggested Strength Running, but there’s also from Jeff Gaudette, and I’d humbly submit my own (of course) at Plus there’s the numerous writers on Competitor and Active (yes, some of which are female), including Matt Philip, Matt Fitzgerald, and others. And there’s Alex Hutchinson’s Sweat Science blog on Runners’ World. Yes, we males aren’t always as conversation-focused in our blogs (and aren’t as good of networkers, many times), but when it comes to timeless resources, I’d argue that we offer more than our fair share.

  7. says

    I go to Running is Funny quite often. Lately been reading some blogs in Great Britain. I’ll report back when I find a really good one, if I can remember.

  8. says

    Hi Monica,
    Thanks so much for the shout-out here! I’m honored to be listed with these other awesome running bloggers! :)

    You are definitely top of my list of “Best Female Running Bloggers!”

    Nathan Maxwell

  9. says

    While I completely agree with all of those on your top-list, I hate that Forks to Feet didn’t make the pick. We mostly talk about running and plant-based nutrition. Of course, we’re still new, but please check us out! Thanks!

  10. says

    Hi Monica,

    Great list of blogs! Just thought I’d drop by and share my own blog. I’m male and a Dad. I started ‘Father Fitness’ when my Son was born. It’s my own journey from first-time Father to regaining my fitness. I also document all the events I’ve done and a little bit of fundraising I did last Christmas.

    Thanks for your time and keep up the great work!


  11. says

    cool list and something to work toward for a newer guy blogger like myself – does posting pictures of my “new running legs” help?

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