June Favorites and July Goals

Happy July 1st! I love when a new month starts on a Monday – it’s like a fresh start all ‘round Smile

Before I get to my July goals here is my favorite Run, Eat and Repeat from June…

Favorite RUN

The Rock N’ Roll San Diego Marathon – it was definitely a learning experience and I needed that at this point in my life.

running rock n roll san diego marathon

Favorite EAT

Max Brenner’s Chocolate Fondue in New York. Yes yes yes.

Max brenner chocolate fondue

Favorite post I’d like to REPEAT

My Silk inspired Dark Chocolate Cherry Smoothie. I want one today actually…


Okay July goals… July 1st marks the second half of the year starting so I like to check in with my New Year’s Resolutions around this time.

1. Run 13 half marathons.

Check-in: I didn’t realize when I set this goal that I’d be a running addict this year! It was completely unplanned that I’d do fulls and even and ULTRA! So, I updated this goal to 13 races total. I’m not counting the fulls and two halfs. I have done 6 half marathons so far…

  1. LA 13.1
  2. RnR Arizona Half
  3. Miami Half Marathon
  4. Surf City Full
  5. RnR Pasadena Half
  6. RnR New Orleans Full
  7. LA Marathon
  8. RnR San Francisco Half Marathon
  9. OC Marathon
  10. Born To Run 50k
  11. Laguna Memorial Day Half
  12. RnR San Diego

2. Go to yoga and/or cross train twice a week.

Check-in: Nope. I need to get on this immediately. But that’s what check-ins are for right? Gets me back on track.

3.  Stick to my new eating approach for 3 months.

Check-in: I’d say I’m doing a good 80-20 balance but I’d like to clean it up. This month of July is about ‘back to basics’ to keep me honest.

 4. Be nicer. To everyone.

Check-in: Um, working on it…

5. Get organized. At home, work and RER.

Check-in: Made progress, but I have a list of 10 ways to make this better.

6. Go to China.

Check-in: I’m going to China in January, so I don’t know if that totally counts since it’s 2014. I need to find a trip for this year!

7. Take better care of myself – get enough sleep, wear sunblock, only wear running clothes if I am running. Hello.

Check-in: I am doing better on this! Progress, not perfection right?

8. Choose happiness. And FUN!

Check-in: I’m pretty happy with this one!

lion king on broadway

(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

Motivation Monday

courage doesn't always roar quote

Question: How are you doing with your goals?


  1. says

    Goals are going well! I didn’t start the year with set in stone resolutions but I had some secret plans to accomplish some things. Currently registered and training for my first marathon (and fourth half) and THISCLOSE to hitting a 100 mile month, which has been a big goal of mine. July should be my month!

  2. says

    That white dress is really pretty! This year, I said I wanted to run a race…and I did! I ran my first 5K back in March, I’m running a 10K in October, and hopefully a half in January. Plus I started a blog to talk about it all. Feeling pretty good about that, now that I think back on it. I want to cross train more, too. It’s hard to get my butt to the gym AND get my butt outside to run, so I usually just choose running.

  3. says

    I’m nice to everyone except when I run. I get cranky when I’m tired sometimes… Okay most of the time.
    June was a great month for my running. I’ve gotten faster and most importantly stayed positive about getting better!

  4. says

    Lots of goals for the year! Looks like you’re keeping up with most of them! I’m the worst with goals. Maybe I should just stop making them and they will happen without my conscious effort, or maybe they won’t, but at least I won’t feel like I’ve failed.

  5. april says

    i’d say you’re doing really well with your 2013 goals – you are definitely a running machine this year! one of my goals is to travel more and china is pretty high on my “must visit” list. maybe i’ll make it there in 2014, too :)

  6. says

    Ah! My goals took a back seat during the first half of the year. Ok, maybe they weren’t even in the same car, but that is changing immediately.

  7. says

    I have some major goals for this year and just realized (because you asked) that I have not blogged about them at all! I know what they are, though, because at the beginning of every year (for at least the last 4 years), I write goals on a piece of paper (and copy it onto a matching one) and stick one in my cycling bag and the other in my gym bag. When I’m needing motivation or wondering what all this is for, I pull out my goal sheets and remember.

    I also write a few other encouraging things and Bible verses on there that I try to memorize throughout the year to remind me what’s really important.

    Thanks for the reminder to refocus!

  8. Lindsey says

    When are you planning everyone about your eating approach details? You seem to be gluten free but you keep referencing diet (and are pegged as a healthy living blog) but you have been fairly mum on diet details. Can you please share what is working for you??

    • Sonia Campos says

      Please share. I need to lose 15 lbs and it looks like you’ve lost at least that amount so any help is appreciated. Thanks.

  9. Sonia Campos says

    I’m confused. Your goal this year is to run 13 races total but you’re not counting the fulls and half marathons? So what are you counting then?

  10. says

    Your goal of “Be Nicer to People” is awesome. My husband and I were discussing this yesterday. With the impending baby….we have to look inside and see what we need to convey for our child. And guess what….talking ish about how bad people are these days, how rude, and dumb, etc, isn’t going to give the baby a good outlook on the world. So, think nice thoughts, say nice things! =)

    You are kicking butt regardless.

  11. says

    I would say you are doing pretty darn good on those goals! I would say I am doing OK. My goals all went down the tubes with my ACL crapping out. I definitely need to clean up my eating and have made some good goals for the month. Baby steps!

  12. Sarah says

    Love that last little quote! I’ve been joining my husband on some epic ski touring trips lately and my little bit of courage is that little voice, “I’ll try again tomorrow.” It’s a very intimidating sport! I don’t have to be balls-out to be courageous :)

  13. says

    You have fantastic goals! I need to work on the whole only wear running clothes when running thing as well haha.
    My injury actually side tracked my goals for a while. I wanted to complete a race every two weeks. I had to unregister for about 15 races. It was heart breaking. My goal has to changed to make myself stronger! I’m working on it but it’s hard to not run every day!

  14. Sarah G. says

    I am doing alright with my goals so far. I haven’t crosstrained nearly enough, and will pay for that next week at the Spartan Race. But I have been nailing my marathon training and not allowed myself to overtrain. My next goal for July will be working on hydration and core strengthening.

  15. says

    I love that saying ‘Back to Basics’. I keep saying that in all my blog posts lately, but I definitely agree July is the second half of the year and a good month to get back on track and achieve some goals etc. 😀

  16. says

    I’m doing pretty well with my goals. I didn’t write any down at the beginning of the year, but basically, my goal is to be happier and treat myself better. I think I’m doing pretty well

  17. Stacy says

    Love the Motivation Monday quote…I really needed this today. I’m beating myself up over allowing my eating to go completely off the rails and gaining back 4 lbs of the 14 I recently lost.

  18. says

    You are kicking butt. Good job. Lot’s of fun stuff coming up. Can I talk you into Run 2 the Top of Mt Baldy on Labor Day? It is only 7 miles but the race starts a 6,000 ft. and finishes on the top of Mt Baldly, 10,000+. It is a great goal at the end of summer.

  19. chandra says

    July goals: Stop letting work consume my life and enjoy turning the big 3-0!! 😉

    PS: Your July (August? September?) goal: come visit Chandra.

  20. says

    Goals are going well. I’ve kept my runstreak alive, managing to run everyday this year. Goal was to run 800 miles this year – just passed 600! Still need to work on eating better, healthier. Good thing there’s still time :)

  21. says

    Heading to Beijing? Shanghai? Would it be a holiday or a run-vacay? You should sign up for the Great Wall of China marathon (even though it’s in May or something).

  22. says

    Now that I have done a check-in on my own goals, I find that I haven’t been doing as well as I expected, but the year is not over and now that I know which areas I’ve slept on, I can pick up the pace and keep pushing…thanks for the insightful post.

  23. says

    Set new goals for this month: besides sticking with the past ones I have set, I am going to try to make more coffee/expresso at home this month (much healthier and friendlier on the wallet!). I am also trying my hardest to eat more green veggies. It’s not that I don’t like them, I just need to know how to prepare them!

  24. says

    Ditto on explaining the new eating approach…When (or Are?) you going to divulge your secrets?? You’ve mentioned this approach several times and many readers have asked, yet you seem reluctant to share the details?!

  25. says

    I love reading about other people’s goals, and yours sound quite awesome. And if you go to China, please swing by Taiwan too. We’re right besides China and a lot of Chinese travellers love to come visit here too. *hint*Not to mention, one of your biggest fans would love to meet you.*hint*

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