Living A Balanced Life in a Hectic World

Hello! Last night I went to a fancy dinner that I’ll fill you in on soon. But today I’m talking about balance and my fancy time dinner fits in with my thoughts.

how i stay balanced when life is crazy (800x800)

Thanks to RunEatRepeat I am very lucky to be invited to races, new cities and amazing dinners. I am so so thankful and never take one opportunity for granted. At the same time, since I feel so blessed I have said ‘Yes!’ to a lot of things and that means I’ve been a very busy girl this year.

how i stay balanced and sane in lifehow to stay balanced in life when you travel

All the traveling and races have taken a toll on my relationships, sanity and even health at some point or another. Since I was ‘go-go-go’ I didn’t even realize it. Finally at the end of June I bowed out of Fitbloggin because I needed a break.

But, I’m not ready to slow down yet! So, I spent some time thinking of ways I can maintain a busy schedule, be present in my family’s life and feel happy.

And just like eating 80% healthy, 20% frozen yogurt I’ve decided do the same for my work/life balance. Here is how I am maintaining a balance during this busy time in my life…

1. Take a break. When I’m stressed I eat, so when things get hectic I’ve been trying to take a walk. Since SR ditched me I’ve been calling friends to chat.

keep a good balance in lfie (450x800)

2. Don’t take myself too seriously. Laugh! I realize RER isn’t saving the world, it’s just supposed to be fun. But sometimes I get feedback that doesn’t feel too good. As a reader you are kinda my boss, so I  take constructive criticsm and try to improve. But sometimes some of my bosses are having a bad day and say fiesty things, I try not to take it personally.keep a sense of humor about things (800x450)

This isn’t rocket surgery…

how i stay balanced and active (800x450)

3. Fall down, get up. I am not perfect. This isn’t news to anyone, right? So yes, I am going to f-up sometimes and it’s okay. trying to stay balanced in a busy life (712x534)

When I fall down, I dust myself off and get back up. (Okay, sometimes I do sit there for a second and feel sorry for myself, then I get up.)

falling off balance (712x534)

4. Do what I love! I make sure to fit in time to run and eat, my favorite things. That’s how I take care of myself but just like I said in my travel post, I have to make time for it.

i run to stay balanced (800x450)

5. Check-in with myself. When I start to feel overwhelmed I evaluate if I’m doing too much or if I just need a break. It’s okay to say ‘no’ to things or ask for help.


6. Live in the moment. When I’m busy I tend to think about everything I need to do. Even when I was on the beach in Florida last month I was checking emails on my phone. Then, I realized I needed to stop, drop and roll stop and smell the flowers.

how i stay balanced and enjoy life

Since then I’ve been enjoying every new city and fancy dessert! I know I won’t be in this situation forever so I am really trying to relish it now.

how i maintain a balanced lifestyle (800x450)

Speaking of enjoying my food – my mom says I used to dance when I ate as a baby. I still do…

I can finally do Instagram video!!!

Question: How do you maintain a healthy balance?

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  1. says

    I find that when I’m not super strict on myself and just go with the flow, balance kind of comes naturally. Luckily, I LOVE being active, as well as eating healthy foods, so those are healthy habits. On the other hand, I also love nice beer a little too much for my own good! I try to justify that by making it a treat and not an every day thing. Sometimes that method works :) 80/20 is a good rule to follow though!

  2. sheryl says

    That really sucks that people leave rude comments, don’t let the haters get you down! They probably are jealous of your motivation and dedication towards running and becoming successful doing something you love. Haters gonna hate! Keep on running and inspiring those of us who appreciate your hard work!

    • says

      Agreed! I can’t believe that someone would leave you a rude comment or nasty email. Don’t let that discourage you from writing, I enjoy your updates and humor every day. I would hate to see that go away.

  3. Betsy says

    your blog is always fun and upbeat – it’s one of the highlights of my work day. Who cares about those people who just feel the need to be rude and negative!

  4. says

    I know my limits. I always need to “regroup” at home when I’ve got a busy calendar of events on tap. I try to always keep a free day each weekend. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way but I’ll be creative. If I know I’m going to be out at a party for most of the afternoon, I’ll get up super early and go for a run, shower and then sit on the couch and just veg out for an hour before I have to go to the party. That 60 minutes can really be all that I need. A cup of coffee and a little blog reading. I say yes a lot to friends and family but when I really feel that frenzy starting to brew, I’ll reschedule with them. The one thing I’m still working on is making too many commitments in one day. Saturdays shouldn’t feel like back to back meetings at work on a Monday. Always pad your time slots. So if you have a bridal shower to attend from 1-5 expect to keep 12-6 free. And don’t plan on doing anything too overwhelming that evening. Maybe pay some bills online or call a friend to catch up.

  5. says

    You are certainly a busy gal! These are all awesome way to live a balanced life. When I feel like I am go, go, go or just needing a treat I indulge. Whether that indulgence is a mani/pedi, a new shirt or a handful of chocolate chips… I go for what I want. We all deserve it :)

  6. says

    “As a reader you are kinda my boss, so I take constructive criticsm and try to improve.”

    I will be fast and to the point:
    – fewer selfies, especially of the same pose, over and over
    – fewer Natalie Dee cartoons
    – fewer sponsored posts, it’s getting rather out of hand

      • says

        I feel SO unbalanced lately. Work is driving me nuts, not enough time being spent with family or running or eating healthy. It makes me sad.

        Also, I love the Natalie Dee comics, selfies and am not bugged by the sponsored posts bc your content is always interesting and fun to read no matter what. This is the only blog that I read consistently.

        Side note – Always sent me some tampon samples the other day and they had little rubbery grip things on them… a pencil… I was both weirded out and amazed.

    • Dani says

      @Liz, you nailed it. Especially with the selfies. Also, recipes involving something other than protein powder would be cool.

      • says

        Thanks, Dani. I tried to be straightforward and honest, but sadly, people still see constructive criticism, even when it is requested, as “negative”, “being a hater”, and “bullying”, and apparently, I am not well-versed in the art of closing a window on Ye Olde Internets.

        Monica is someone I see a lot of myself in in many ways with regards to her eating/dieting/body image issues, but sadly, those days are long gone. This blog has turned into SPONSORED POST NATALIE DEE COMIC MEXICAN RED HAIR RUNNERPOSE, and I feel like she is doing herself a disservice, when the real Monica would most likely be very appealing and relateable to a lot of people.

  7. Meredith says

    On the topic of constructive criticism: Another sponsored post? I actually thought this was a somewhat real and thoughtful post and then got to the bottom and saw it was somehow connected to… pads? I agree with Liz above me about the sponsored posts. This one is a stretch of a connection.

    Please: post less often, post more thoughtful posts, talk about weightloss (since it is part of this blog’s identity), and stop shilling for random companies like margarine.

  8. says

    You look like you were born to be a concert pianist. :) I definitely reserve some weekends to just be at home and do “nothing” — also, I’m super committed to my gym!

  9. carin says

    agreed with the above. this is the post that prompted me to take you out of my reader. i want this to come across as constructive criticism and not a personal attack, because i am not generalizing anything about you as a person, but RER is almost completely devoid of content. it’s a lot of selfies, a few self-deprecating jokes, and a sponsored post. about balance, brought to you by maxi pads?

    • says

      Thanks for the feedback Jen. Yeah, I almost thought it was weird too but they wanted a post on balance and that’s something I’m really working on in my life so I figured I could address this topic. Anyway, thanks for reading too.

      • Jen says

        Very understandable. I think your sense of humor is awesome and that is what brings me back every day, so dont post less cause that would make me sad.

  10. Erin says

    As a reader (without a blog of her own) I personally do not understand why people have a problem with sponsored posts. I mean? Maybe there’s a little jealousy that they don’t have the same opportunities? You better believe that if someone offered me a trip to go do something I loved to do, or a fancy dinner, I’d be ALL over it. You get cool stuff, you go cool places, and you get to tell us about them! What’s wrong with that? If you are blogging about something I don’t have any interest in (like the new skin stuff) then it’s on to the next. I’m sure there were loads of people who enjoyed the information you provided. Just because I didn’t doesn’t make me angry and want to go on a diatribe about how I hate sponsored posts!

    This is your “business” in many ways, and I say more power to you. You are fun, positive, transparent where you need to be, and get to blog about cool things. You’ve made RER what it is, and I think you should be proud. I guess my only feedback on this, is that when you agree to a sponsered post, make sure it is actually something you can stand behind, and that represents your “brand”.

    Finally, if someone is continuously positing negative comments or doesn’t like your selfies, poses, etc – you have to wonder why they still read DAILY? That is mind boggling to me. I understand genuine questions or feedback (positive and negative) but why read JUST to post something mean, snarky, etc? Just don’t read!

    Sorry for the NOVEL, I just wanted to say I support what you’re doing (you’re obviously doing SOMETHING right!) and you should scale back where you feel you need to –for balance- but don’t let sad angry people with too much time on their hands get to you. :)

    ps, I find the natalie dee cartoons hilarious.

    • Emy says

      I was totally thinking the same thing. Why keep reading just to post negative comments?!?!

      Also… there is no such thing as too many natalie dee cartoons in my world either :)

  11. Kristen says

    Talk about disingenuous. You should take some of your own advice. What a ridiculous post. Is it really worth further alienating your readers with yet another sponsored piece of crap?

    • says

      Yes, it is a sponsored post but that doesn’t take away from the fact that I am working on balance in my life in a real way and that’s what the post is about.

    • Crystal says

      I have to agree. The sponsored posts are so constant and frequently seem stilted rt disconnected from the main post. I’m close to not reading anymore since it bothers me so much.

  12. says

    I think what you are doing in terms of achieving balance for yourself sounds smart. I’m somewhat baffled by those who care about if the post is sponsored or not. What difference does it make if there is an extra tiny paragraph at the bottom of your post? I think continue doing what you’re doing because it works for YOU – that’s what is most important. You will never please everyone!

  13. Mary says

    Hi Monica! This is my first comment, but I have been reading daily for about two years. I noticed some people don’t love how you incorporated the sponsorship part of the post, but I have to say, I really did. Rather than write some quick post with no meat, you wrote a personal post while still meeting your obligations to the company supporting you. (It was like a commercial at the end of a good tv show.) We all know that you put a lot of work into this blog and that it’s super hard to make enough money to live doing it. I would much rather see a post like this than one that’s just a product review for something that is a stretch to relate to your blog. Honestly, I think you do a good job of this the vast majority of the time. Anyway, keep it up! Your posts always make me smile, sometimes make me think, and usually make me want to get up from my desk and go running. Thanks!

  14. says

    I agree with what others are saying this felt like a really honest and vulnerable post and then at the end we realize it’s just an ad for Always Maxipads. It felt like a slap in the face. That being said I enjoyed everything up until that point. Also last year it was really cool to follow you on your journey to train for the NYC Marathon and now this year you are saying that you gave up training even though you became certified to train others? Seems odd.

    • says

      Thanks Brooke, I definitely am striving to get some balance in my life which is why I agreed to work with Always. Didn’t mean for it to come off any other way. I didn’t give up training, I just am not specifically training for NYC over MCM over Long Beach – as in there’s not a goal race. I am training to be ‘marathon ready’ for all of them. So, being race ready is a little more relaxed than going for a specific time goal.

      • says

        And hopefully you will go in depth about training for multiple races (even if time is not involved). At least among my friends in Chicago many are running Chicago and then a November race, so it’d be interesting to hear how to prepare between races! Thanks!

  15. says

    It’s not rocket surgery, but is it rocket science, or brain surgery? :)

    Great post. I’m with Courtney and could care less that it’s a sponsored post. Your opinions are YOUR opinions. I love reading about your crazy red headed life.

  16. Tara says

    So what if this is a sponsored post? This blog pays her bills! It does not mean what she posted is not real feelings!

    I tried to maintain healthy by working out during the week with all my meals from home and 100% healthy. Workout in the mornings on the weekends and then have fun, relax with family, hit the beach, hike with the dogs…..ah, then all is good!

  17. says

    Such a good question, and your list is great!

    From biggest picture to littlest, I try to focus on the following:

    1) What is my purpose as a human and a daughter of God? If I get this answer right, everything else falls into place.
    2) Write and then remember goals. I yearly write and/or review life, personal, and sport goals. Then I focus on them, so that makes all the little things add up by the end of the year of I have a reason.
    3) Weekly tally my training mileage/yardage and evaluate workouts so I can see if what I’m doing is purposeful and working.
    4) Daily eat, sleep, and train right. It really is the little things that matter.
    5) Have fun whenever and wherever possible!

  18. says

    It’s so hard to keep up with all the demands of life and not get sucked down into the black hole of just getting by. Since having my boys, I try to be present in every moment with them because they (and their daddy) are my priority. Balance is hard and sometimes just doesn’t exist. We just have to remember that we only go through life once, so why not enjoy it? Live, love, laugh, forgive, and continue living. It’s the best we can do, right?

  19. Michele says

    Keep doing you, girlfriend! That’s why we love you and keep coming back :) ALSO, I checked out at the grocery store behind Joe Giudice yesterday (no black eye)! I thought I would share because I know you share my passion for RONJ.

  20. Jennie says

    You make me laugh. That’s why I read your blog. It’s funny to me that people leave rude comments. If I get sick of reading a blog or annoyed with a blog, I stop reading it. I read blogs for pleasure and entertainment when I have down time. I’m a teacher, mom of 3 boys, and I try to fit in exercise when I can. I am currently having IT band issues. I like reading about your running adventures and I am not sick of your selfies. :)

    • says

      Thanks for reading Jennie. IT band issues suck big time. Are you stretching like it’s the most important thing in the world? My issues came from tight hips – pigeon pose helps.

  21. says

    I think it’s amazing that people care so much about what you do on your blog. Um it’s yours! Do whatever you want, including get paid for putting a little verbage at the bottom of something heart felt.

  22. Teresa says

    Monica, Your blog is the only blog I follow – honestly! I think it is fabulous that you get compensated by companies and I respect that you are a self made girl! I agree with the person who said if people don’t like what you say – stop reading! I look forward to your blog everyday – so please do not stop and keep the $$ coming – you go girl! I feel as women in this crazy world, we have to support each other. Criticism is fine, but please take it for what it is – someone’s opinion. Stay true to yourself and I believe you are!

  23. jenny says

    long time reader, but never comment. i’ve noticed you have been posting less and less of ben on RER. not trying to get personal, even though i feel like we’re friends since i know so much about you, but i hope everything is ok in that aspect of your life. i noticed no wedding ring in your mirror pic.

  24. says

    I don’t understand why people leave snarky comments on blogs. If it pisses you off, there’s this handy little x in the right-hand corner of your browser. Click it, and the thing that was bugging you magically disappears! I think some people have too much time on their hands and too much nasty in their heads. Also, I love that white dress!

  25. Ray Ray says

    Sounds to me like a little case of jealousy 😉 no worries!

    On a real note, I would like to see more information on training and the specifics! I’m a new runner and 6 weeks in I narrowly escaped a stress fracture by getting it checked out early. Now I’ll have to reevaluate the way I run and get back into training slowly… I always need pointers :)

  26. Sandra says

    I liked the post (and did find the Always tie in rather funny). I have noticed a change in your blog in the last few months. It seems less personal, I think? Not sure if that is the right word. For me, cutting your spouse out completely has been hard to read as he was so prominent. I have wondered several times if all was well. I sure hope it is. Take care of yourself and your family!

  27. says

    Haha! Sometimes I do a little boogie when my food is just *that* good! :)
    Seriously, you are always crazy busy with mad adventures always going on! I have lots of admiration for you and the way you fit everything in. No-one will think bad of you for swapping a few emails for fancy desserts every now and then!

  28. Shari says

    I definitely don’t have balance, but I try. I’m in my last 6 months of law school, with finals for some classes coming up at the end of August. I also have 2 very active kids who are in theater over the summer, and karate, but when school starts again in the fall it gets super chaotic: school/homework, tutoring (keeps the, ahead of grade level), track, dance, karate, youth and government, karate demo team, and parkour. I am using my summer to try to catch up in school. I am always the first one up, 5:30-6:00am, and the last one to bed 11:30pm -12:00am. I fit in my running, weight training, and/or cross training every day, but I don’t eat as well as I should. I live on coffee, diet coke and anything else caffeinated. Any tips would definitely help! :)

  29. says

    Life is too short to get caught up in job stress and the words of haters. You seem to have a good attitude about it all. Keep doing what you are doing. When I am stressed I drop it all and head out for a long run.

  30. Tricia says

    I love your blog. I don’t take it too seriously and definitely couldn’t care less if a post is sponsored or not.

    Also – I really like your dress!

  31. Sara K says

    I’ve been reading for maybe 6 months? Maybe longer. I usually skip the posts that seem to be sponsored so I was kind of thrown at the end of this one, no biggie. I miss reading posts about your husband and family and stuff like that, also what has been going on with your thyroid issues, weight loss, etc. Best running post ever (for me) was marathon nutrition. I have noticed a lot of blogs sponsor the same products so if you read the popular running blogs, you get it over and over and over and it just is overkill to read.

  32. says

    Wow, what a really good, thought provoking post.
    Striking a balance is so difficult, as we’re constantly sent messages that we should be able to do it all and have it all.
    You’re advice is sage- stop, pause, think. Don’t take yourself or life to seriously. And don’t let the B’s grind you down. Enjoy the moment. 😉

  33. says

    I only started reading blogs, and blogging, this year, and your’s was one of the first I came across and followed. Yeah the Always bit seemed random, but I liked the post – balance is so important (and sometimes, so damn difficult to achieve!). Good luck!

  34. Allison says

    I don’t understand why you said you decided to “skip” Flitbloggin when you wrote a whole post about how bummed you were that your husband planned an anniversary vacation? Further, you still managed to run a race that weekend . . . seems disingenuous, at best.

    • says

      Allison, thanks for chiming in. It wasn’t an easy decision to make to skip the conference. You don’t know the whole situation with my weekend plans with Ben and what is going on in my personal life and how/why I came to that decision.

      • Megan says

        I do wish you’d share more of that but realize you need some privacy, even on a public blog. I do hope all is well with you and Ben!

  35. Krista says

    Just wanna show some support here! Love the blog and everything you do! I’ve never had a problem with any of it and I feel so bad that people come out with such negative comments! Sometimes I experience that people just don’t ‘GET’ me and think I’m really weird/uncomfortable/awkward hahaha so maybe that’s the situation here.. whatever it is I hope it gets better!!

  36. Ann says

    Just showing my support as well. Great points to keep in mind and as long as you are healthy and happy in your life and have supportive family and friends, that is all that really matters in my opinion. So with that, just try to ignore the negativity…it really is not worth it as life is short. Have a great afternoon!

  37. says

    The only thing I don’t like about this post is that you didn’t state where you got that white dress from! 😉 Seriously, it is really cute!

    I love your blog and look forward to reading it every day.

    Oh and to answer your question about balance, I try to look at the big picture. Being a mother with a full-time job and blog, sometimes life can seems crazy. I just try to remember that this too shall pass and the calm will come. And sometimes I just have to say no, although I agree it is very hard to do.

  38. Megan says

    Hey there Monica,
    I found your blog when I decided with a friend to start training for a marathon a few months back. I live in Melbourne, Australia, and just wanted to let you know that your strength, humour and passion for all things food and running have well and truly inspired me to keep up with my training! I love reading your blog, and seeing what you get up to, especially when it reminds me that everyone is human and while fitness and training are important for a marathon, it’s okay to let your hair down too!
    I also wanted to say that I really loved this blog about balance, I know I’ve been through times in life where everything gets on top of me, and when I get the chance to step back and analyse what is going on, and work out what I really want to be doing (just like you’ve done), it always makes me feel so much better.
    Also, good on you for taking/ not taking on board people’s comments. I have a hard time when people criticise me and I don’t take it well, and it takes a lot to realise that sometimes it’s not about me, but rather that somebody else is having a bad day, or just has a different opinion.
    Wow, that’s a longer post than I meant to make, but if tl;dr know that I’m loving your work and enthusiasm, and you should keep it up (but only if it makes you happy 😉 ).

  39. Jenny says

    I love your blog. I look forward to reading it daily! I guess to me I don’t understand why these people keep reading. Maybe I am just too positive and optimistic but I really have fun seeing your photos, reading all your info, and the Natalie dee cartoons! When i saw the blog was sponsored what I thought was oh no all the complainers are going to post.

    Also I will say we emailed back and forth and I loved our conversation and found you to be honest and genuine. Thank you for that.

    I hope you find balance and wish you the best always!! Balance is hard. I am training for a half and it is hard fitting in longer runs. I am keeping up and making choices. Thanks!!!

  40. Kay says

    This is the first time that I have left a comment on any blog. I’ve been reading your blog for a year and I look forward to reading it every evening. I work full-time as a psychologist and I spend my spare time with my family and I try to fit in exercise when I can. I enjoyed reading about how you achieve balance in your life. I believe that it’s unrealistic to please everyone, so I usually go with what feels right for me. This is YOUR blog. Some people have way too much time on their hands if they constantly criticize your blog and pass judgment; they are better off starting their own blogs or reading another blog. You have a lot of loyal readers, so keep doing what you are doing and stay with what feels right for you.
    Warmest regards,

  41. says

    The internet is a bizarre place. I think you should only take constructive criticism from people who truly know you, like your friends and family. Otherwise, it’s just random people speculating on things they don’t REALLY know about.

    You started this blog years ago simply as a woman who wanted to write about running, eating, and doing it allll over again (the best things in life!). You didn’t start this thinking people were going to treat it like a professional magazine or something. At the end of the day, this is still YOUR blog. Do what you want!

    One of my favorite quotes is: “Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” The readers you want to follow you will continue to follow you. :)

    • says

      You didn’t start this thinking people were going to treat it like a professional magazine or something. < - so true. I always say this! I’m very lucky that RER has grown into what it is, but I didn’t plan for it to turn out like this so I’m learning as I go along. Thanks :)

  42. Mia says

    I also didn’t notice this was a sponsored post till i read the comments. So i don’t think it ruined(s) your post. I did feel bad that you have to explain/justify yourself. This is your blog, and you should write it the way you want. I personally really like it. I like running, and eating, and sarcasm. If you write something (sponsored or not) that i’m not really interested in, then i scan over it. cause it’s a blog. And that’s what you should do. Cause it’s a blog!!
    If you do decide to change the direction of your blog, then i hope it’s because you want to. Not because some people are mean. I like multiple post a day.
    I don’t understand why people are so mad over the sponsored post thing. this is your job. You put a lot of time into it. You should get paid for it. Also, it’s 2013. Advertising is everywhere. Deal people.
    The only thing that i don’t like about your blog is the negative comments. First, i feel all defensive when i see someone being really mean to you. I always want to write back don’t be mean to my friend! And then i remember we’ve never met and you have no idea who i am, so that would be weird. But also, it brings such a negative spin to an otherwise positive space. I think a blog can be a good community, and the comments can connect people who wouldn’t otherwise connect, and allow a shared space of common interest. The mean comments make it feel like the whole space is being bullied. I wish they would stop being, be nicer, or be blocked…
    Lastly, my life is super crazy weird not good right now. Balance has been seeming like a joke. So thanks for this post. Sorry this comment is so long, the negative comment thing has just been really irking me lately.

    • says

      Thanks Mia :) I know sometimes it feels like I’ve met some of my readers, so it’s not weird that you feel the same! Ha! The internet is so interesting like that.

      Have a good one!

  43. Librarian says

    Every one should know they’re reading sponsored posts because the mention should appear at the top, not bottom of the post. Plenty of bloggers are able to seamlessly weave the sponsored mention in the lead paragraph and/or disclose along with the link instead of burying it.

    I only mention this because the FTC will hold the brands/agencies responsible and they most will not work bloggers who can’t comply.

    • says

      Thanks for chiming in. I work with an ad group on some of my sponsored posts (like this one) and they comply with the FTC and don’t require top disclosure. I’ve since looked into this more and basically it’s that you have to be clear. After some thought I do think I can be more clear and will most likely start the mention at the top. I do want to be open with my readers :)

  44. Emily M says

    I try to maintain healthy balance in many ways across all levels–physical, mental, social, spiritual, etc. But today, balance definitely came from a bag of gummi bears 😀 #sugarfix

  45. april says

    honestly, your blog has been one of my favorites for the past couple years! i love your sense of humor and your passion for running and eating – that’s why i keep coming back day after day to read your blog posts. keep doing what you’re doing and i’ll keep reading. thank you for always keeping it real and making us readers laugh. =)

  46. Sonia Campos says

    Yes, this is your blog. But you mention that we (your readers) are your bosses. So if a boss sees something wrong, they will tell their employees. My boss would always point out mistakes to me. Not because she was a mean person but because she meant well. And guess what? I learned from those mistakes and it helped me do a much better job. This isn’t different. This blog is your job so “unfortunately” there are certain expectations from you.

    I know you mean well. I’ve read some very interesting and helpful things in your blog. But too many pictures of you with the same silly poses are a bit too much. It gets boring. I don’t mind too much the sponsored posts but some make no sense or are clearly a sign of desperation. For example, this one is sponsored by Always. What does a maxi pad have to do with balance? It is ONLY used for that time of the month. Your previous post is by a car rental company. You’ve never mentioned using a car rental company. You are always in your car, a cab, or an airplane. It seems like you just sign up with companies just for the heck of it. Is that really you? Are you really that desperate?

    Oh and by the way, your “typos” are just too much. Ridic? Did you fail at spelling? Or maybe you are trying to be cute? No. I know this is your blog and you can do whatever you want but typos are NOT acceptable in the working world and you are part of that world.

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