Silent Saturday in Classy San Diego

16 miles on saturday (450x800)

oreos from tjs (800x800)

polka dots (450x800)

massive pb cup (450x800)

san diego sea (800x450)

vodka vodka vodka (450x800)

sunset in san diego (800x450)

kiss me (450x800)

your local monican (800x800)


  1. says

    Did you crack the glass on your watch? When you said you were going to go easy you really meant it. I missed you yesterday. Carlos and I ran 20 miles in 2:58 and Mirella ran 19.7 in 2:58. She said she was running slow. time to join us and catch up. Oh yeah, cute drink at the bar.

  2. erin says

    Too funny, my long was the exact same length as yours, 16.01 miles except my time was a bit slower (2:34 ish) but it was a distance pr for me. I am just upping my mileage over half marathon distance-so I took it nice and slow! Also, I’m digging the nails:)!

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