Run a 5K Training Plan for New Runners

Happy Monday! I started my day with an easy 6 miler in my Brooks Running Blues Smile

Run a 5K Training Plan for New Runners

And I’m attempting to make cold brewed iced coffee! I’ll keep ya posted if it comes out.

cold brewed coffee (450x800)

Motivation Monday

I’m feeling a little discouraged by some of the things on the internet lately. I’m not in the mood to talk about it just yet but for now I’m focusing on the good stuff. Lead by example. Let your light shine. Pass on positive words!

i'm gonna let it shine

Couch to 5K Plan

A while back I wrote up a new runner couch to 5K plan for my friend. She’s been doing great on it and I’ve been meaning to share for others who are interested. I’m a huge fan of the run/walk method so all you need is a watch or treadmill to keep track of time.

She was not running at all, so this plan is great for a beginner or someone who’s been out of running for a long time. It’s a 9 week plan, with a 5K at the week 10. If you are struggling on any particular week (or have to take some days off for vacation/illness) repeat that week. Be smart and listen to your body.

Couch to 5K plan - RunEatRepeat - Sheet1 (5)-page-001Couch to 5K plan - RunEatRepeat - Sheet1 (5)-page-002

Beginner 5K Training Plan – Printable Version here.

Always consult a doctor before starting a new diet or exercise program.

Question: How are you doing to let your light shine today?

I’m going to help my lil mom at work. See you guys later!


  1. jillian says

    Hi Monica, I just want to say i think you’re great and I love your blog. I’ve been reading for years. You’re fun, real, and inspiring, and I know I wish we could be friends IRL! Yes, I just said that! Have a great day :)

  2. says

    I ran then I spent the morning with my mom eating homemade Ministrone! Now I’m watching Pitch Perfect for the millionth time snuggling with my dog!

  3. says

    that is such a great plan for beginning runners or walk/runners. i suggested it to a friend last summer because she was one of those self-proclaimed “running haters” who wanted to start doing fun 5Ks. she doesn’t necessarily love running now, but won’t hesitate to sign up for a race now. :) ps, love your blog

  4. Gillian says

    Is that a special iced coffee maker? If so I NEED that! My sister is running her first 5K this fall so I’m going to point her in your direction to check out your plan. I need one for my 3 marathons which are all 2 weeks apart (Oct 6/20 Nov 3). I figure 1 week rest then the next week a few easy miles and the marathon. I know you said you have 5 more, any thoughts?

  5. Lisa says

    Why are you a fan of the run/walk method? I’ve been running for about a year, and I run slowly but don’t walk. I’ve been thinking about trying to run/walk in order to increase my speed. I would love any opinion you have about this, thank you!

  6. Becky says

    I made cold brewed iced coffee last night for the first time! It was great! Hope yours was too. I shared mine with a good friend as we laughed our way through my closet attempting to put together a fun party outfit…..priceless laughs!

  7. says

    Thank you for posting this! I have been a runner for several years and ran marathons, but I just had a baby and all that went out the window. I need to follow a plan and get it back going! Can’t wait to start this and then hopefully run my post-baby 1/2 marathon in the fall!

  8. says

    I enjoy the blog – it makes me laugh – keep up the good work. Make sure you let us know about the cold brew coffee, I have no idea how to make it and am relying on your expertise.

  9. says

    Great plan: it’s so easy (and something I’m guilty of) to assume everyone can just get out there, turn up, and run 5k!
    Today, I’m not sure if I’ve managed to let my light shine: but I’m shining a spotlight on my village, by blogging about our inaugural 10K race which took place on Saturday- I’m hoping to have it ready to post tomorrow :)
    Keep shinin’ 😀

  10. Hillary says

    Chin up – you’re a light to a lot of us. 😀

    As for me, I’m kicking my friend’s tail into staying on course with her strength work (which keeps me honest too), and then I’m baking chocolate zucchini bread cause my boyfriend comes home from Bahrain on Thursday. Huzzah!

  11. april says

    thank you for shining your light! honestly, i admire your passion for running and you’ve really inspired me! :)

  12. Emily says

    I have read some really mean-spirited things on the interwebs lately as well. It wasn’t an intentional thing that I found, and I will admit, it was like a train wreck that I had a hard time looking away from. :hangs head in shame: I think the more positivity we put out there, the less likely negativity will come our way, clouding our minds and skewing our perceptions, but honestly, being a human is hard, and it is easy to fall prey to the negativity trap at times. Just reading negative things is falling prey to the trap, but gosh, it is so hard to look away sometimes. Part of me thinks addressing it just adds fuel to the fire and propels the negativity, and the other part of me thinks addressing it might be an okay thing to do? I don’t know. I do hope you can find peace with the nasty stuff lingering in our world, as I wish for all people (myself included… though I am struggling as of late!)

    In any event, I read your blog because you inspire me, I like the personality that shines through, we have a similar body type (seemingly similar eating habits/struggles as well), and I feel like I can relate to you. That is all that matters to me. I know I sound like a creeper saying that, but that is why I read your blog all the time.

    I am going to be positive today, and make sure my son and I are fueling our body with healthy things (because I do believe doing otherwise makes us fall prey to other unhealthy things). I am going to try to see the best in everything, and if something is mean or doesn’t feel right, I am going to look away and not indulge in it. I am going to do a couple of things on my list that I am always procrastinating about, and I am going to try to be okay with my life today… even though I am on the edge of psychosis with this wretched PMS. Just end already!

    Anyway- keep your head up, Monica. You do a lot of good, and you have really helped me with running and being more accepting of my body. Seriously.

  13. worker_bee says

    i never ever ever comment on blogs, but just wanted to say that i ready yours daily- it is my favorite running blog and keeps me motivated to get out there and get it done! Doing the dumbo double dare in a couple of weeks…woot woot!

    Stay positive :)

  14. Kelly M says

    You’re awesome and you’ve helped me become a runner! Love your blog. Ignore the negative….life is too short for that kind of bs.

  15. says

    Oh yuck- sorry about negativity going around… I haven’t seen it, but it’s always a risk putting ourselves out there and knowing there are people that are not going to like it- you write such an inspiring blog. Take a deep breath and let it roll off- and keep doing what you’re doing!

  16. Elaine says

    Love your blog, Monica. I’ve been reading a while, but this is my first comment. You inspire so many of us, so let us lift you up when you need it!

    I’m a Brooks believer, too. Disastrous foot surgery a couple of years ago, and now the Brooks Dyad 7 is my lifesaver.

    Sure hope your week is getting better.

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