Disneyland Half Marathon Tweet Up Meet Up

Hello and Happy Friday!

This morning I woke up super early for a RunDisney meet up. The Disneyland Half Marathon is this weekend (I’m not running it) and I scored an invite to the Disneyland Half Marathon pre-race fun run.

run disney half marathon meetup early wakeup (800x800)

I was very excited to attend because my peep Meghann from Meals and Miles came all the way from Florida to run!

runeatrepeat and meals and miles meet up (450x800)

I also finally met Carissa from Fit to Flex – she is gorgeous and super sweet!


(from Carissa’s instagram)

And Heather from Through H’s Looking Glass – who is a Disney expert!

through heathers looking glass disney run (450x800)

Carissa photobomb!


(Heather’s instagram)

It’s a very casual, short run (about 2 miles) and we started with a short form clinic courtesy of New Balance.

running clinic (800x450)

Then, we ran through Disneyland…

running through disney castle (800x450)

run disney half marathon meetup (800x450)

to the Tea Cups where Alice in Wonderland was waiting for a photo op! run disney meetup with alice (450x800)

Meghann and I shared some tea… Winking smile cups.

From there we headed to California adventure and ran through Carsland and all the way to the corner of the park.

running and hollywood tower of terror (450x800)

Where the Mad Hatter was waiting to run the final stretch with us!

mad hatter at disneyland half marathon (450x800)

Then, we enjoyed some breakfast while waiting for the rest of the group to take pictures and gather up.

run disney food spread meet up (800x450)

Hidden Mickey!

hidden mickey water (800x450)

The Mad Hatter hung out and we all took pictures with him. He insisted on an extreme close up!!!

run disney half marathon meetup with mad hatter (800x800)

(RunEatRepeat instagram)

Ali Vincent from the Biggest Loser, Sean Astin and Joey Fatone all spoke.

biggest loser ali at run disney meet up (800x450)

And the man, the legend Jeff Galloway (famous for the run/walk training plans) spoke too!

jeff galloway speaking (800x450)

Meeting Joey Fatone was definitely a highlight for me! I’m a fan and he was really cool. Plus, he spoke about his running journey and it was very relatable.

monica and the awesome joey fatone (800x800)

Now I’m super heartbroken that I am not running the race this weekend (I was originally supposed to go out of town). But I am very glad I had this awesome opportunity! Fun fun fun!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!

Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. says

    Awfully humid this morning, eh? Looks like you still had fun. :-)
    The Disneyland Half Marathon will be my first 13.1. I’m so stinkin’ excited, but not looking forward to the crazy crowds for packet pickup. A friend called me at 10 a.m. while circling around the parks trying to find parking to get in to the expo. She was unsuccessful. We are heading over this afternoon together to pick up our bibs.

  2. says

    OMG… I read Meghann and I saw you were with Cindy from Running Skirts too! Jeff Galloway is a good friend of mine… Oh gosh… So wish I were in California instead of Maryland!

  3. says

    What a great way to start the day! A run through Disneyland 😉

    I am gonna be working, running, biking, and eating this weekend… Thank goodness I have Monday off, though I haven’t made plans on what to do yet!

  4. Shannon in Tustin says

    What am I doing this weekend? Why I’m running a little half-mary at Disneyland! HOLLA!! Super excited for my first Disney race. Not worrying about time or anything; just fun, fun, fun.


  5. Casey says

    Did you know you have your hand on your hip in every one of these photos? Haha! You are looking good, though! I have never been to Disneyland, just Disney World. I wonder how similar/different they are?

  6. Laura says

    Oh I’m so jealous! I want to run a Disney run one of these days….it’s hard with kids in school and the only two races are during the school year. One of these years, I swear! Have a great weekend.

  7. worker_bee says

    I’m so happy you posted these pics- I’ll be running at Disney! 10K tomorrow, 13.1 Sunday :) tutus have been made…I am staring at the clock waiting for quitting time so I can start Disney weekend!

  8. says

    oh man, that run looks amazing!! I’m actually going to Disneyland for the weekend but am not running. I’m already getting jealous of everyone who is talking about it… I think I’m going to go the expo tomorrow and just wander around sadly…

  9. says

    What fun! Running a disney race sounds like a blast and is on the someday list! :) I will be racing an Olympic triathlon – hoping that being sick and resting all week means I’ll kick butt since I’ve been saving my energy, right?

  10. Sarah says

    Still in recovery mode from a surgery I had 10 days ago…so it’ll be a boring weekend for me.

    This has to be my favorite post! You and Meghann are my favorite bloggers, I’ve met Jeff Galloway (and follow his wall/run method), I am on Team ‘NSYNC for life 😉 , AND I had the biggest crush on Sean Astin when I was younger!

    Bummer you aren’t running the half but thanks for sharing this awesome day with us!

  11. Steph F. says

    What a cool run…I love Disney and hope to do one of their half marathons someday. For now, I will be tackling my first ever 20 mile training run tomorrow…eek! I’m starting to feel really nervous and am hoping and praying that I’m not in traction at this time tomorrow :)

  12. says

    I love your blog. I have been dieting my entire life. My highest weight was 511 pounds and I am now down to 480. I started intuitive eating about 4 weeks ago. I know it is the right choice for me. A lot of people tell me at my size I should either count calories, go on a medically supervised plan, or have surgery. I know what is not right for me. I look forward to returning to your site and reading more about your entire journey. Thanks for sharing. Leslie

  13. says

    Awe, to run through Disneyland… that looks fabulous!! I am really excited because I am running the Princess 1/2 marathon at Disney World in February. Today I did a long run and tomorrow I am headed to a wedding. :-) Happy weekend!

  14. says

    Training run at Double Hill/Bukit Tunku with the Terence Poon Running Club followed by a “pass the hat around to collect donations for Ms Lai’s medical bill” and brekkie this morning.

  15. Laura says

    That looks like such fun! Doing Disney race is definitely on my race bucket list! I also love your skirt…I really need to get some running skirts.

    I am heading out for a 11.5 miler with the group right now….relaxin the rest of the day, and probably kayaking down the river tomorrow. Gotta enjoy every last second of summer!!

  16. says

    I wish I could have been there, but I live in Canada and instead of Disney Land we have WonderLand. Anyways looks like you all had lots of fun!

  17. says

    I swear on live on the wrong coast! It’s cool to see some of my favorite bloggers meet up. I’ve never ran any Disney races, they look like so much fun. I need to add that to my calendar for 2014.

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