Just the Tip–Learning From Diets

Hello and Happy Tuesday! I started my day with a run and an eat. I think I may need to find a new Tuesday route because peeps don’t know how to keep their dogs in check. #NotCool

brooks pure drift shoes (800x800)

I finished off the last of the pineapple cottage cheese (yes, the one I bought yesterday) in a cantaloupe this morning. Add a side of SB&J toast and it’s perfect.

pineapple in a melon bowl (800x800)

Last night I packed up the leftovers of the enchilada casserole into individual containers for an easy lunch or dinner. I added some green beans to the containers for a complete meal. This reminds me of fitness competitors for some reason. They are so good about planning and packing their meals and I love that!

leftovers packed for the week (800x450)

That got me thinking about what we can learn from different approaches to healthy eating and weight loss – even though it’s not my thing I can learn about clean eating from Oxygen Magazine and similar sources.

Here are some things we can learn from other Top Diet / Lifestyle camps:

– Paleo: Eat whole foods. While I am not going to be that strict, I love that their focus is on whole foods like veggies, protein and nuts.

– Atkins: Protein keeps you full. It’s easier to overeat carbs than protein, so it’s important to watch your intake if you tend to eat an entire box of crackers in one shot.

– Weight Watchers: Points are similar to counting calories. Meetings keep you accountable, so find a friend or way to check in each week.

French Women Don’t Get Fat: Everything in moderation. Drink more wine. #IHearTHat

Jenny Craig: Portion control is important for weight loss. Plus, it’s expensive so you won’t have money for ice cream.

Just the tip: Take what you need, leave what you don’t. Do what works for you.

take some bacon


And the most awesome tip for the day – How to make a Watermelon Smoothie for parties.

Question: Got a tip to leave for the group?


  1. says

    TIP: Eat slowly and chew your food well. Let your teeth take some of the burden away from the rest of your digestive system! If you don’t chew well then your stomach has to work harder to break down the food leaving you feeling icky bloated and such.

    I went to a party a month ago with an “adult” version of the watermelon smoothie. It had vodka in it. 😉

  2. says

    Great post! Also…that is one impressively clean refrigerator. Can you do a post on how to organize your fridge? Apologies if this is something you’ve done already…Holler!

  3. Deb says

    I wonder how much you get from one watermelon? Size shown….
    I’m going to an adult beach party in a couple weeks, and this would be great!

  4. Lisa says

    Monica – Will you ever adress the fact that your eats seems to be mostly gluten-free nowadays? Sorry for being nosy, but I was wondering if you could credit that to your recent weight loss?


    • says

      Lisa, I am not sure if I’m reading this weird, but no one has really asked about this outside of my brown rice tortillas – so I don’t think it really appears that I eat mostly g-free? I did experiment with some gluten free products and recipes last year when the holistic doc I was talking to suggested that, but I never went completely g-free. I think some of those foods stayed around because I liked them. And honestly, gluten free is such a popular thing right now I make a lot of my recipes that way because it’s easier for everyone to try them :)

  5. AmyMacHac says

    i just began following “mealprepmondays” on instagram for precisely what you described and executed so brilliantly! i need to plan better. “failing to plan is planning to fail.” these reminders help. check it out!

  6. says

    Gurl, I feel ya with the dogs. Just last week I got chased by a chihuahua, a dachshund, a lab, a peacock and an emu (don’t ask). The’re not bad dogs (or birds), they just have bad owners. Someone told me a long time ago to carry little rocks in my pocket but I can’t do that anymore because it took too much restraint to not throw them at the owners.

  7. Ella says

    Monica! As an RD I love this post. There is no one magic pill or diet, which my patients are always looking for. But there are good parts of many diets out there. And frankly, weight loss all boils down to calories in, calories out.

  8. Sarah G. says

    How do you like the drifts? I’m about to order my 2nd pair of PF2’s but might branch out after marathon season is over…

    I have been working very hard to try to “eat clean” as much as I can. On my best days, I would say I eat about 80% totally unprocessed foods. But there are things I just can’t give up, because I think they are healthy even if some diets, like Paleo, say they aren’t (whole grains, beans, etc.) What I do works for me, but I don’t beat myself up if I have some buffalo chicken dip at a party once in a while, either.

  9. Runnergal says

    I was out for a very early morning run; had to run on the sidewalk of a busy street. Dog owner used me as a dog training tool without letting me in on the idea. He thought his dog would not charge me just because he said, “no.” He didn’t even try to hold him back. Not cool. I agree with Flower – bad owner, not a bad dog. Weight Watchers – down 76 pounds; Running shoes – Altra Lone Peak

  10. Melanie Riojas says

    Interesting stuff you posted but can you at least proofread your stuff? Check out your title: Just the Tip–Learning from From Diets.

  11. says

    Gotta love the French and the wine, but it’s so true, just take the best tips from each.

    I’m about to go on the “I’m on vacation, so I can’t eat all the yumminess” diet. LOL

  12. valene says

    DOGS!! I love dogs but seriously people need to be more responsible and accountable for them. I have been chased by more dogs than I like to admit.

  13. says

    Love that you just pulled overarching messages from all the fad diets out there. I definitely tend to scoff a bit at diets and worry about their overall healthiness-factor, but I love that you’ve pulled out the positives from many of them to help create one BIG healthy lifestyle!

  14. Jenna says

    This is an awesome post! I like that you pointed out the good points that each one brings up about eating yet show that each one has something to offer. There isn’t exactly a right answer, everyone is different and needs to just see what works for them.

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