October Highlights


I am almost packed up and ready to hit the road for the New York City Marathon! But first I want to recap my October highlights Favorite Run: Marine Corps Marathon – I went to this race solo and everyone was so gracious and supportive – it was the best. Eat: Pumpkin Pie Cookies Recipe Honorable Mention is my BEST Drink for Runners post I’d like to … [Read more...]

Turkey and Green Bean Casserole Recipe


My favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving is coming soon! #EatEatRepeat I’m excited, but I didn’t want to wait to enjoy one of my T-day staples – green bean casserole. I don’t have a fancy version, because um, I’m not fancy. But I do use fresh green beans. That’s it. But, I’m not going to bust out a whole turkey dinner to go along with it! So, I cooked up some ground … [Read more...]

Fitness Fashion–What I’ve Been Wearing to Run


Hello! How’s it going? Don’t forget to sign up for Pile on the Miles 2013 and the iPad Giveaway is still going on! I’ve gotten a lot of questions about my running gear lately. I dress like a tragedy day to day, but I am digging the new workout stuff I’ve been sportin’. It’s comfy and cute! Fitness Fashions Fitness Magazine Meet & Tweet I wore a Moving Comfort Long … [Read more...]

It’s National Best Friend Day


I heard it was #NationalBestFriendDay and I have to give a shout out to my favorite friend in the world. The day Cindy and I met in first grade she went home and told her mom, “Mom! I met a girl with red these and red these!” (As she pointed to her eyebrows and eyelashes.) Apparently I was the first redhead she ever saw. And she decided to keep me, (even though I’m … [Read more...]

Pile on the Miles 2013–5th Annual Challenge!


Pile On The Miles is an annual event in blogland where we challenge ourselves to walk or run more during the month of November. The goal is to pile on extra miles not pounds during this food filled time of year! This is the 5th Annual Pile on the Miles Challenge! The first one was in 2009 and I won 2nd place for the most miles. I took it over in 2010 and would LOVE for you … [Read more...]

3 Ingredient Banana Muffins Recipe


I came home last night to a whole bunch of super ripe bananas. I knew what I had to do… cook ‘em up in something delicious! I consulted instagram for suggestions and decided chocolate chip banana bread was the way to go. I wanted to make it all healthy like so I used 1 cup of flour and 1 cup of oat flour that I blended myself. But, I forgot to add the oat flour because I was … [Read more...]

11 Reasons Running a Marathon is Like an Epic Night Out


Hello! I flew home yesterday after the race. The Marine Corps Marathon gives runners a long sleeve, thick and comfy tee instead of the standard race tees. I wore it on the way back. That girl over my shoulder thinks I’m a weirdo, which is accurate so I’m not worried about it. I made it home last night around 11pm after a long drive, Carl’s Jr. and Yogurtland stop. It was a … [Read more...]

Marine Corps Marathon Results and Recap


Marathon #7 for 2013 is done! I ran the Marine Corps Marathon today. Here’s my recap and random pics… Morning usual. Since I am running NYC next weekend (and ran a full two weeks ago and the hat trick last weekend) I knew my only choice was to enjoy this race. I made a little bet with Hector – the person to take the best picture wins. We had a PR contest = Picture … [Read more...]

Marine Corps Marathon Expo and Kids Fun Run


Hello from Washington DC! Yesterday I made it to the hotel with plenty of time to grab some food before the party started… Yes. I went all the way to DC for chain Mexican food. #DontJudge And have a few beverages with my Sole Runner friends, including my #4 favorite person, Leann. And this guy This morning the sun woke me up way too early and I headed to the expo. I … [Read more...]

Eat More Watermelon at the Marine Corps Marathon


Updated to add: Pile on the Miles 2013 sign-ups start next week! We will be piling on miles and NOT pounds this Nov with the free challenge. Stay tuned!!  This morning I found myself right back where I started… last week. LAX! I’m headed to Washington DC for the Marine Corps Marathon! The National Watermelon Board is a sponsor of the race and they gave me a bib for this … [Read more...]

Pre-Run Cookies Recipe


Hello! How was your day? Thanks for all your thoughts on my Fat Feeling post. There is something oddly comforting about knowing you’re not the only one dealing with it. This morning I ran a 10 miler and felt pretty good! I thought I was still tired from this weekend, but ended up getting lost in my ‘head movies’ and it flew by! I worked through the morning and then met up … [Read more...]

Fat is Not a Feeling


Confession Thursday is taking an uncomfortable, non-funny turn… Yesterday I woke up 12 pounds heavier. Yes, that can totally happen (it’s science). Or at least I felt like it happened. I did have ribs and cornbread for dinner the night before… So I did the math: Ribs & Cornbread = 1,200 calories 12 pounds = 42,000 calories Listen, math has never been my … [Read more...]

Vlog – Running Form “Nips Hips and Chips”


I really want to do a video every Wednesday or Thursday so you can plan which days to avoid RER and/or watch my vlogs while your boss is in a meeting. So, saying it here makes it official – stay tuned! Today’s vlog is about running form – how to move your arms while running. Yes, it’s not rocket science and yet there are still hundreds of people doing ‘the T-Rex’ while … [Read more...]

Back on My Feet with an iPad Mini Giveaway!


It’s funny how life works… last week I was researching local volunteer organizations where I might be able to help. Then, I got an email from Back on My Feet – a group that helps homeless men and women get back on their feet through running. It’s LA based, so I wouldn't be able to help daily – but I can spread the word to you here! I am familiar with Back on My Feet because … [Read more...]

Fitness Magazine LA Meet and Tweet


I went to Santa Monica for the Fitness Magazine LA Meet and Tweet event today. Fun facts: I went to the Fitblog NYC meet & tweet for five minutes (before I had to catch a flight). And I visited the Annenberg Beach House in April when I met Venus Williams at the Jamba Juice event. But this time I wasn’t just attending – I was on the panel “My Blog is My Business” with … [Read more...]