Vlog – Running Form “Nips Hips and Chips”

I really want to do a video every Wednesday or Thursday so you can plan which days to avoid RER and/or watch my vlogs while your boss is in a meeting. So, saying it here makes it official – stay tuned!

Today’s vlog is about running form – how to move your arms while running. Yes, it’s not rocket science and yet there are still hundreds of people doing ‘the T-Rex’ while running. Is it you?

t rex loves you a little bit

t rex cant clap

Here is a fun way to remind yourself to have proper arm form while running – “Nips, Hips and Chips”

Proper Running Form Vlog

Question: If you were a dinosaur, which one would you be?

I’d be a Mexasaurus Reds.

Winner of the gym bag/foam roller giveaway is Karen L. – I already emailed her.


  1. says

    Nice! Great tips! I’ve spent a lot of time over the years wondering what to do with my arms and hands! Even now, from time to time, I find myself staribg at other runners’ arms and hands, wondering if mine look like that. Arms are awkward, even if you’re not a T-Rex. :)

  2. Kate House says

    Love the “chips” addition! I always picture that I’m holding an egg in each hands, but chips are more delicious!

  3. says

    Love the video…you have a great speaking voice! I have been so focused on cadence and mid foot strike, that I forget about the arms. Great reminder. Thanks!

  4. Jane says

    New follower here…loving your blog! And this vlaog is great. I am trying to learn about proper running form so this was perfect! I hope you do more running form vlogs…

  5. says

    A friend JUST complimented a a running picture of me on my blog, and I responded by saying something to the effect of how I had T-Rex running arms. Perfect timing! I like the tips!

  6. says

    Fantastic vlog. I’ve been thinking of trying it out as well. In the Runasana class I teach, the focus was on shoulders today, so I took a bag of Baked Lays for my students. We ran carrying our potato chips. I love the nips and hips part. Fun!

  7. says

    I need to get a major run in sometime soon. Confession Time: I had a major breakdown tonight after my strength training session and put down almost 2 cups of granola… yikes! Time to hit the trails this weekend to burn some of that off!!!

  8. lindsey b says

    Love this! I am way guilty of the “chicken wing” arms….not good. I am working so hard on fixing, and this little mantra will be great!

  9. says

    Hey Monica, I’m a newcomer to your blog and this Vlog won me over even more. I’m guilty of t-rexing, blade handing, and teetering between overarching & hunchbacking so this is a SUPER helpful video, keep them coming!!

  10. Mave says

    This is great! I usually need things like mnemonic devices to help me remember things and your “Nips, Hips, Chips” is snappy enough to help me do just do that! Thanks!

  11. Sarah C. says

    Glad I actually watched this – I really needed this tip. I’ve found myself twisting lately, and it’s making the outside of my hip ache. Glad to have something to say to myself to help keep me straight on my next run.

  12. says

    Thank you! Had a long run on Saturday that I would not have gotten through without this. Of course, I imagined my chips had guacamole on them and I didn’t want it to fall off. That seemed to work best.

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