25 Days of Fitness Challenge – Day 1 Plank

Hello! Yesterday I went to hang out with my tiny niece. She was camera shy so here’s a sad consolation prize of my excited face.


And I ate nachos. Busted.


(RunEatRepeat on Instagram)

So, I really need this 25 days of Fitness Challenge to help me stay on track in December! Who’s with me?

25 Days of Fitness with RunEatRepeat

Printable 25 Days of Fitness Calendar

Day 1 – Do a plank, keep good form and record how long you can hold it.

(Once again, Vegas crashes the party. I think he wants to start a blog.)

Question: Are you in for the 25 days of fitness? Did you do your plank today?


  1. Marilyn says

    I am definitely going to join in this challenge. I have a few short term goals i want to hit before the end of the year!

  2. Jessica says

    I’m in! Did a 2-min plank before my yoga DVD. I then ate a significant amount of eggplant parm pizza, but that’s another story!

  3. says

    Yes! Just did my first plank for the challenge and my arms are definitely weak, definitely need to step it up! Also, what kind of mascara do you use? My eyelashes need it!

  4. Melissa Shirey says

    I’m in!!! I am also doing a 31 day squat challenge :)

    My cat always has to stare at me while I am working out. It’s very distracting!

  5. says

    My cat can never leave me alone when I am trying to exercise at home. He lays down on my yoga mat, rubs against my face constantly, and tries to convince me that I should stop what I’m doing and feed him :)

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