All the Tea in China


Hello from Hangzhou! Last night I stayed at the Crowne Plaza Hangzhou Resort. But we got here so late and left so early I didn’t get to partake in any of the resort amenities. Plus, the gym opened at 8am so I couldn’t even go there! Boo. I went up and down the lobby stairs for a half hour to get my sweat on since I was already dressed to do something. The breakfast buffet … [Read more...]

No Meat Athlete Book Review


I’ve been meaning to bring back Meatless Mondays, maybe even Mexican Meatless Monday for a long time. I think that was the new year’s resolution I conveniently couldn’t remember. But, I’m in China right now 3,000 miles away from my kitchen so I’m not cooking anything (and who even knows what I’m eating?!). So, I have the best meatless running blogger’s new book to review as a … [Read more...]

Snack Street in Beijing


Along with climbing the Great Wall of China my #2 goal on this trip was to eat something new and weird (to me). I had heard about “snack street” in Beijing where there is a long row of vendors selling everything from scorpion on a stick to starfish. This was definitely a highlight of this trip! So, I was very excited to finally get a taste of one of these delicacies! But, … [Read more...]