Cauliflower Pizza Crust Strikes Again

Hello! Last night I made Cauliflower Pizza Crust but subbed nutritional yeast for the cheese. It came out more ‘eggy’ than I remembered but I love eggs so it was good to me!

cauliflower pizza crust recipe food blog (727x545)

Note: Carrot sticks are to French Fries as Cauliflower Pizza is to REAL Pizza.

For those of you who skipped SAT prep: it’s not going to fool you into believing it’s real pizzeria pizza.

But, I like it.

i love pizza

Then, I got the urge to bake and threw together Chocolate Coconut Oatmeal cookies. But even though the coconut was sweetened, they didn’t come out very sweet at all. Back to the drawing cutting board!

cocoa coconut oatmeal cookies (376x502)

I should just add cream cheese and call it a day.

This morning I did 7 miles with both my Garmin and Fitbit Force. Review coming as soon as YouTube decides it wants to upload my video. Stay tuned!

fit bit and garmin review (409x545)

Don’t forget to check out my China post and let me know if you have any questions about the food or how to eat with chopsticks or how many Panda Expresses there are there.

Question: Do you follow recipes or just make it up as you go along?


  1. says

    Love your analogy lol. Made me laugh. So true although I do love both roasted carrots and cauliflower pizza crust. I usually make up my own recipes because I am not good at following someone else’s directions. Curious how you like the Fitbit Force as I just review the Fitbit One.

  2. Chamois says

    Let me know your conclusions on the Force! I have one, and though it works great for walking, it seems to cut me short every run! Last Saturday I did a group run of 7 miles, and I have 2 Garmin’s words against the Force tracking which calculated just around 6. Maybe it’s the speed that is messing it up? Not sure I like not having my actual mileage recognized, but I do like the “celebration” every time I meet my 5 mile goal.

  3. Molly says

    I follow recipes pretty closely usually. I’ve got the cooking skills but I am not very imaginative when it comes to throwing things together. I have loved every recipe of your that I have tried, so Thanks and keep em coming!

  4. says

    JW and I have tried cauliflower crust twice – and both times it turned out way too floppy. Is there a way to get it to harden? The closest we got was getting the edges to harden, but the center was a no-go!

  5. marti says

    quick question..what kind of nutritional yeast do you use? i would like to try it but there are so many kinds! flakes, powder…etc… just looking for a suggestion! thanks so much :)

  6. says

    I literally laughed out loud with that carrot and fry analogy! I actually love caulicrust and it satisfies my pizza urge enough to get me by!

  7. says

    Literally just tried cauliflower pizza for the first time this past weekend ( I loved it so much, it actually completely satisfied my pizza craving. And tasted even better the next day warmed up. The worst part of making it was burning the crap out of my hands after microwaving the cauliflower rice, and then squeezing the excess water out. Your recipe seems so much more simple, though. I’ve got to try it next.

    • Jennifer says

      Are you and other bloggers crazy?! I like cauliflower as well, and that may taste good, but let’s be honest here, it looks like vomit.

      This comment probably won’t make it on the blog but someone has to be a voice of reason.

  8. says

    I am lost if I’m not following a recipe. I’m just not good at throwing things together on my own. Sometimes if I have a base recipe figured out, can choose how to add things or change things up to make it my own…so I guess I’m not a total failure in that respect!

  9. Jennifer says

    How long should I cook it to get those edges nicely burnt like yours? Also, does it taste burnt or is it just for looks?

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