Surf City Marathon 2014 Results

So, I decided to start my day with a little run at the beach…

early morning surf city marathon (376x502)

I got a surprise in the mail from ProCompression yesterday and opened up  these heart compression socks! LOVE. They are on sale tomorrow – stay tuned!

valentines day procompression socks at surf city marathon (376x502)

I was a little sad that SkinnyRunner is MIA this weekend. Apparently I like having a friend around. So, I was extra excited when my peep Leann shouted at me on the walk to the start!

me and leann pre surf city marathon (376x502)

I figured it was going to be cold at the start so I had a sweater to keep me warm. I randomly grabbed it and thought it was funny that it kinda matched my socks!

surf city marathon polka dots morning (376x502)

The course: Fairly flat, decent weather. But, it has a bad reputation for being frustrating as the out and back for the full marathon runners teases you. As you head to the finish you have to go away for miles 18-22 before actually heading back to the finish line. Also, it’s at the beach hello.

Since it’s at the beach there are beach restrooms and porta potties available, which is convenient.

Good crowd support for a bulk of it since full and half marathoners run along PCH for a long time.

Plenty of water AND Clif Shots in MOCHA => which I love.

surf city marathon beach finish line (669x502)

Surf City Marathon Finish!

surf city marathon finish line (669x502)

I finished in 3:40:58.

sub 4 hour marathon surf city results (376x502)

surf city marathon runner finish (669x502)

Post-race food bag:

 surf city marathon food bag (376x502)

surf city marathon flag (376x502)

surf city marathon huntington beach bridge (669x502)

Overall: I felt okay, not great at this race. I really wanted to take it easy but decided on a happy medium of pushing it a bit at the end but staying conservative for most of it. My ankle is tight and I really should be icing it.

surf city marathon results and recap (376x502)

Walking back to the car…

surf city marathon post race walk (376x502)

These socks are on sale tomorrow – come back and I’ll share info!

valentines day procompression heart socks at marathon (376x502)


post surf city marathon picture (282x502)

Spotted this license plate on the way home – I love Gin. That is my cue to start drinking!

i love gin license plate (669x502)

Question: What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. says

    Love, love, love your heart compression socks. Too cute! Does Surf City have a half marathon? I would be interested in doing that. I love the beach views. Strange enough I haven’t done one in So Cal yet and I live in AZ?!?

  2. april says

    LOVE the heart compression socks!

    congrats on your marathon! hope you’re having fun recovering with a few adult beverages 😉

  3. says

    It seems you run marathons now like its a walk in the park. Just another day…no big deal….I LOVE THAT. So wish it was that way for me….oh well, such is life.

    BTW….does your foot bend like that naturally or is it an odd photo goof? 😉

  4. says

    Weekend = Chinese New Year reunion dinner, dinners and meet ups with friends and family, CNY runs with run groups. All’s good! :)

  5. says

    Looking at your pics — and even knowing that you’re already able to run a half marathon — makes me super jealous. I want to move to California right now! There aren’t many half or full marathon race options right now in the Northeast because it’s still so cold out. And if there were (there might be like ONE coming up this month), it’s still too cold for me to want to do it! Luckily it was gorgeous out this weekend and I finally got to run outside a little bit!
    The best part of my weekend was spending some quality time with my mom at Mohegan Sun casino in Connecticut (no gambling involved) and seeing Lady Antebellum in concert.

  6. says

    Thats so awesome that 3:40 is an “eh” race, you’re killin it! I wish I’d remembered that Surf City was this morning, Ive been dying to race but I don’t have anything on the schedule for another three weeks! End of the world, I know.

  7. says

    Congrats on a great race! My favorite part of the weekend was riding my bike outside. January 1 was great weather, February 1 was great weather…and I’m really hoping this is not a pattern for the year :-)

    Also I started working with a coach this year and she sent me a plan. I didn’t have a plan last year and I am already WAY MORE EXCITED about this year knowing that I will have a way to get to my destination, not just a destination.

  8. Liza says

    The best part of my weekend was taking a long walk around my neighborhood with my husband (who has been working 90 hours a week for a month!). Random question – what do you do for a job? Is this blog your main job, or do you work from home in some other capacity? You’re dedication to running is so amazing btw!

  9. says

    That was a great time! I ran the surf city Marathon and my time was 4:18. My quads began to cramp at mile 22 which made the final 4 miles painful. However, as soon as i saw the finish line I somehow forgot my quad pain and found my spare energy and RAN the last 1/2 mile to cross the finish line!! The best part of the day was getting my post marathon massage at Massage Green Spa in Huntington Beach. The masseuse did magic and made my quad pain DISAPPEAR. The massage after the race was the best thing! I also received a special offer for all of the surf city runners that costs only $39.95/massage for the first 3 massages. I highly recommend Massage Green Spa and the web address is and phone number is 714-596-5200.

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