Post Marathon Super Bowl Feast

Hola! Today has been a little crazy for me. One of the dogs got a cut on his leg and I had to help my brother take him to the vet first thing this morning. He’s a beast and it was a wrestling match to even get him in the door.

chilling with my dogs (408x544)

Then, I had to rush home for a call before heading to a very cool meeting this afternoon (more soon).

But yesterday was all about running and eating. My family threw a huge fiesta for me for running the Surf City Marathon!!!

superbowl cake (409x545) (409x545)

That, or they had people over because of some football game Winking smile

super bowl party snack table (669x502) (669x502)

My dad BBQ-ed up an amazing feast of carne asada and chicken.

carne asada super bowl party (376x502) (376x502)

And a family friend brought homemade ceviche. It was AMAZING! Seriously. I am getting the recipe from her asap.

ceviche at super bowl party (669x502) (669x502)

This morning started with a burrito.  Eggs + leftover 7 layer dip = Breakfast of Monicans.

banana and burrito breakfast (669x502) (669x502)

Since I was running for a freaking long time yesterday today is a rest day Smile

no cardio this week

I always recommend the Zero Week Training Plan for someone who just ran a marathon to rest and recover. At this point I write my own zero week plan and it varies based on how I feel. Intuitive running?

I really do not run for the medal (and have thought about giving them away before but I’m not ready for that today). But the Surf City Marathon medal is pretty awesome dude –> a mini-surf board!

surf city marathon medal (376x502) (376x502)

Question: Ever had good ceviche?


  1. says

    I have actually never had ceviche. It looks really good though!

    I LOVE that medal. I really like when races make a theme out of their medals. It makes it so much more exciting to finish the race (I assume, I haven’t finished a “medal” race yet) 😉

  2. says

    I love ceviche! Key West has some of the best that I have had. We ate some in Peru, but not very much because, well, we didn’t trust it.. camping and food poisoning.. not worth the risk!

    That medal is really cool! I’ll always save my marathon medals, but I have thought about getting rid of some of my other medals. It seems like every 5k gives one out now… and not that you don’t DESERVE a medal after running your first 5k.. but they start to add up. I have heard of charities that collect medals for sick kids, etc. Might be worth looking into!

  3. says

    It’s funny you posted something about ceviche because I was talking about it the other day (although I was just listing the ingredients, I didn’t know there was an actual name for it – my co-worker was like, that’s called shrimp ceviche, you know…). Days later, I’m still craving it. I guess I know what I’m eating tomorrow night. I have all the ingredients, minus the shrimp…

  4. jodea @ says

    *Shows off* I’ve had it in Peru! Love it. But it is pretty easy to recreate and should always be eaten with sweet potato. Great combination.

  5. says

    Hello, first of all, congrats for the run, I don´t run for medals, but it´s great to get one jejeje, and yours it´s nice. Second, ceviche is a preparation from peru, it´s great and there are many variations, it´s a gow source of proteins, and a tasty one, yours seems great, I´m from Venezuela and now I live in Spain but i used to make a lot of ceviche, it´s really great, Third, why the words in spanish, some latin roots???.
    I love your blog and your spirit, I hope some day my blog gets somewhere, but first I have to star working really hard on it.
    Have a great one

  6. says

    We made lobster ceviche for a tailgate party a few months ago and it was a HUGE hit! I ran a half this weekend and think that the Superbowl was the perfect recovery party 😉

  7. Abby says

    I want the ceviche recipe too! Looks amazing! Congrats on Surf City. I am totally looking forward to the medal I’ll get in June for my first half, it’s not super pretty or cool like a surfboard (apparently it opens beer bottles tho, lol) but it’ll mean I finally accomplished my goal!!!

  8. Shannon in Tustin says

    Our favorite (and very authentic homestyle) Mexican restaurant is supposed to serve EXCELLENT ceviche and I always see bowls of it being carried around. Perhaps I should branch out…

    I don’t really run for the medals, but I do like to look back and savor the achievement. As one who spend a solid decade being overweight and the following decade just barely maintaining, the fact that I can run 13 miles without dying (or weeks upon weeks of training), makes me pretty happy. So much of my “self” is tied up in mom & wife, running is all mine. :)

    • Shannon in Tustin says

      Oh, and I want to be buried with that Surf City marathon medal! Who knows if I’ll ever run another…the crowning glory of my running life. 😀

  9. april says

    awesome medal! i don’t run for the medal either, but i gotta admit, i do love displaying them on my medal hook in my bedroom. 😉

    i love ceviche! i’ve had delicious ceviche in mexico, but i’ve never attempted to actually make it myself.

  10. says

    Another great run for the Monican. You should put up you ass-kickin’ picture because that’s what you are doing lately. Nice medal. I got one too but mine has a red ribbon for doing the half. I’m just trying to get in shape for Catalina. Keep up the good work and that carne asada looked awesome

  11. Floey says

    did you hit up yogurtland yesterday for the free yogurt? the line was seriously wrapping around the block so I opted out

  12. says

    Love the medal, and super jealous of your pic standing outside in a t-shirt and no socks as I sit here shivering watching the snow pile up asking myself “Why do I live in Vermont?” over and over.

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