Best Valentine’s Day Gifts for Runners

Valentine’s Day is this Friday! And if your Valentine is anything like me he or she hasn’t gotten you a gift yet. So, feel free to forward this post to your girlfriend/ boyfriend/lover/cat/neighbor/dentist/mom for some not-so-subtle hints.

 happy valentines day

That, or just get something for yourself and don’t worry about depending on someone else to make your day Smile

happy valentines day no one

Best Valentine’s Gifts for Runners

1. Edible Arrangements – Fruit? Yes. Chocolate? Yes. A bouquet I can eat? YES!

edible arrangments

2. You love them. They love running. Get them this <3 To Run SportHooks

love to run

3. A massage gift certificate. OR Write a note that says, “I Knead You” and give them a massage.

4. Pizza. Valentine’s Day is Friday. Many runners do their long run on Saturday morning, so this would be a great time for the carb-loaded meal of their choice!

wrap pizza (800x800) (2) (800x800)

5. A run inspired charm. I love my “Run Like The Wind” Necklace and delicate “Run” bracelet. run like the wind

6. Mile Markers. This is still my favorite running book.

7. A sport bra for girls or band-aids for guys. This way they know you care about their nipples. champion sports bra giveaway (800x450)

8. Update their playlist with new fun songs! Obviously, this one has to be on there:

9. Shoes. Specifically, running shoes. Sneak in their closet, steal their running shoe and take it to the running store. Tell the sales person that’s what ya need.

pink shoes

10. Chocolate. Or a puppy. Maybe both.

Good luck.

v day hook up

Question: What’s on your wish list?


  1. says

    Great list! I am sure my valentine will be waiting to shop until Friday. When he buys me a massage gift certificate or anything of that nature he literally tries to change the date purchased because it’s always the day of! :)

  2. says

    My husband made it 100% clear before we even started dating that he absolutely does not do Valentines Day, so my wishlist is totally blank.

    On the other hand, our tax return should roll in that day, so I may be my own Valentine 😉

  3. says

    Chocolate covered strawberries from Shari’s berries (energy for running). Seriously, I don’t eat chocolate except for these yummy berries and cherries too.

  4. Rebecca says

    I love #10 because I spent all day yesterday begging the bf to let me take in a foster puppy for awhile. And by the time I make the drive to get him and return Thursday night it’ll be Friday. The bf is probably patting himself on the back because he just realized we won’t be going out to dinner due to puppy arrival.

  5. says

    Love this. I just bought the book you recommended as a little Valentine’s Day present….to myself!

    (Also, totally agree with the Edible Arrangements! My sis got me one after my last marathon and it was PERFECT.)

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