Runner’s Strength Workout A1 Video

How’s it going?

I had a few delicious meals yesterday. Avocado saves the day again! It takes a quesadilla up a notch, ya know?

avocado on quesadilla 727x545 thumb Runner’s Strength Workout A1 Video

I guess it’s a good sign that my no bake chocolate bites disappeared fast!

Luckily, I scored his and hers chocolate on manager’s special this weekend! Almond butter for me wlEmoticon smile2 Runner’s Strength Workout A1 Video his and hers chocolate 669x502 thumb Runner’s Strength Workout A1 Video

I love that so many of you are in for the March Calendar! Woo-woo!!

But, I did get a few questions on how to do a few of the exercises in the first set of strength moves. So, I did a super quick and dirty video. You can do them along with me and repeat it 2 times or do your thing.

Check the March Calendar link for a list of the moves if you’d rather follow along that way!

That video gave me so much trouble I wanted to scream. Luckily I had the above mentioned chocolate to keep me sane wlEmoticon winkingsmile Runner’s Strength Workout A1 Video

putting it in my shirt thumb Runner’s Strength Workout A1 Video

Question: Would you pick the Coconut crème filled or Almond Butter filled chocolate?


  1. Ella says

    I remember the first time I saw that I Love Lucy episode. I thought it was hysterical! Must watch again.

  2. Paola says

    Coconut cream for sure! anything that’ll take me back to the tropics.

    Also doing the March Calendar, with some changes to fit my schedule/routine. super excited!

  3. says

    Ooooo that is a tough choice…I think usually I’d pick almond butter but coconut creme sounds pretty darn good. Prob buy both ha

  4. says

    I’d definitely do the almond butter one. That sounds so yummy!

    Can I tell you how lucky you are to have access to an avocado tree? I’m so jealous! They make everything better.

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