Running Blog Tattoo REVEAL!

Hola! How’s your Tuesday going?

Mine is awesome because I had to walk to the store to pick up something for lunch and luckily (?) Ulta was on the way. I love Ulta. I didn’t get anything exciting, just moisturizer.

ulta fun (600x800)

april foods day

Apparently it’s April Fool’s Day, but I thought it was April Food’s Day and I’ve been enjoying some delicious meals today!!

fish on salad (800x600)

Now it’s time for the big RunEatRepeat Tattoo Reveal…

new wrist tattoo april fools joke

April Fool’s!

I still want a running related tattoo, but not my logo. But, I thought it was funny that when I told a few people about my idea for the RER April Fool’s joke they thought it was totally something I would do – these are people that know me in real life. Or people I thought knew me. Ha!

you dont know me

I do want to start an awkward slow clap for myself for the fact that I did commit to this joke by going into a real tattoo parlor and explaining to the owner that, “I am a blogger and have this idea…”

Then, asked them to tape me up like I got a tattoo. HA!

getting my tattoo april first (453x453)

I’m sure they thought I was a weird, crazy girl but they totally played along. So, when I said I was “Up to no good” via instagram on Sunday I meant up to no good planning this joke Smile

getting my tattoo (496x496)

everything on the internet is fake

Last year’s Sriracha Diet was probably the best April Fool’s Day joke I’ve ever pulled off. But, the irony is that it’s kinda not a joke any more given the amount of Sriracha I eat!

Question: Did you pull any good April Fool’s Day jokes today?

Fall for any?


  1. JenniferS says

    I was thinking you got your tongue pierced but that would HURT with all the srircha from your diet!

  2. says

    This was amazing preparation and followthrough on a blog April Fool’s joke! Beautifully done!

    Today’s prank (for me) was to convince my students that they had a REALLY HARD TEST that I had forgotten to tell them about. We ended up demonstrating (instead) how to fend off a bear if you encounter one in the wild. BOOM.

  3. Shari says

    Cute!! I actually have 3 tattoos; a rose on my left shoulder (first one), small rose on vine on my ankle and a symbol for fearless on my left shoulder blade. Love all of them and am thinking of changing/adding to my first one, but not sure how. Also interested in getting one on the back of my neck for family, but its just a thought for now.

    Love all of mine, but they are a matter of taste and really must mean something to you.

  4. says

    A co-worker totally fooled me by telling me he got a new puppy. He said he got a Pomsky and I almost died with jealousy! They are so cute and I was so sad when he said it was a joke!
    I also thought that maybe you didn’t get your logo or a running related tattoo but some other tattoo.

  5. Alex says

    I fell for last year’s Siracha diet. I even googled Siracha diet thinking it was the new “thing.”

    Seemed odd to be but no more odd than a 7 day cleanse. ha ha

  6. says

    I did NOT fall for your prank. :). Mostly because I don’t think you would get an area wrapped after it has been tattooed. But great job on an elaborate set-up to try and pull it off. I had a couple of friends change their Facebook status to reflect a “change” but I didn’t bite on that either.

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