Chia Protein Pudding Recipe

Hello and Happy Friday!

This week flew by for me, probably because I was busy like a little bee ladybug. Well, busy and messing around since I freaked out and decided to drop everything yesterday afternoon and get my nails and eyebrows done.

extreme close up (450x800)

Whew. Now I feel like a lady. Kinda sorta.

the rules of feminism

And then I decided to keep the ‘treat yourself’ theme going and got Thai take-out for dinner.

 treat yourself

Yes. Yes, I think I will…

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Okay. Let’s talk about the best things of the week!

Here are my Friday Favorites…

1. Pale lavender nails. I have said it before, I am NOT a purple girl. When I first picked up this nail polish it looked more pink, but now that it’s dry it has a subtle lavender hue – and I love it. Japanese Rose Garden and Lucky Lucky Lavender look similar.

2. This new-to-me salad dressing. I bought it on a whim after my OG Hidden Valley Ranch ran out and I am digging it! Love the taste and it has probiotics, which I’ve been reading more about.

ranch dressing with probiotics (600x800)

3. My latest obsession – chia protein pudding. Recipe below.

banana chia protein pudding recipe gluten free (600x800)

4. Topping said pudding with nuts, preferably candied walnuts.

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5. Iced tea. I am very very slowly trying to cut back on diet soda so I’m digging all different kinds of teas these days.  driving to ventura (450x800)

6. Fro-yo!!! Kinda cancels out my diet soda efforts and/or justifies my need for something sweet.

frozen yogurt all the time (600x800)

7. My yoga mat sandals. They are the most comfy sandals ever, ever. I was reminded about them when someone said 55 was flip-flop weather to them in my last post. It’s sandal season year ‘round in SoCal (kinda) but I don’t take it for granted!

Now for that recipe…

 banana chia protein pudding recipe gluten free easy

Chia Protein Pudding Recipe

{gluten free. high protein. vegetarian.}


  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 Tb. chia seeds
  • 2 Tb. powder powder
  • 3/4 cup almond milk.

Directions: Blend banana, protein powder and almond milk. Pour into a container and stir in chia seeds. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours to set (overnight works too). Enjoy!

Chia Protein Pudding Recipe

banana chia protein pudding recipe gluten free

banana chia protein pudding recipe gluten free healthy vegan

Other options: Swap out banana for 1/2 cup ripe strawberries, blueberry or mango! Stir in nuts. Top with granola! *Can be made vegan with vegan protein powder.

strawberry chia pudding easy healthy dessert

Question: What’s your favorite thing this week?


  1. says

    PB&J! I have had it for dinner 3 nights in a row and even had it for breakfast 2 of those days too! I just ran out of peanut butter so i’ll have to replenish the stash tonight when I get home from work.

    All I have in the house are the black chia seeds. I’m scared to make the puddin’ with them for fear it’ll look scary…

    I noticed a girl here wearing flip flops yesterday as I was running. Granted it got into the 60s. But today we’re back to the 40s and raining. I hope she put them away and pulled out the hunter boots instead =)

    Have a great weekend!

  2. says

    I have a big thing of chia I really need to try this chia pudding thing out. It looks really delicious! I treated myself to froyo last night too – it was exactly what I needed! No regrets.

  3. says

    Love chia seed pudding. I haven’t made it in a year, but I think I’m going to start again. I totally forgot about it.

  4. says

    I love that all bloggers eat Chia on the daily. My hypothesis is that the brain-boosting omega threes help with content. I also love me some of those little-black magic seeds.

    My favorite thing this week has been my neighbor’s magnolia tree; it finally bloomed and it is SO pretty.

  5. says

    Chia pudding is yummy! I make mine with greek yogurt and almond milk. I’m anti protein powders so I tend to recreate a lot of recipes to x them out. By the way, tea is a great substitute for diet soda as well as le croix sparkling water or club soda.

  6. Floey says

    Ugh, I’ve been trying to cut back on diet soda too…iced tea is definitely a good replacement…but I like ones that don’t have too strong of a “herbal” flavor. Kinda takes out the fun.

  7. Alex says

    Hey there! I was thinking of trying this recipe and treating it like overnight oats by keeping it in a mason jar, just wondering though if this is just for one serving? Also, in the recipe it says almond milk but the picture is coconut milk, is either fine to use?

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