Motivation Monday and Fun with my Fam

Hello and Happy Monday!

This morning I am leading a hike for a wellness retreat. I have to leave super early but I’m fueling up first with a few dates and almond butter. Took this picture on Friday when I was snacking on them in the afternoon…

dates with almond butter (600x800)

Back to Sunday fun-day….

I stopped at Sonic for happy hour. Then, I made it a real happy hour. Spiking these drinks might be the best idea I’ve had since that time I put almond butter in dates Winking smile


BBQ with the fam!

dinner with mi familia (800x600)

beans and fideo (600x800)

Me and my little brother Smile

fun with matt (450x800)

Now I’m off working with a new group. I love meeting new people talking fitness!

Since we can’t sweat together, here is some motivation for you this Monday…

Motivation to Workout

every damn day

exercise in the morning

running motivation

Question: What’s your workout plan for this week?


  1. says

    That BBQ spread looked great. Your fam doesn’t mess around :)
    I officially begin my taper this week so just 4ish to 6ish milers on Tuesday and thurs and a 12 miler on Sunday.
    I will be doing lots of yoga inspired stretching and walking too.
    Happy Monday! Enjoy the hike and lead on…

  2. says

    I like the quote on being better than you used to be –
    So true! I am traveling for work twice this week so it’s going to be rough on scheduling runs. I’m going to try for runs in the morning since it will be difficult at night – fingers crossed for springy weather!

  3. Nicole says

    We leave for vacation on Wednesday, and because of a race right after we get back, we will be training on vacation. SO and I have never tried to run in a foreign country before (and the streets do not look easy to navigate – no grid pattern!). Does anyone have any advice that has run in a foreign country before?

  4. says

    Yum dates and almond butter?!! I’m so going to have to try this. My workout plan for the week is to start ramping up my bike and run distances. And I might start biking to work come Wednesday….but we’ll see. There’s still snow on the ground :)

  5. says

    I LOVE dates with almond/peanut butter. My family called them “snick-snacks” when I was a little guy. My family’s kinda weird, but I dig ’em.

    I am in peak week for the Tacoma Marathon. I’ve got many miles of running and miles of carbohydrates planned for the week.

  6. Taya says

    Ran a 5 miler this am, tomorrow strength, Wednesday run, or a bike ride if I can get off work early enough, Thursday strength, and Friday Run, Yoga Saturday and rest on Sunday! I hope it works out for me.

  7. says

    Were those grilled stuffed tomatoes?! They looked amazing! And now you’ve given this preggo a Sonic craving! Love their tater tots!! My workout plan this week is a couple HIIT workouts and some good walks and runs with the dog and kiddo! Happy Monday!

  8. Anne says

    yummy BBQ!! 😀 we are almost out of snow here so we will be busting out the grill asap!

    My workouts are 3 days of running- monday wednesday and saturday- and two days of yoga- Tuesday Thursday

  9. says

    Delicious BBQ and obviously a fantastic idea to spike the Sonic drinks. They call it happy hour for a reason! :)

    Workout plan for the week-I have a race on Saturday, so it is a bit odd.
    Sunday-Ran 9 miles
    Monday-15 mile bike ride planned after work
    Tuesday-3 mile run + 2.5 mile walk with the pup
    Wednesday-Strength training + Indoor Volleyball games
    Thursday-3 mile run/walk with the pup
    Saturday-half marathon race day!

  10. says

    I sometimes get stuck when I’m not as fast as I want to be and forget that I have lost 85 lbs. It matters that I am still working and improving a little at a time. I am better than I was yesterday. Thanks for the reminder.

  11. Amanda says

    Almond butter and dates are a match made in heaven. I’m a sucker for medjool dates. I love them for quick pre run fuel.

  12. says

    My workout plan isn’t set in stone but I did a tempo workout this morning and have another workout set for Wednesday. The rest of the days are easy with a ‘longish’ run sometime this weekend (depending on my work schedule). Looking forward to an awesome running week! I need to try the dates an almond butter – looks so good!

  13. Shannon in Tustin says

    Work out plan for the week: run off the sins of the weekend! 😉

    Can we go to pic #2 of your family BBQ? Is that a bowl of fideo in the background (upper right)? My mom and grandma both made that; now I make it for my family a couple of times a month. They can’t get enough…

      • Shannon in Tustin says

        You should absolutely try a batch of mine, all in the name of research and development! 😉 My kids like mine best, but I like my mom’s best. 😀
        Coil fideo is the favorite, but it isn’t always easy to find in my neck of the woods. Been known to use small shell pasta in a pinch.

  14. says

    Right now I’m doing a running streak in April, so Today and Tuesday is just 1 mile each day. Then Wednesday is hill day for 3 miles. Thursday i’m having minor surgery, so rest day for me. Then the rest of the week is up in the air since I’m not sure how recovery will be.

  15. Julie says

    Running, pilates, and barre class. Sunday is the Austin 1020 10 mile race. I’m still trying to get back on a schedule after a marathon last month!

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