Venus Williams Most Hated Exercise and How to Stay Fit When You Travel

Happy Friday! How was your week? Mine was cool because I got Venus Williams to spill her least favorite workout. Kinda.

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It was really a good week except for a tiny lil bad day on Thursday. It happens to all of us. I let myself feel sorry for…um, myself for a bit and then moved the heck on.

Luckily this fun clip of Venus Williams dancing cheered me up!

venus williams is fun

But I have a couple great fitness secrets from professional athlete Venus Williams and fitness pro Jake Steinfeld.

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Yesterday’s Jamba Juice fitness event included a question and answer session with them. I love that they spoke so freely about their challenges and shared some tips!

One of the questions a blogger asked was,

“What is your least favorite and most favorite workout?”

Venus Williams hates planks. She loves fast paced things like plyo and fast paced workouts.

Jake Steinfeld doesn’t really like squats. He has a very set workout routine that takes him 42 minutes exactly. He does it 6 days a week.

“What is your least favorite healthy food and favorite unhealthy food?”

Venus Williams is a very healthy eater, but she isn’t a big fan of broccoli.

Jake Steinfeld doesn’t like liver.

And I got this question via twitter earlier that morning about staying active and fit while traveling…


So I quickly recorded Williams and Steinfeld answering a question about how they stay healthy while traveling – something they both do A LOT!

I love this that Steinfeld said…

a wish changes nothing

My answer… I think running is one of the easiest things you can do to stay active when you travel. Try to plan a few of your training runs into your vacation plans (if it’s a safe place to run). If it’s not safe or will be too early/dark to run outside you can also try the hotel treadmill.

The reality is you probably won’t be able to get in all your half marathon training runs, but aim for a few each week to keep your cardio endurance up and you’ll be fine. Most bodies respond well to some rest and come back stronger!

More than anything – enjoy your vacation. Make small, realistic healthy choices and have fun!!

have fun and relax

Related: I just heard about the documentary about Venus and Serena Williams. Have you seen it?? I really want to see it now.

Question: What is ONE thing you do to stay healthy when you travel?


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    I walk everywhere when traveling!!! Spending hours discovering a new town or city on foot is great. I don’t usually go on lazy vacations but in the summer when I go to my friends lake house in the Adirondacks we get up and go for a 4 mile walk first thing at 7:45am. Then we come back, grab our people magazine and a snack and lay on blankets by the lake knowing we got our exercise done with. :)

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    Most of our long vacations have been to Disneyland, so it’s easy to get the exercise in. Have a daily treat that you really want and enjoy it.

    At the lake, exercise consists of wake boarding and climbing the hills to the bathroom. I have never gotten enough sleep while camping to feel like running, but that would be great. Hiking is fabulous. Maybe this year.

    I bring my own stash of fruits and veggies because the rest of my in-laws seem to live off of licorice, chips, and juice boxes.

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    I did see that documentary – its great! When I am on the go I just try to eat the healthiest options I can find. There is always some way you can find healthy foods even if you have to customize!

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    When I travel, I always eat healthy. I pack healthy snacks so I don’t overindulge and stay well hydrated. It’s easy to become dehydrated on the road. Hope you’re feeling better today! I took a rest day yesterday. This morning’s run wasn’t so great so I’m not sure if the rest day was wise or if I’m just worn down from the week. TBD…

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    I try to do activities that require walking, hiking, swimming or some other form of exercise. Then it is fun and you don’t realize you are exercising! Bonus-running on the beach is a major treat for me since I live in the Midwest and there are NO beaches closeby! I don’t worry too much-its vacation…some splurging and rest is totally okay!

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    I try to stay active on vacation – whether that’s a ton of walking, swimming, scuba, snorkeling, or if I can get access to a bike, it’s all fun stuff and not serious training.

    I also try to stick to one indulgence a day – if I’m going to have a bunch of cocktails, I’ll try to keep the eating to the healthy side. If I’m going to have a big, extravagant dinner, I’ll try to eat mostly veggies and fruit for breakfast and lunch. It’s about enjoying yourself but in moderation!

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    If it’s a short trip, the most important thing to me is to keep a healthy diet. A few days without exercise won’t have a big effect on my fitness, but I feel the effects of a few days of unhealthy foods for a week afterwards at least.

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    I think that waking up 15 minutes before the family to do a super fast tabata workout even by the elevators or something if there’s no gym is something everyone can do. Also, a jump rope takes up almost no room in the suitcase.

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    That’s still so crazy you got to talk to Venus and Jake!

    During travel, we always make sure to eat healthy and incorporate a lot of active things. On our two week trip to Europe last summer my husband and I actually both lost weight because we were so busy all day walking around everywhere and would often eat fruit or protein bars on the go. When we did sit down to eat, we were so overhungry that our appetites were a bit dulled. We ate quite well, though, when we did indulge a bit. I wouldn’t suggest going at quite the pace we did–we were exhausted by the end–but we saw a ton!

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    I drink water but sadly that is it. I am all about being a friggin’ LADY OF LEISURE on vacation. You have to enjoy it!!!! I come back and just refocus and get back on track. I don’t ever want to regret having one more margarita and that is what vacation is for! Hey but that’s just me :)

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    I drink water but sadly that is it. I am all about being a friggin’ LADY OF LEISURE on vacation. You have to enjoy it!!!! I come back and just refocus and get back on track. I don’t ever want to regret having one more margarita and that is what vacation is for! Hey but that’s just me :)

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    They really do hit it on the head by creating a workout with what you have available. I also always try to find a hotel with a gym, even if it’s just small, at least I can get in a run. But honestly these days, I’ve found that MOST hotels have some kind of fitness center and they’re getting nicer and nicer!

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    I usually do a lot of walking when I’m on vacation, especially if I’m in a new city. I tend to let myself relax and enjoy (especially when it comes to food) when I’m on vacation though. We work hard enough on the day to day – you have to let loose from time to time or what’s the point?

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