5 Rules of Weight Loss with a Giveaway

Hello! How’s it going? Today we’re talking about the 5 rules of weight loss below. Here’s a hint on the topic…

sometimes i drink water

But first… I’m just over here running and eatin’. And relaxin.

im relaxin and eating

For some reason I’m extra tired this week (even though I’ve been getting enough sleep at night). I think I need to start taking naps with Vegas.

cutest cat but hes a killer (669x502)

He actually loves it when I go to bed at night and comes and jumps up to sleep by me. I don’t really like it because I like my space/he makes me hot. So I push him away but I always wake up with him snuggled up on my leg.

kiss the cat (800x450)

Speaking of Vegas… he’s famous! Purina retweeted my pic of him!!


Breakfast! You’ll never guess that I had egg and tortillas and Sriracha.

eggs for breakfast what im eating wed (600x800)

I also had one strawberry from my garden! Plus some grapes and an apple at some point.

strawberry plants at home (800x600)

Then, I had some errands to run near my mom’s and I stopped by to raid her fridge and dip my toes in the pool.

eating cereal what i ate today (600x800) toes in the water (600x800)

Okay onto weight loss talk! Skip this part if it gives you a complex.

5 Rules of Weight Loss

A few years ago Bob Harper told me the rules to lose weight were the ones listed below. Diet is the most important x2. And beyond that exercise, hydration and sleep are key too!

5 rules of weight loss diet tips

Today I’m going to help ya stay hydrated with this Camelback Relay Water Filtration Pitcher.

camel back water filter giveaway (600x800)

This pitcher is awesome because it filters FAST, holds 10 cups of water and is smaller than the usual pitcher.

camelback water filter pitcher (800x600)

Most of us have heard you should drink 8 – 8oz glasses of water a day. But ultimately your hydration needs are based on YOU. Consider you size, activity level, sweat and more when thinking about how much water you need. The color of your pee is a great way to double check your body’s hydration.

Fit Tip:  Keep a pitcher of water in your fridge or office fridge that holds the amount of water you want to drink in a day. This is a good way to keep track of how much you’re getting.

drink 8 glasses of water or whatever (600x800)

Camelback Pitcher Giveaway!

One RER winner will win the Camelback Relay Water Filtration Pitcher.

To Enter: Leave a comment on this post with “What was the last thing you drank today?”

Open to all. Closes 5/3/14 8am PST.

Disclaimer: The pitcher was provided to me via a rep from Camelback. All opinions are my own.


  1. Ashlee says

    I’m still drinking my coffee (9:38 Am Eastern time). With water in between coffee sips. A pitcher would be nice to have in my office, the water in our fountain at work isn’t all that great so I end up lugging two to three water bottles in one of those insulated grocery bags…

  2. Elizabeth says

    So far it’s been coffee – but it’s not even 10am on the east coast so I guess that’s normal?

    Water is up next! I keep a BIG water bottle on my desk so I know to keep drinking through the day.

  3. Becki Walker says

    Technically it was coffee so I just took a swig of water before posting this so I could sound healthier:).

  4. Mandy says

    Coffee! If I could lose weight just by drinking coffee, I’d be super thin :) I need more water in my life, and that camelback looks perfect!

  5. Kristen M says

    Terrible timing-I just opened a Pepsi, which is a splurge for today. This morning I had sparkling water, which is my new favorite-trying to replace my soda habit!

  6. Kathryn says

    Water! I drink the equivalent of 10 glasses a day everyday. I love it, but the occasional diet soda or tea hits the spot sometimes too :)

  7. Paula says

    I’m sitting here sipping away on lemon water. It’s the only way I can convince myself to stay hydrated given how terrible our water tastes here!

  8. Lisa says

    I’m drinking water right now. Not fancy filtered though, just plain old tap water. Hope i win so i can upgrade :)

  9. Wendy says

    Last thing I drank today was a cup of green tea!! Great for this cold weather here in the east coast! (its april, and im still bringing out my layers >.<)

  10. jesse b says

    Already finished my coffee, so it’s water for the rest of the day. Our water at home is on a community tank and they have to treat it a few times through out the year, this would be perfect!

  11. Emily Peters says

    Water! : )
    I keep looking at different filtering pitchers and just haven’t decided yet-I didn’t even know Camelbak made them! Awesome!!!

  12. Kelsey says

    Water. ..from my obnoxious 2L size water bottle with a built in straw. My husband refers to this as an adult sippy cup. Whatever, I love it!

  13. Maria G says

    Today, mate. Not doing the water yet because I need to do some dishes to open up the faucet filter space (I had to get some stuff together in the slow cooker for soup later) and I need to get done with half this project so I can turn it in today.

  14. Eunice says

    Ice Water! I don’t have an ice maker at home, so I really appreciate the ice water at work! I like lots of it.

  15. Jen says

    Extra strong coffee. It is one of those days. I am very curious about this filter. I have one now that takes forever to filter. I mean, overnight, and I just got a new filter for it. I hope this really is fast!

  16. says

    Water, water, and more water. One bottle was flavored with Mio, but the rest was just water. So far, 3 bottles. I keep the bottles at my desk until the end of the day so I know how many I’ve had during the workday.

  17. Liz P says

    Kroger brand lemon lime sparkling water. I’m a La Croix junkie, but this is a nice, cheaper alternative. :)

  18. Amy Ramos says

    I had some good ‘ol agua. I have two water bottles on my desk and once they are empty, I go to the kitchen area at my work and re fill them up. My goal every day is to drink four 20 oz bottles.

  19. andrea says

    I’m a water fan!! I try my darnest to drink at least 48 oz during the work day. I love my cheetah Tervis insulated cup. I’d love this pitcher too.

  20. Bobbie says

    Sounds boring but the last thing I had to drink today was water.
    Other than coffee in the morning and wine at night I drink nothing but water in between

  21. says

    As soon as I saw your “some e-card” meme about surprising your liver, I jumped up and got a water bottle (before even reading the rest of the post)! So my answer- purified drinking water :)

  22. Sarah G says

    The last thing I drank today was…water! I keep a plastic tumbler at my desk that I keep refilling throughout the day.

  23. Karen f says

    Powers out this morning and schools closed. So I schelpt all three boys down the hill for Starbucks. That’s the first and last thing I drank after 8 1/2 miles this morning.
    Coffee is my lifeblood.

  24. Teri says

    Just finished a bottle of cherry limeade seltzer…now to move on to regular water… Love that camelback has made a pitcher!

  25. Melissa says

    Iced coffee…but I chase it with a glass of water! Same rule when I drink – one glass of water for each glass of wine/booze/whatever.

  26. laura z says

    I have a runa clean energy, a mug of decaf and a waterbottle on my desk right now….not sure what that says about me…

  27. Tara says

    Just plain ‘ole water! That’s the only thing that I drink besides my one cup of coffee in the morning.

  28. says

    Water! I could definitely use this. I have a big 32 oz bottle that I sip all day at work, but as soon as I go home I just stop drinking water altogether!

  29. Kristin says

    The last thing I drank was a decaf Starbucks latte. But all this water talk is making me thirsty so I’ll probably drink some now.

  30. Andrea says

    Drank coffee earlier. Need to drink more water daily so I was just considering Camelback mantra (a naturally flavored powder drink). Would go well with the giveaway, no?

  31. Robyn H says

    Keepin’ it real and confessing that I am currently enjoying Coke Zero :-( But I’ll have water later…promise!

  32. The Silent Assassin says

    Awe crap! The one time I read this on my break, it’s after I make an sbux run. And the content is on weight loss? lol… Ugh! And I was really debating on getting a Trenta unsweetened green tea! Instead I got a grande mocha frap, no whip and a banana walnut bread loaf… did I mention no whip?

  33. teresa deal says

    Drinking a diet coke right now….if I had a handy dandy camelback pitcher – surely I would be drinking water! :)

  34. says

    I just finished my morning coffee as I was reading this….and yes, it’s 4:30 in the afternoon, but it takes me an entire work day to drink a cup of coffee. Luckily my mug keeps it warm(ish)!

  35. Hillary says

    Water! Wishing it had been diet coke though…I was thinking about it, but decided for the healthier choice.

  36. BreannaS says

    I started with coffee but I always finish my day with water. This is a new habit for me but I have now gotten to the point that pop just isn’t refreshing any more.

  37. Caroline says

    I’m not gonna lie but seeing that is cold and rainy in late April at 7 PM, I’m going with a Sam Adams Summer Ale. Now if I had that pitcher, I would make sure to hydrate while dreaming of those warm Spring days!

  38. says

    Last thing I had to drink was a Fruit Water. I know, there’s nothing “fruit” about it but it tastes so good, and I like the fizzies:)

  39. Courtney says

    Water, water, and more water! It’s really all I drink, with the exception of a good iced chai in the summer 😉

  40. Erin Ellis says

    Right now I am drinking coffee….thinking about the wine I am going to pour shortly. I did however drink 9 big glasses of water today (I’ve been keeping track to make sure I get enough). Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

  41. Emily says

    I spoiled myself with a skinny mocha from Starbucks because it was cold, rainy, and I had a tough day at work. Haven’t had one in YEARS! Tasted better than I remembered.

  42. Alicia says

    Some lemonade. It’s so hard for me drink water with dinner for some reason. But I’m slowly getting there my lemonade is way watered down ha ha.

  43. JennDize says

    All I drink are water and coffee, sometimes with nuun (in the water, not so much the coffee). Water was my last drink, sans nuun.

  44. GretchenP says

    drinking mountain dew right now :( ..so bad! but much needed on a no sleep day! thanks for the giveaway!!

  45. Erin says

    Water – I actually drink a ton of it, so much so that a doctor told me I should drink less! Who does that?!?!

  46. Brenda says

    I’m currently drinking coffee trying to find the energy to get out and run before work…it’s already 64 in LA so if I don’t get a run in now it’s going to be too hot for the rest of the day!

  47. Liz Mitchell says

    Last thing I drank was about 30 seconds ago, it was a hot cup of black coffee. The nectar of the morning Gods.

  48. Karen says

    COFFEE…all day every day…it has water in it so that counts…maybe this would force me to drink more plain water…i can dream

  49. Sarah C. says

    Coffee! But it’s only coffee until about 1pm, then pretty much water water water all the rest of the day. And a beer, some days.

  50. Jen A. says

    Dunkin Decaf iced coffee – I am off to the land of no Dunkin for a few days and had to get one in before I left!

  51. Tiffany says

    The last thing that I drank was ice water. the colder, the better. I keep a water bottle with me all day to make sure that I get enough to drink! Thanks for the giveaway!

  52. says

    Sipping on some Raspberry Lime seltzer right now. Yum! I love having cold water in the fridge–makes it much more palatable!

  53. allison says

    I’m currently enjoying a lovely cup of coffee. I did have two glasses of water before though!

  54. Amy L says

    I’m still in bed… So first thing will be coffee. But last thing yesterday was sangria from a local winery. Yum!!

  55. says

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    In regards to exercise , this will al depend on the situation of the person. It will depend on age, fitness level , and current weight , to depend on the right type of exercise program to use to reach the desired goal for that person.

    I would always advise at least 30 minutes every other day of exercise , to promote better health and depending on the person goals , weight-loss. If the person wants to lose more weight , then more cardio exercise is needed than strength training, although some strength work should be included to build muscle , which in turn will burn more calories.

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