OC Marathon Results and Recap and Tequila

OC Marathon results – another HOT marathon is done and done!

oc marathon results recap post race time

Last night I laid out my stuff to prep for the OC Marathon. The full mary starts at 5:30am so I had a super early wake up call! I rolled a bit with the tennis ball yesterday hoping my butt cramp situation would go away.

oc marathon shoes lay out your clothes (600x800)

RER has to do the classic running pose or the sky will fall.

oc marathon results running pose (600x800)

Ain’t no party like a porta party.

oc marathon results and recap porta potties (600x800)

I met reader Natalie at the start. How’d it go?

oc marathon results and recap post (600x800)

I didn’t have a GPS watch for this race so I knew I’d just roll with it. Or run with it?

Plus, it was hot. Even with the early start, it’s just hot here right now. Knowing that I figured I’d just run by effort.

I ran a lot with SR so it was a fun race. She’s usually a Speedster of America but she’s been running 437 miles a week so she’s at my pace this week.

We were joking about that Runner’s World article about “Should You Offer Encouragement When You Pass Another Runner?” In the Facebook comments someone said they wouldn’t care if someone passed them unless the person was like, “Suck it nerd!”

But, I would think that was funny!

So, SkinnyRunner  and I kept telling that to each other throughout the race and I’m sure people around us thought we were mortal enemies. Sometimes we are.

oc marathon results with skinnyrunner and runeatrepeat (600x800)

OC Marathon finish.

oc marathon half marathon results finish line (800x600)

OC Marathon 2014 results for RER – 3:41:17

oc marathon results recap post race (600x800)

I could have done better but my legs felt tired because I didn’t taper. I ran a lot on Friday and wasn’t well rested. Lately I feel fine, even with high mileage but I think I need a mini-break to recharge. This is where I have my marathon PR (3:36:23) and I don’t feel anywhere near in that shape right now.

Overall: It was running 26.2 miles on a hot day near my home town. I love it.

oc marathon results medal (800x600)

After the race I met up with the elusive Silent Assassin. He’s rocked the half marathon! I also broke my post-2pm coffee rule because I needed a boost before the Cinco de Drinko festivities.

oc marathon results recap post race stuff (600x800)

Tequila. Watermelon. Happy Monican.

oc marathon results and tequila (600x800)

Don’t judge.

oc marathon results watermelon 2 (600x800)

Question: What was the BEST thing you ATE or DID this weekend?

I ran a marathon and ate a lot of Chinese food. Boom.


  1. says

    Well I can tell you about the WORST thing I ate today! Just tried a new protein powder pancake recipe (current powder tastes icky and I’m trying to use it up). Turns out, if you make pancakes with icky protein powder you get icky pancakes. :(

    Congrats on your OC Marathon finish! I saw tons of photos of people interacting with Disney characters after the race. Did bibs get you free park entrance or did tons of people just hit up Disneyland afterward?

  2. says

    always nice to see a cameo of SR…sometimes I feel like she is a figment of my imagination..I wish she would start writing again..

    nice job running, you look amazing as always…I bought a watermelon yesterday on sale for$8. It better taste amazing. Considering we still do not have leaves..maybe I should be happy that we have no snow on the ground and they were able to ship watermelon here.

  3. Charlotte says

    I don’t care about your time, fast pace or whatever. 26 miles is an amazing accomplishment. Simply amazing. Happy cinco do Mayo.

  4. says

    Great race 😀 That sounds like a painfully early wakeup call, though.

    Best thing I ate this weekend was getting fried calamari and raw oysters, washed down with cold beers at a bar in Boston.

  5. says

    Oh you know, I just saved a Red Tail Hawk and ate some nachos at Smokey Bones and did I mention I saved a Red Tail Hawk? Boom! (Obviously I’m a little proud of myself)

  6. Denise says

    I didn’t eat anything that was earth shattering this weekend. Everything was ehhhh, food. I did have a delicious grapefruit vodka something cocktail last night that I only got to drink half of because when I returned to our table after a few shakes on the dance floor they had cleared my drink. Seriously…. they are lucky my husband gave me the five minute warning look that we were leaving by then…… Best thing I did was probably get out on the dance floor and talked to a bunch of people I never ever see because I never go out to the nightclubs.

  7. says

    You are awesome! Congrats on the marathon and the tequila!

    I also ran a marathon today (The Tacoma City Marathon). They were giving out entire boiled potatoes in the recovery area. That’s weird, right? I think the post marathon plain, boiled boiled potato is the strangest thing I ate this weekend, and sort of the best thing, too.

  8. says

    Best thing I DID… Definitely going to the zoo because animals are the best.
    Best thing I ATE… The froyo I had tonight, no doubt. Froyo is the world’s most perfect food.

  9. Heather says

    I ran 4 miles for my half marathon training, and had delicious cheese burgers with friends!!

  10. says

    Best thing I did was not cry hysterically when I realized my ankle tendonitis seems to have returned and I’ll probably have to take at least another week off from running.
    Best thing I ate was a spicy tuna bowl appetizer at the Japanese restaurant tonight.

    The elusive Silent Assasin is one of my biggest commenters on my blog (I have just a handful of commenters=) and for that I am ever grateful. Glad to know he exists and that means he’s not spam! =) This is my favorite part about the whole blog world.

    And meanwhile if your PR is 3:36 and you ran 3:41 on a hot day without a taper I’m just gonna say you are a rock star! Glad you got to run with SR and I think watermelon makes the perfect chaser to any shot…

    • The Silent Assassin says

      I’m from hawaii… don’t knock da spam, lol… I will do my best to sneak up on you in SF!

  11. says

    I ran 7k yesterday which is my longest yet! As I was running I came across a stunning lake so the run was extra beautiful!
    As for food I make a pannetone pudding cake thing which went down a TREAT!

  12. says

    I ate a quarter-pounder homemade lean beef burger! :) Congrats on the great finish. Lovely photos, and the last one is just hilarious! Not judging! It is well-deserved.

  13. Melissa S. says

    I ran half #2 of 6 for 2014 (#5 lifetime) AND set a new PR by 8 minutes!!! I am still a turtle, but getting faster :)

    Nothing too exciting on the food front except the fro-yo I chowed down on after my half mary 😉

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  14. says

    I ran my first marathon this weekend!! And boy, I actually feel like I’ve been hit by a truck this morning! I can barely walk, however, it was amazing.. but everything hurts. Congrats on your race – SUCH an incredible time!!

  15. Christie says

    I ran the OC marathon this weekend too! Saw you and SR warming up! Competed my goal I made 4 years ago- “5 marathons by 30 y/o” – but I still have another 14 months until 30 and I am not done running marathons yet! :)

    I ALMOST ran a PR- accidently reset my watch and I didn’t know where I was at. I thought I was running slow and didn’t push myself at end. Missed a PR by 42 seconds :( I finished in 4:20:26. My goal is to one day get under 4:15! Must keep trying!!

  16. Shannon in Tustin says

    Wonderful finish for the hot weather! Recall last year it was unseasonably freezing at that race? I ran the half, my sister ran the full. I just remembered standing around afterward wishing I had one of those space blankets!

    Best thing I did was attend a K-9 unit fundraiser in Camarillo! Not a banner weekend in the food department, so I’m going with the In-n-Out burger I had yesterday. I have them about once a year so I enjoyed every single bite. :)

    Happy Week and please rest your tired legs!

    • Shannon in Tustin says

      Actually that is a wonderful finish. period! Didn’t come out the way I meant….

  17. says

    I ran my lifetime 49th half marathon on Saturday (that number now matches my age!) and got my second fastest finishing time ever.

    Then on Sunday, I delivered a chair to an elderly gentleman in another city that had been using a wooden chair with pillows tied to it. Long story short – a friend posted on Facebook about this gentleman and asked people to help. He had no idea we were dong this. Today she posted a picture of him in his “new” chair and he is smiling from ear to ear. That picture made my heart smile.

  18. The Silent Assassin says

    The best part?! Do you even have to ask?!! I am blessed to have met The Monican. #srirachiforthewin #alohafordays. Oh and surprisingly, I didn’t realize how delish a corndog is after a race. Ok, if we are being honest, make that 2 corndogs.

  19. Rob Runs says

    Two friends and I ran the Frederick, MD, Nut Job – a 6PM 5k followed by a 7AM half-marathon. The best thing I drank was the two beers (Shock Top and 312) after the 5k. It was perhaps a little more than necessary but it was hot and muggy and man they were refreshing.

  20. says

    Congrats on the strong finish. Can’t believe you ran in the heat. Is it a race that you would consider running again or recommend? I’ve only ran NYC so I’m nervous to check out some other marathons. SF maybe?

    Happy cinco de mayo. Now I want a watermelon margarita :)

  21. Moira says

    I came in third in the 10k I ran this weekend! and 16th female overall!! (This was a super small race but man it made me feel good!)

  22. says

    5.30 in the morning sounds like an incredibly early time for a marathon and on top of that the day looked it was absolutely boiling! Congrats on completing the race, though, those long runs can be brutal.

  23. Susy says

    I ran the OC half on Sunday and I am so glad that you mentioned it was hot because it made me feel better about my time 😀

  24. says

    I’m running OC this year so I am scouring the web for all the details. I was just told over the weekend that it’s hillier than you expect. What are your thoughts on that? Now I’m nervous about hills because I’d love to PR.

    Hope all is well!

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