My Cat Tried to Kill Ben

Warning: Kinda gross pic below. Man or woman the heck up and just look at it.

Hello! How is your day going?

Mine has been kind of crazy. That’s why I’m late posting today. Sometimes I’m late posting because I’m running all day or eating all day but today I actually have an excuse.

Remember Ben? Well – get a good look at him because he’s a goner.

ben kissing me (450x800)

Last night Ben came home super late. Vegas and I were just hanging out on the couch almost asleep. Ben sat down on the couch to take off his shoes and the way he flicked them off scared the crap out of Vegas and he jumped off me and onto Ben’s head and ran off. It was like the fastest cat ninja jump!

Then, we realized Ben’s ear was bleeding. A lot. He must have caught it with his claw and sliced right through the middle!! It was gross. And I thought he would need stiches but I’m lucky to have one friend and that one friend is a NP so I sent over some pictures and she told me Ben needed an ear transplant. So, if anyone wants to donate one that’d be great.

This is after we sopped up the blood. Note the hangy piece.

WP_20140520_22_53_11_Pro (800x450)

After consulting “How to tell if your cat is trying to kill you” I know he is.

The killer:

cute cat sleeping (727x545)

I felt bad so I made Ben some epic pancakes this morning… recipe coming!

WP_20140520_17_36_07_Pro (800x450)

Then, I went for a run in a new area because of a car situation.

this mornings run (600x800) running in oc (600x800) running around oc (600x800)

Other eating stuff – yesterday I had the most delicious mango. This is like nature’s candy!!

WP_20140520_17_00_40_Pro (800x450)

If you don’t know how to cut mangoes check out my quick and easy video!

How to Cut a Mango

Question: Should Vegas be grounded or do you think it was an accident?


  1. says

    My adorable, sweet, loving Lab nipped at me last weekend – it made me scream and jump (even though no skin was broken/I wasn’t injured). He had something near his eye and I went to flick it off his head and I think I just took him by surprise so he reacted the way he did. Accidents happen.

  2. The Silent Assassin says

    Monica!!!! You can’t punish Vegas! You remember that cat, Tara, that came to the rescue of his child owner from that vicious dog (attack)?! Get the house cleaned chica! I’m pretty sure the Today Show will be by for an interview. #VegasForDaWin

  3. says

    Cats react in such a defensive way when they are vulnerable. My friends cat would attack you if you tried to pet her tummy.

    They don’t ever feel bad either. But then they cuddle up to you and purr and you just can’t be mad.

    Tell Vegas to wear ear muffs to bed to keep his ears safe in case Ben wants to retaliate. Lol.

    Omg I could picture how cute Vegas would look with ear muffs…I digress…

  4. says

    My SIL has a crazy cat.

    We were doing the piñata thing for her daughter’s bday party and the cat jumped on this little girl’s back and tried to bite her neck. He was latched on, I had to pull him off.

    She ended up with a minor scratch on her ear. And I’m pretty sure that cat is going to be fixed.

  5. Denise G. says

    Would you like to replace him with another orange tabby? jk (I have to find a home for my 2 cats, one of which is a sweet, simple-minded orange boy and I don’t know where to begin.)

    I’ve had a couple injuries thanks to scaredy cats – my mom’s old cat put her nail through my lip once… and yet I still love cats.

  6. Amanda says

    Sounds like a failed assassination attempt. The other day my cat woke me up by tufting my head. I’m pretty sure she was trying to smother me in my sleep 😉

  7. says

    Awww…but look at the shame or guilt that Vegas is displaying. I’d let this first assassination attempt fly as a defense mechanism. He was protecting you from flying shoes, he had to do something and attack the ears is the first line of defense against shoes, don’t you know?

  8. says

    Your timing on the mango cutting video could not be better. I attempted to cut up a mango to put in my smoothie this morning, failed miserably, and gave up.

    I have one mango left… I will attempt your method tomorrow!

  9. Nicole says

    Ben now has a scar story. “What’s that cut on your ear, Ben?” “Dude – I totally got attacked by the MMA fighter, “El Gato”! I shouldn’t have snuck up on him like I did. Seriously, cat-like reflexes that El Gato…..”

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