Friday Food and Favorites From the Week

Hello! How’s it going? I was planning on giving myself a half day of work but I got a new project that is due Monday so that’s what’s on my plate. (For what’s literally on my plate see below because it’s a food post.) I’ve heard the phrase “Summer Friday” but am not familiar with that – so I thought I’d make up my own Smile life free shirt (600x800)

When I was working at a recruiting company (during and after college that was my gig for years) I remember we took Fridays super chill and would have people take turns bringing in breakfast or do potlucks all the time. It was already a very casual office and it got even more casual on Fridays. Seriously – people wore slippers and my friend bought me a snuggie because I was always cold.


And I just got way off track! Ha! The point is, it’s Friday. Have a great weekend.

happy hour

And now here are the things I’m eating…

Friday Food Blog

Breakfast: Eggs, toast – half with butter half with AB. breakfast fitness food (600x800)

Lunch: The bigger the better Winking smile

big salads for life (600x800)

Snacks: Quest bars.

quest bar after workout (600x800)

Cherries. I am ridiculous and eat the whole bag and then go to the store for more.

cherries all day (800x600)

Treats: Chocolate errday.

i need chocolate every day (600x800)

Dinner: I don’t know if this is super tragic to admit, but I’m kinda in love with frozen meals again. I think I’ve quit cooking for the summer.

lean cuisine

(source: NatalieDee)

Other: I am on a mission to create overnight steel cut oats! I’m inspired by Chobani’s new Greek Yogurt with oats. But steel cut oats take a lot longer to cook than regular oats. So, just soaking them overnight isn’t working. I think my latest attempt came out great though!

chobani oats yogurt (600x800) (600x800) happy friday wine time

Of Interest…

Best Low Calorie Beers via SkinnyMom

Meb has dinner at the White House via Runner’s World

Big Bear XTerra 21K Trail Race <- Flashback from RER last year.

Question: What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Leah says

    Your stomach is a lot stronger than mine is if you can down a bag of cherries in one sitting and not worry about pooping yourself on your run the next day. I’m jealous.

      • says

        Oh gawd cherry, peach and nectarine season is my nightmare… I can eat up to 3 kg of fruit in about half a day.. effortless! Scares me sometimes how much space my stomache has for yummy fresh fruit.. I ADORE cherries, but try to not buy them too often because of the afore mentioned gorge fest! :)

  2. says

    Smart idea on the overnight steel cut oats, I hope it works out so you’ll share! I’m excited for a summer weather weekend. Things have been weird in Chicago with rain + cold!

  3. says

    Tell us your overnight steel cut oats secret ways! I tried it once and got a big pile of crunchy, inedible oats in the morning.

    I’ve got a long run, a free outdoor yoga class, and a bike ride planned so far. I’ve been working weekends a lot lately, but now I finally have two days off and I almost don’t know what to do with myself!

  4. says

    I used to live off frozen meals when I was in graduate school, but since we moved in together, we have not owned a microwave, so no more frozen meals for me, and a LOT more salads. But I used to KILL some Lean Cuisine especially when it was on sale!

  5. says

    I’ve been meaning to play around with overnight oats after getting some of the oatmeal Chobani, too. I just always forget to make it at night and only remember in the morning. I’m working this week, but I also have a 15 mile long run planned for Sunday (before work). I’m hoping for good weather for that one. Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

  6. says

    Ha! I’m feeling much better about my insatiable cherry addiction after reading this. I actually started buying smaller bags at the grocery store because I will undoubtedly eat the whole thing in one sitting and I was tired of feeling like my stomach was going to burst after eating about 75 cherries.

    Just got a run in for the day, feeling great, and after a tall iced coffee I think I am actually ready to be a wee bit productive today! Hopefully that means I will get to make lots of check marks on my to-do list but in all likelihood I’ll read for the next 3 hours and then go for a walk. Eh, what are weekends for if not to be self-indulgently lazy?

    Have a great one!

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