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Hello! I am getting ready (and nervous) for the Hood to Coast Relay! Today is all about packing, which I think I have figured out from doing two relays before this one.

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I am not sure how much I’ll be able to post over the weekend, so follow me on instagram to stay updated!

Running Gear Must Haves

Running. Despite being somewhat simple (ummm just go run), running can be super expensive! I am not big on fancy gadgets or running apps and consider my running must haves pretty simple. These are the 8 items I use all the time when I run (not specifically for races).

The list of items below are things I have used for years at this point and I still love them and need ‘em! I’m not saying you need these things to run, but at the bare minimum this is the running gear I use about 5 days a week.

must haves for runners

1. ProCompression visor. I’ve always always been a ‘visor girl’. I actually used to wear visors at cheerleading camp every summer throughout high school – it’s just my thing.

2. Sunglasses. I rotate about 3 different pairs, but they are all made for sport. I actually just got a new pair that I’ll be reviewing soon! (I’d name it here but I left them in the car…)

3. Ipod. I have a tragic ipod from 2009 or something, but it works.

4. Sportsbra. Refer to my Sportsbra post for suggestions and tons of great comments for the bigger boobed girls.

5. Spibelt. I bought my first Spibelt at a race expo years and years ago. Since then I’ve used different brands and types. They all work the same. I have the water resistant one.

6. Running shorts. I used to swear by the Moving Comfort running shorts, but they changed the design a little bit. I still love them, but am looking for another option. So far the Mizuno Running Short Tights are working for me. They have a 4” inseam.

7. Garmin 410. I used to be in love with my 305 until it broke and I was forced to get a new one. This model works for me. If you want a review of GPS / Running watches check out DC Rainmaker.

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8. Running shoes. Go to a running shoe store and get fitted and talk to a pro about what shoe is right for you. I found my match in Mizuno Hitogamis.

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Question: What is on your running or gym ‘MUST HAVE OR I CANNOT WORKOUT’ list?


  1. says

    I’m a big fan of the visor for running, too–I like that my head stays cooler more easily than with a full hat. My big must haves: cushioned shoes (works well for my body), my Garmin, and pepper spray for safety. And, of course, my phone so I can take photos of pretty stuff I see on my run and post it to my blog. :)

    • Jen says

      I used to be the same until I found the Moving Comfort Juno bra and ran an entire trail marathon (super hilly) in it with NO chafing – this has never happened to me despite using oodles of body glide and usually 2 bras. Only problem: I find it impossible to put it on without help, my husband has to do the clasps for me.

  2. says

    Of course I am lost in the world without a good pair of running shoes! I alternate between Merrell minimalist shoes and Vibrams. Beyond that, I’m pretty simplistic when it comes to gear. I’m a visor girl, too, especially in the summer. I also like to cover myself in heavy duty sunscreen, so I would count that as a necessary item. Dry fit socks, a comfy sports bra, and some tiny shorts and I’m good to go. I have fallen out of the Garmin regimen because I got tired of waiting for it to catch satellite signal, and I have become fond of running just based on feel without worrying about the numbers. So I have a flimsy little lightweight stopwatch that works very well for me. Once I’ve put on all of this stuff I’m good to go for any summer weather run!

  3. says

    Must haves…besides your list, I agree with Ashley, hairband. I am a minimalist, so I could even leave off the visor, spibelt, phone, Garmin, but not the hairband.!

  4. CARRIE says

    My must have right now is the Orange Mud HydraQuiver Hydration Pack (single and double barrel-depending on the run length!). Awesome for a hands free run! It holds all my other must haves: water and/or Gatorade, hair tie, gels, pepper spray & cell phone.

  5. says

    I recently brought a Brooks running had, mostly for the rain. In addition to keeping my face dry, I feel incredibly hardcore running in a storm.

  6. says

    Pants/shorts that don’t ride up or chafe are key! I usually end up in capris, because I find it really hard to find shorts that work for me. And a hairband, plus a sports bra, some kind of shirt (obviously), shoes and fancy socks (I get blisters no matter what I do, but fancy socks do help). I usually hold my phone, too, but a friend of mine showed me a trick where she basically holds her phone and puts an extra rubber band around the phone and her hand, so it helps her to not drop it. It’s kind of complicated to explain, but super simple to do.
    I almost always forget my iPod!

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