Friday Favorites from Portland

Hello! I made it to Portland.

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I’m super proud of myself for packing light. Since we’re all going to be living in a van for 28 hours we were warned to bring as little as possible. This was as much as I could break it down:

packing for hood to coast relay race (800x600)

Last night I had a fun dinner with some of the Runner’s World / Belvita team…

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and now I’m getting ready to pile in a van with 6 strangers and run 17.5 miles over the course of 24 hours! Crazy.

But while I am running and eating and bringing the hood to the coast I thought I’d share my favorite things from the week…

My Favorite Things This Week:

1. My new bar necklace. Heather from Thought Blossoms recently emailed me and offered hook me up with one of their pieces. It was perfect timing! I have been looking for a 26.2 necklace, but didn’t see anything I was super in love with. Well, I told her what I wanted (simple, gold, only have 26.2 on it) and I got this in the mail! Love it.

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You can check out all their goods on Thought Blossoms. Mine is this one but with 26.2 on the bar. (It was hard to get a close up with my camera/phone.)

26.2 necklace

2. Part Time Vegetarian Smoothies and Juices book by Tina! The pictures look delicious and I feel like I need to make that Creamy PB Chocolate smoothie asap!

WP_20140821_10_11_14_Pro (800x450) WP_20140821_10_11_29_Pro__highres (800x451)

3. Gum soft picks. Have you tried these?! I am a floss addict. Like, completely. But, when I was over my mom’s the other day she offered me one of these and mind blown. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried these before.

friday fav gum soft picks (800x600)

4. My new Stitchfix dress. I’m not a fan of cowl neck for some reason, but the rest of this dress was too cute to send back. I’m a fan of anything that’s easy breezy like this – just toss it on with some sandals and go.

stitchfix review dress blog (600x800)

Note: I wore this in Portland and had to pack super super light for the relay so these were the only non-running shoes I had.

Note 2: I think that lady and her dogs wanted to be in my pic. And they’re awesome.

5. All the awesome new gear I got for Hood to Coast from Belvita and New Balance. Um, hello.

belvita morning win hood to coast relay (600x800)

The only problem is I had all my running gear for each leg picked out and I don’t know what to wear now… #RunnerProblems

bear meme

Question: What is your favorite thing this week?


  1. says

    I am terrible at packing light. My boyfriend always tells me that I could be moving every time we go somewhere. I MUST BE PREPARED FOR EVERY OCCASION THAT WON’T HAPPEN!

    P.s. I’m SUPER in love with that dress!

    Blessings and have fun!

  2. says

    Love the dress…
    I would attach a little flashlight to the zipper of your duffel–makes finding things in the dark van easier!
    Have a blast!

  3. says

    Favorite thing is a tie between a sweet tunic style top I got for 40% off at Lucky and an email I got from the boy I have been seeing that acknowledged how great it is to be out of the awkward getting to know you phase and into the just enjoying each other phase. Woot woot!! I feel the same of course.

  4. says

    I am also obsessed with soft picks!! The issue is the case always opens in my bag and then my purse is swimming w/ dental toothpicks, which is weird, and also convenient for grabbing one.

  5. says

    Too many running outfits is never a problem! Haha. My favorite thing this week is my foam roller–I’m upping my mileage for marathon training, so it’s really been helping me through the tight muscles and knots. Good luck with Hood to Coast!

  6. says

    My favorite thing this week would have to be my sweet Garmin package that my dear friend sent me :-) I purchased a Vivofit but then she added tons of cool stuff to my order.

  7. says

    Wow, you really did pack light. This week my favorite things have been some new protein powder from a company called Game Plan and some cold-pressed juices from a company called Urban Remedy. But, I’m very excited about the weekend ahead and a Dave Matthews Band concert at a cool venue in Berkeley. Have a great weekend!

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