Sunday Set Up Grocery Haul and Taper Week


I was such a productive bee today! As soon as I woke up I walked to the store for some milk so that was my exercise for the day. Sundays are normally a rest day for me, but it’s nice to take a lil walk After breakfast I did a lot of cleaning. Then, I hit the store for a complete grocery haul… In my basket: Asparagus Organic Spring Mix Zip Fizz Salmon … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up Slacker


It’s Sunday night and I just realized I’m actually in town and should do a Sunday Set up to set myself up for a healthy, happy week… especially because I ate sweet potato tots today. Busted. And oh so good. PSA: Sweet potato tots are seasonal at Sonic – get them NOW! But instead of stocking up on groceries I visited my fam <3 I’m going to hit the store with a list … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up to Florida


Happy Christmas Eve Eve! This morning I started my day with a walk to the store for some dinner supplies. I’m making that pull apart bread Skinny Runner made a while back – been dreaming about it ever since. When I got home I made an epic omelet with scallions and Laughing Cow cheese. Right now I’m frantically packing and getting ready to head to Florida! I’ll be there for … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up For Thanksgiving


Hello! How was your weekend? Ben and I played House Hunters yesterday. It was a bust though. The first Open House was a lie and there was no realtor there, plus it was such a tragedy the other house hunters said it would probably have to be knocked down. Boo. At least I managed to do my makeup for the days events (that’s fallen by the wayside lately). I was going to do a … [Read more...]

Kayaking in Dana Point


Hello and Happy Sunday! This morning I woke up around 6 and forced myself to go back to sleep until 7. When I finally rolled out of bed Ben was still asleep so I snuck out for a Sunday morning walk. Three miles with my thoughts Sometimes I wait for Ben to walk with me, but he sprained his ankle about 2 weeks ago and it’s just getting back to normal. So we decided to get some … [Read more...]

Olympic Marathon Watching Party


alternate title:  Mimosas and Marathons Today is like the Super Bowl of Running x 4! The Women’s Olympic Marathon was on super early this morning. Sarah (from Once Upon a Lime) held a marathon viewing party and recorded the race so we could watch it at a decent hour (9am). Skinny Runner, Sheila (from Striding Mom ) and I carpooled to her place for the festivities. We … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up Quesadillas


Happy Sunday! Since I did the tri yesterday I was going to skip my run this weekend, but woke up wanting to pound out a few. I ran 8 easy and walked 2 back home. I passed this grocery store on the way and decided to grab my craving of the morning – blueberries. Eaten during the last mile stroll When I got home I immediately made breakfast. Do not pass Go, do not take a … [Read more...]

Sights and Searches of Sunday


Happy Sunday! I ditched out of my triathlon training group meeting because I didn’t feel up to a bike ride and swim after yesterday’s long run. Instead, I started my day with a 3 mile walk and some pancakes. That would be a veggie sausage on the right and almond butter in the middle. So good. Do you make “special” breakfasts on the weekend? This felt special Then, Ben and … [Read more...]

Hamcakes and Sunday Set Up


Ben and I did a little exploring around our neighborhood yesterday and ended up stopping at a Korean restaurant for dinner. They start you off with kimchee and two other things that I can’t identify / am too lazy to Google. Ben ordered the tempura Udon and I drank most of the broth. I got some dish called bibimap Okay I googled this one and found the Wiki definition for … [Read more...]

Sights from Saturday and Sunday


Hello! Last night Ben and I headed to a going away party at a bar in Newport. His friend, Ned, is moving to Colorado next weekend and we had to give him a proper send off! From the bar we headed to the after party and it was a late night. This morning I took a little walk with my copy of Runner’s World. That’s the extent of my exercise on Sundays I wanted pancakes for … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up


Oh my gosh! Chiara left a comment on my Cinco De Mayo Half Marathon Recap that I got 3rd place in my age group. Now I wish I would have really pushed it to at least report a 1:49 on the board... Sunday Set Up: Exercise: M: Strength and stretch T: Tempo W: Longer TH: Yoga F: 4 miles, Abs Sat: Long Dinners: … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up and Roasted Cauliflower


I’m working for a corporate wellness event this week and will be helping to lead a hike tomorrow and a power walk session on Thursday. This afternoon I headed to a meeting for the group. The event is being held at a fancy shmancy hotel in Orange County. The fitness leaders all meet here and grab our groups for hikes, strength, walking, yoga or gym time. After the meeting I … [Read more...]

Sunday Set Up March 4


Sundays are a rest day for me, but my legs need a little movement after a long run so I went for a walk with Ben this morning. We made a pit stop at Jamba for a shared smoothie. By the time we got home I was more than ready for breakfast. I made a super quick scramble sandwich with a Pomelo on the side (Farmer’s Market purchase). It’s like a mild grapefruit, but the skin is … [Read more...]

Mom’s Birthday Dinner


How’s was your Sunday? Since we moved to Orange County Ben and I have been “church shopping” and I really liked the service we attended this morning! I think he needs a little more convincing so we’ll try it out again weekend after next. Finding Jesus is hard! We headed to my parent’s house for Sunday Dinner. Actually, it was my mom’s birthday dinner! Her real birthday is … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Sunday Set Up


Happy Super Bowl Sunday! I’m not all about the game, but I am all about the food. Ben and I were going to go to my mom’s to watch the game but decided we didn’t feel like making the drive and should be productive around here (she’s 40 miles north of us). So I hit up the store for some Super Bowl Snacks… A veggie plate with ranch and HUGE pickle for me Chips and dips Those … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun Day No Set Up


I skipped out on Sunday Set Up to make Sunday a fun day. Ben and I headed over to my parents house to join them for church. Then, Ben helped my little brother with his science project. After church the fam headed to brunch, but I was still full so I went to get a manicure/pedicure instead. The place near my mom’s is the best and I like to hold out for when I’m in the area for … [Read more...]