2009 Resolutions Revisited

2009 is almost over and I’m already planning my 2010 Resolutions! I love fresh starts and have been working on my goals diligently :)

For a little “flash-back Friday” action here were my 2009 Resolutions:

1. Run a marathon (and 2 half marathons) *Full marathon, Half Mary, Another Half Done and Done :)

2. Spend some “date time” with Matt every week * I did this until I moved to MD :(

3. Get a new job that I love by March and apply to grad school *I did get a new job, but sometimes what you think is your “dream job” turns out different than you’d hoped. I’m now exploring new options including school, but nothing is set.

4. Be Nice *Fuck that. Just kidding! I would like to think I was nicer this year :)

5. Go to church and build stronger relationship with God *Didn’t live up to this one, but there is always 2010!

6. Only eat when my body is hungry – STOP (casual/mindless/habit) SNACKING *This is my biggest hurdle in Intuitive Eating. I am going to conquer this in 2010!

7. Love my body (appreciate how I look and be positive) *I’m getting better all the time, but this is another work in progress. But spreading the Operation Beautiful love this summer did help keep my mindset positive :)IMG_0691

8. Don’t stress!!!!! ( I added the exclamation points for irony) *Oh my gosh!! I didn’t do this one!!! I don’t know what to do!!!! Aaaahhhh!!!

9. Dress cute all the time (okay, as much as possible) *I’m currently wearing two pairs of pants (it’s cold) an old sweat shirt and my hair isn’t brushed. FAIL.

Well, I didn’t accomplish all my goals for 2009. But, the year turned out to be a lot crazier than I had planned. When I wrote these goals I was still working my after college job and had a boyfriend.

By the end of the year I had moved across the county for what was supposed to be my dream job and was married! Wow. What a difference a year makes…

I will be unveiling my 2010 Goals soon. They are going to be big because that’s how I do it :)


  1. says

    I think # 6 (Only eat when my body is hungry ), at least for most people, is an ongoing lifelong challenge that can always use improvement – I feel that I can always get better at this, societal norms havent really made it easy though!

  2. says

    Heehee- I love #4. But seriously, I bet you accomplished more of your goals this year than the vast majority of people… like me, for instance.

    I need to adopt #9. Hell, I should use ALL of these for 2010.

  3. says

    good list of goals! I need to do some of those (i.e. don’t stress!!!! and dress cute all the time, I’ve become a schlump since moving to the east coast!)

    I think you’ve inspired me to do a post about 2010 goals :) Thanks!

  4. Regan says

    Hey Monica! I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and every day and you always make my day a little brighter. I too struggle with the intuitive eating—its freaking hard! ha ha You’ve also helped me with a running question along the way…and I don’t know where this is going ha ha but I really just want to tell you that your blog is very inspirational. You are so down to earth, beautiful, and just a great person (even if I haven’t met you, I can just tell).

    I guess I am commenting because I FINALLY have the time to–winter break just began and I’m in nursing school = no life! So instead of just reading your blog I can add a little comment here and there.

    So thanks for everything Monica and don’t sweat the resolutions you haven’t met, you have accomplished alot and are continuing to do so. I always like to take one day at a time :)

  5. says

    Just wanted to say hey, and mention that Ive been following your blog for AWHILE now. I really relate to the lack of intuitive eating… however, I wanted to tell you that (perhaps ironically for you) I read your blog for encouragement. I know you might see your eats as not-intuitive, but I see them as healthy and necessary (if not a little minimal) especially for a runner/athlete like yourself. This isn’t a critical comment about you not eating enough (as I know other bloggies have received harsh feedback) I just thought you should know that I look to you and your honesty as reassuring and motivating. It pains me to see you feelin guilty (Im all to familiar with that emotion) when youre actually listening to both your body and your heart (our bodies aren’t the only things we need to satisfy, obv.) Rock on Girl!

  6. caronae says

    It sounds like you achieved a lot and there will be much more positive growth in your future :) I am now inspired to write my goals!

  7. says

    Wow! Congrats on being able to work on your resolutions. I find that those are not for me. I’m better if I make New Month’s resolutions…. So if I fail or break a resolution, I have more months to make up for it.


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