Eating out…again


I've eaten out the last three meals! I know that's what happens when you travel, but we normally eat at Ben's parents most of the time when we visit. On our way to Ben's sister's place I ate some all of these cherries. If cherries were illegal I would be in and out of jail my entire life. Addiction. For lunch we hit up a local Mexican place. Even though I feel like I've … [Read more...]

Intuitive Eating and Healthiest Thing on the Menu


I used to almost always order the healthiest thing on the menu. I would never go into a restaurant and read the menu looking for what I really wanted. Nope. I would always scan it just looking for my healthy options (read healthy as: low calorie). But, so often I would eat my "healthy" choice then go back home and snack on other things. Even if I was full - I wasn't … [Read more...]

Get me to Florida


Ha! I made it. Run Eat Repeat is typing with a smile from Fabulous Florida!! Even though it is colder than usual here, I am very happy to be able to feel my toes again :) I was frantically running around this morning in order to get everything done in time. I am proud of my organized packing. I wanted to make sure I had all my running gear and fuel so there is a baggie for … [Read more...]