Guacamole and Dirty Hair, But not Guac in your hair

After the Salonpas event this morning I stopped by my mom’s on the way home. She lives a bit north of me, so it was on the way Smile When I got there I raided her fridge, per usual. I made a random bowl of green beans, chicken, beans salsa and GUACAMOLE.


I also spent some time blogging and making love to this ridiculously huge bowl of guacamole. We don’t mess around. Her avocado trees are giving us a lot of happiness.

guacamole and twitter

After eating way too much guac to be appropriate – but just enough to be happy, I went to my little brother’s basketball game.


Yeah for Matt! They lost, but he’s getter better every game Smile 


After a Carrotcake Lara bar and long drive home, I finally got back in time to take a shower and go on a date with this guy…

Ben is my date

Fact: No one will realize you didn’t wash your hair if you put a rose in it and wear too much make-up Smile Well, unless you tell them on your blog…

Monica doesn't wash her hair

We went to the Corner Bakery and I got the DC chicken salad. It has grapes and apples and walnuts mixed in with mayo and chicken. I normally LOVE stuff like this, but thought it was just okay. Try something else.

DC Chicken salad

I got the half sandwich / salad combo. I know, life is pretty exciting around here.Half sandwich

Ben and I asked a bunch of questions about the new Mac N’ Cheese so the cashier sent us a “sample” to try. It was a BIG sample – a whole bowl!

Corner Bakery mac n cheese

After dinner we walked around some and found ourselves at the Crepe Maker. I was already set on frozen yogurt, but Ben got one.


I LOVE when you can watch your food being made. Watching crepes being made is extra fun because there is a slight chance you’re actually in Paris this isn’t something you can make at home. IMG_7533

He got the Triple Treat – stuffed with bananas, strawberries and Nutella.

Nutella crepeNutella crepe

If anyone was worried, his Nutella obsession is alive and well! I know you don’t give an F were worried.

Ben with crepe

Yeah for Date Night and dirty hair buns and fro-yo!

Monica isn't half as cool as she'd like to think

I have a fro-yo place within walking distance to my house and always “save” my visit for the weekend. I had been craving this all week, so it was nice to finally satisfy the fro-yo void!


Hope you had some frozen yogurt tonight too Smile


  1. Luna says

    You look so great in these photos! Totally can’t tell about the hair.

    Haha, I laughed when I read the part about Ben’s nutella addiction :)

  2. says

    Ah, date night. I remember we used to do that :)

    If I lived within walking distance to a Yogurtland, I can’t even imagine what my daily diet would look like. When I visited San Diego, I had it at least 2 times a day, so I bet that would be the norm for a while!

  3. says

    First off, can I please grow an avocado tree in my backyard?! No I cant because its only sunny here like two months of the year, oh to live in Cali ; )

    U look beautiful even if your hair is stinky, lol, thats what dry shampoo is for, I used my dry shampoo the other day to save my dirty hair ; p

    No froyo here last night : p

  4. says

    I have the same strategy for not washing my hair — just put it up and wear makeup so you look like someone who would never “not” wash their hair. 😉

  5. says

    I’m jealous of the avocado trees, the yogurtland within walking distance and how cute your hair looks.

    My hair is so insane when it gets wet or sweaty. It just starts curling out of control. It drives me nuts.

  6. says

    Matt really is just so adorable! I bet he gets so excited when you get to come to his games. I’m all about the dirty bun. Poor Billy – I always have an excuse not to wash my hair. I can’t justify washing it at night if I have a run scheduled the next morning.

  7. says

    That crepe looks so good! But you actually can make them at home, and they’re not even that hard! I got my mom a crepe pan for Christmas, and she made us nutella crepes, and she can hardly cook spaghetti. I bet you could even use any old non-stick pan.

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