Cookies and Sunday Set Up

Today  I headed to my mom’s for a bar-b-que and some quality family time. Ben and I stopped at a local market for some authentic Mexican food first. northgate market

You can watch them make tortillas and buy them hot off the press! They had samples too. Fact: Stores with samples are superior. tortillas

I don’t even know what this is…wtf

A spikey avocado? A piece of cactus??chayote con espinas at store

Oh wait, it’s a Chayote. I should have known that. Not really.chayote con espinas

Don’t worry though, I totally know what every single one of these are – delicious (pan dulce). pan dulce bin

We got a whole spread of food including shrimp ceviche and salsa to go with our fresh salsa and ceviche

Ben grilled bell peppers, chicken and corn. I made brown rice and black beans seasoned with butter and salt. Love beans and rice!beans and rice

Roxy tapped her tail while we ate outside. She was very impatient for a walk.IMG_4276 (800x600)

This bowl used to be full of cherries. It’s empty now. Do with that what you will Winking smileno more cherries

Then, we went on a very windy walk. Wow. The Santa Ana winds are no joke today! We all got pelted with twigs and leaves from the gusts. IMG_4285 (800x600)

I am on a drinking bender. And by drinking, I mean junk food. I was on a mission to eat chocolate chip cookies when we got back. Unfortunately, I made them with apple sauce instead of butter and they were just okay. I still ate 3, but wish I would have made them “legit”. Craving not satisfied. IMG_4288 (800x600)

After 3 cookies, ice cream and a ton of other random tortillas and bites today I really need Sunday Set Up to get me back on track.

Last week’s review:


  • Sunday: easy 4 miler – Done
  • Monday: 8 milesDone
  • Tuesday: KB or Body Blast & abs – A strength work out instead
  • Wednesday: 6 miles with 3 at tempo pace – Nope. I did 4 in the morning and 2 later, but none of it was fast.
  • Thursday: Body Blast or KB – KB.
  • Friday: 6 miles or gym (depends on when I’m working) – 6 miles
  • Saturday: group run/walkDone.

Eating: Plan dinners and snacks for the week. No snacking in kitchen outside of meals. Track eats (got a book from work that I’ll be asking clients to use and want to try it before I’m recommending it).

I had a few bad days of snacking and they set the ball rolling in the wrong direction. I didn’t track my eats either. But I’m dusting it off and moving forward!

To Do: Make a schedule for work and personal stuff. It’s all blending together and I’ve been staying on the computer with blog stuff and writing very late for a while now.

What I did: Spent some good time cleaning this weekend, but have a ton to organize.

Overall: Exercise was good but food needs work.

Sunday Set Up for 5/29/2011


  • Sunday: Easy strength exercise
  • Monday: Half Marathon
  • Tuesday: Abs and 3 mile walk at the beach
  • Wednesday: Body Blast or Cycle
  • Thursday: 4 miler, Abs
  • Friday: Cycle or Body Blast
  • Saturday: Half Marathon

Eating: Focus on Intuitive Eating, stress levels and energy. I’ve been eating a lot out of fatigue and stress lately. Plan dinners and snacks (when I don’t have a plan I def overdo it randomly). I will be blogging ALL my snacks for this week (starting tomorrow since I didn’t today). Track eats in my lil’ notebook.

Life: Spend time catching up on my ridic inbox each day. Spend time organizing papers at home.

Question: What are your plans for this week?


  1. says

    I used to mess around with “healthier” cookies, but they never satisfied me. Now I stick to the real stuff and I am satisfied with much less. Plus they taste 100000x better!
    I can’t believe you’re doing 2 half-marathons in one week! You are like Superwoman! 😛

  2. says

    I love watching them make tortillas…haha. Actually, when I was a kid my parents would take us to Chevy’s and there would be a lady there taking the little dough balls, pressing them, then feeding them into a little oven. I loved it when she’d give me a little ball of dough that I’d play with all through dinner. :)

  3. says

    first comment!
    oh i love Sunday night set up. i am always more successful if i write down my plans.
    -to run 3 times this week, easy 4 to 6 milers
    -spin once, bike twice easy 20-30 milers
    -monday strength
    -olympic tri on saturday
    thanks for the inspiration

  4. Tiffany says

    I love Northgate! My boyfriend’s mom works there. She used to make all the salsas, but now I think they have her working in another area. They have the best, cheapest produce and gotta love the pan dulce and bollilos and pre-made food!

    • says

      I consider my walking days rest days. Normally I would just write “rest day” but still take a stroll. Not sure why I wrote it out formally, but it’s not a sweaty workout or anything :)

      You’re totally right though – I know we all need to be reminded to rest sometimes.

  5. says

    I am SO beyond jealous of all of the Mexican food pictures you have here! I could (and have) live off of pan dulce and fresh tortillas! I used to live in Texas & Mexico and now live in St. Louis, so my daily intake of MX food hasn’t been met in a couple years.

  6. says

    Those cookies look awesome. I’m sad they didn’t taste as good as they look!

    My plans for this week include continuing to cut down on my sweets intake. (It got a little out of control for a while and i’m trying to shed a few pounds pre-marathon training.) and also to hit all my planned workouts! I’m coming off a quad injury so getting back into a routine will set me up for marathon training success!

  7. Jill says

    I like the idea of planning your week’s exercise ahead of time. Nice way to keep yourself accountable. How about the food journal? I’ve been doing that forever as a part of the Weightwatchers program. Now that I’m trying to Eat Intuitively, I’m wondering about the tracking. Is it accountability? or does it feed into the obsession with food? Your thoughts appreciated (everyone, not just Monica).

      • Jill says

        I’d love to connect with you too. I don’t blog but I do love to write. The concept of Intuitive Eating is something new that I’m exploring. I’ve been on the diet bandwagon for far too long. Each successive ‘latest and greatest’ diet has led to frustration and eventual weight gain. There has to be a better way, to take care of one’s health and be at peace with food at the same time.

  8. says

    Yeah, if you eat something that doesn’t taste as good, it’s definitely not going to satisfy. Although, I personally found that I very much prefer baked goods made with applesauce over ones made with oil or butter. They are so much more moist! I know, incredibly unhelpful, huh!?

  9. Bridee says

    Hi Monica!! I was great to meet you in person after all the stalking I do on your website!!!! Congrats on the PR!! E-mail me if you ever want to run or if you are getting a group together!

      • Bridee says

        I actually did better than I thought I was going to do!! 1:53:22… considering the hills were pretty crazy. I saw you PR’d!!! Congrats!!! I ended up totally dehydrated/sick all day. Today will be my pig out day :) Going to Cafe Rio for a HUGE salad. Have a good one!

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