How To Pick A Good Watermelon

If you’re new to RER I should warn you that I have a sick obsession with watermelon. Sick as in, I buy them 2 at a time from Costco and proceed to eat them both by myself. IMG_0229 (800x600)

While, this may not qualify me to be on “My Strange Addiction” (sorry the lady who eats her sofa has the market on that…image

It does qualify me to know how to pick a good watermelon!

How To Pick a Good Watermelon:

1. Get one that is heavy for it’s size. You’ll have to pick up a few and assess which ones are heavy for their size by comparing.

2. Choose one with a creamy belly. There should be a spot on the bottom that is light yellowish or cream.

3. If you’re at Costco (where they don’t charge by weight) get the biggest, heaviest one you can find!

(No, I don’t knock on them or tap them or the like.)

If it’s as big as my massive head, you’ve found a winner! Lucky you. (Unlucky me for having such a massive head.)hello big head

This also qualifies me to eat a whole watermelon. Who needs big tupperware when you’re gonna eat half of it right away?!IMG_0290 (800x600)

Once you’ve found a good watermelon – take it home and cut it according to this weird video.

I’ll reinstall my Watermelon Rules tomorrow. Tonight we feast!

And I have to share this picture from Bloggerland, courtesy of SkinnyRunner – one can only guess what part of my body I’m referencing to trade for frozen yogurt…monica wants yogurt


  1. says

    So I just tweeted you this and just laughed out loud when I saw this post tonight … 2 days ago I was following the Wacky Mexican Watermelon Rules (belly, weight) when I was approached by an older women and was asked if I was ok. HAHA she must of thought I was molesting the melons…

  2. says

    Summer = watermelon! And yet, I haven’t bought one yet. Must be insanity. Thank the Lord, I’m not into eating my couch. Where would I sit when it’s watermelon time?

  3. says

    Yes! These should be life skills everyone is taught in school. My dad brought home a watermelon last night and as soon as I bit into it I knew he had no clue how to pick them. But then again I didn’t ask him to buy a watermelon so the fact that he had one was good enough.

  4. says

    I’m a knocker/tapper when I choose a watermelon. My grandmother always says to go with the ones that are all scarred up from bugs attacking the rind. She says if bugs have been interested, it must be sweet!

    ….I don’t follow that advice. I figure if it got scarred up, that means it got roughed around on the truck en route to the store! Haha!

  5. Pam says

    Love watermelon!! During the summer half of my body weight is from watermelon! :) My hubby gets the badge for “best watermelon picker!”

    Have a good evening!

    • Pam says

      just watched your tutorial on cutting sandia! Loved how you said “pansa!!” I’m a latina by marriage… :) I’m half-korean…so we have the sriachia sauce next to the cholula y tapatio!! You cut a sandia exactly the way I do!! yay…yay!! :)

  6. Lisa B. says

    I’ve never commented before but if there’s one thing that could get me to it’s watermelon. That video is great! Just last weekend my BF and I bought a watermelon and he cut up the entire thing – it took a long time. While he went out, I ate the whole thing, within 6 hours. I was bloated and knew it was wrong after the first half but it was so good! So I know what you’re talking about.

    Then the next day, being a glutton for punishment, I went out a bought another. I only ate half that day but I tried cutting it up and I swear we’ve never laughed so hard, looking at the mess I’d made. I kind of stood it up on one end and started hollowing it out, like someone would get the yolk out of an easter egg for decorating purposes. Needless to say, I’m going to refer to your video from now on!

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