Marathon Training Plans

My original marathon training plan was based on the FIRST program which is 3 days of hard running a week. After trying it for the last week and a half I realize it’s not the plan for me. I can’t do the speed work (like literally cannot run 1 mile at the required pace when I’m supposed to do 3 or more) Sad smile

monica runningSo, I spent most of today beating myself up over being a loser searching the web for a better plan.

You I can spend days reading books, websites and articles about half marathon and marathon distance training. I don’t have that much time (especially because my training time already started!), so I had to make a plan asap!

Here are some of the marathon training resources I reviewed today:

Cool Running was the first half marathon training plan I used back in the day. They have a lot of good articles, but I’m not using their plan.image

Hal Higdon Marathon Training plans – He has everything from Novice to Advanced plans. image

Runner’s World offers Smart Coach – I’ve never tried it. Pros: It makes a plan based on a few answers to your questions. Cons: It is only a 3 day run week until you pay to tweak it.image

Jeff Galloway is the Run/Walk guy. My running group used the run/walk method very successfully so I am a fan.image

My Marathon Training for Long Beach 2011: Ultimately, I think I’m going to do with Higdon’s Intermediate program. The main changes I’m making are changing the long run days to Saturday and adding in some strength training twice a week. And the Cross training day with be a Rest day. I need a complete day of rest. Jesus said so.

Today’s run: I didn’t end up doing a Fourth of July race because we got home late and I didn’t want to wake up early if I didn’t have to (busy week ahead!). I did end up trying to run 6 miles, but I think it was more like 4. I can’t be sure because I stopped my Garmin at a water stop and never turned it back on. Tragic. I am tragic. IMG_5908


Fourth of July Flashbacks!!!

Fourth of July 2008 – I went to Vegas!!!vegas on fourth of july

Fourth of July 2009 – I ran a 5k with my friend and BBQ’d with family. fourth of july cake

See ya later Smile


  1. says

    I’m doing the Hal Higdon intermediate plan for my marathon too! Last time I tried to compile a bunch of plans to what I wanted and that didn’t work so well and I’ve heard great things about his plan. Good luck!

  2. says

    I just chose Hal Higdon’s intermediate plan foe my third marathon, which is October 23. I too looked at many and his works for me the best. I liked that the mid-week runs are not long distances, thus allowing for me to recover better from the long run as I am coming back from injury (shin splints and quad muscle pull). Good luck to you!!

  3. Amy says

    I am using hh’s intermediate plan for Twin Cities. I have used the beginner’s program for my previous seven marathons. I have been able to finish (sometimes ugly) but I wanted more than that this year; I want to PR. I am giving it a shot with the increased mileage and trying to strength train and actually complete the cross training days (a weakness).

  4. says

    Update….I can pull RER up on Firefox but not Internet Explorer 9 but I had previously been pulling it up on IE9 so not sure what changed. Thought this info might help!

  5. says

    I hear you on the speed work, I have the same problem — there’s no way I can keep up the pace for longer than a mile before crashing. I like the program you selected, seems totally doable. Good luck w/ training!

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